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How To Fix A Broken / Cracked Screen (Updated 2023 Guide)

How To Fix A Broken TV Screen

Breaking your TV screen by accident must be devastating…

That hit home because I also hit my TV once.  

But before you break down and cry…

Or go broke by buying a new TV…

Keep on reading to learn: 

  • 3 best Smart TVs to replace your cracked TV.
  • 5 effective ways to get rid of your broken TV.
  • 5 helpful tips to prevent breaking your TV screen. 
  • And this is just the beginning…

Can you fix a broken TV screen?

You can’t fix a broken TV screen. That’s why you’ll need to replace it to use your TV again. And changing your screen requires great effort. Plus, it’s more expensive than buying a new TV. But if you want to replace it, contact your TV provider or a technician to assist you.

How to fix a broken TV screen (without replacing it)?

You can’t fix a broken TV screen without replacing it. To do that, avail a replacement from your TV’s manufacturer. If they can’t provide it, browse the internet for a new screen. Or you can go to a local electronics shop and ask for help. 

Why are TV screens so expensive?

TV screens are so expensive due to the high-technology production process. Plus, a low production rate causes these high costs. It means that for every batch of TV screens made, only a few pass the quality test. Also, shipping these large and fragile screens from afar makes them expensive. 

Is a broken screen covered by my warranty?

Your broken screen isn’t covered by your warranty. And it’s the same for any accident-related damage. TV companies only offer a 1-year warranty for factory defects and damage due to shipping. You can check your TV’s user manual for more details. 

How to get rid of a broken TV?

To get rid of a broken TV, you can sell it in online marketplaces or in an electronics shop. They might find value in undamaged TV parts. Or you can drop your TV off at a junk shop or a recycling facility. 

3 best smart TVs

#1: LG C1

If you’re looking for a smart TV great for playing games and watching movies…

Then the LG C1 might be the one for you. 

“And why is that?” 

It’s because it excels at everything a TV’s supposed to do and more. 

Even unsponsored reviewers from Amazon and YouTube consider it the best all-around TV. 

And that says a lot about its impact. 

So if you’re looking for a TV that can give you a premium experience…

The LG C1 is the perfect TV for the job. 

With its OLED display, built-in game optimizer, and cinema feature… 

No matter what you do, you’ll surely get mind-blown.

I find it even funny that because this smart TV is so breathtaking…

Its tricky setup is its only negative review. 

But you don’t have to worry about that….

Just watch the video below for a detailed step-by-step guide, and you’ll be fine. 

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#2: Sony A9OJ

Ever imagined what a perfect audio-visual experience looks like?

Then that’ll get real if you buy yourself the Sony A9OJ. 

And I highly recommend this to fans of sports or action-packed movies.

Here’s why: 

The TV has an ‘XR Motion Clarity’ feature. 

According to Sony, It’s an intelligent motion processor. And it’ll allow you to enjoy fast-moving things without blur. 

Just try to imagine the level of detail and clarity…

And the best part? 

Your actual experience will be even better than that.  

“Why do you think so?”

I know so. And that’s because of the Sony Sound.

They have a reputation for releasing the best sound systems in the world. 

In fact, Sony won the Audio brand of the year for the 2021 Trusted Reviews Awards. 

Moreover, people won’t even use their soundbars to enjoy the Sony Sound fully. That’s just how great it is.

Also, this TV is ‘smart’ enough to adjust the volume depending on how far you’re sitting. 

And that’s why you’re guaranteed a perfect audio-visual experience with the Sony A9OJ. 

#3: Samsung QN90B

Do you want to have a home cinema? 

Then the Samsung QN90B is an excellent choice for you.  

Because aside from having large display options like 85-inch or 75-inch…

It has a 4K resolution, containing over 8 million pixels. 

“What’s in it for me?”

With that resolution, you’ll have: 

  • Smoother videos. 
  • Clearer picture quality. 
  • A brighter and fuller display.

Plus, it’s got an Ultra Viewing Angle with Anti Reflection.

With that, you’ll have a fantastic display wherever you sit.

Perfect for a home cinema, right? 

Aside from that, it also features a multi-dimensional sound.

“What does that mean?”

I’ll give you an example.

If you’re standing on the side of the road and a car is about to pass by…

You’d hear it more loudly in one ear, right? 

Then as it passes you…

You’ll notice the volume increases on your other ear. 

That’s what you’ll experience with this TV. And it’ll feel like you’re genuinely inside the movie. 

5 tips to prevent a broken TV screen

#1: Put on a screen protector

A screen protector is your first line of defense against accidents. 

It’s another layer of protection. 

So, put on a quality TV screen protector to help you prevent accidental damage. 

Note: You may need help from a professional to install it properly. 

#2: Mount TV on a wall

Do you usually put your TV on a table? 

Or somewhere that you can easily knock it down? 

Then you should definitely consider mounting your TV on a wall.

In that way, your TV will be placed so high.

That you won’t accidentally bump into it, knock it down, and break it.   

And aside from that, you’ll benefit from watching your favorite movies over your head. 

You know, just like in the cinemas.

Pretty cool, huh? 

“But I can’t mount it on a wall.”

Then you might want to call a professional to help you with what to do. 

#3: Don’t play near your TV 

Do you like to play games? 

As you already know… 

Punching the screen or throwing a game controller at your TV by accident isn’t impossible. 

But before you get me wrong…

I’m not telling you to stop playing. 

But you should create space between you and your TV. Just so that you don’t knock it down when the game’s getting frustrating. 

Pro tip: Put a chair or table a few feet away from your TV. That’ll serve as a barrier between you and your TV. This is helpful, especially for VR players. 

Aside from that… 

If you have kids, then you may set ground rules and don’t let them play near your TV. 

As you know, children tend to be active and playful. 

They just have tons of energy, and it’s hard to keep up. 

With that, kids might run around or throw toys out of excitement…

But whatever it is that they’re playing with, they might damage the TV by accident. 

And that’s why you’ll need to set rules and don’t let them play near the TV.  

#4: Place inside a TV enclosure

Accidents, sharp objects, and an occasional game controller aren’t your only enemies. 

The heat and the cold can also break your TV. 

That’s because sudden temperature changes can cause your screen to crack. 

And besides, your TV might overheat. 

Plus, the cold brings unwanted moisture into the TV’s internal components. 

Either way, your TV’s bound to malfunction. 

Before you get worried, I’ve got some great news to tell you. 

A TV enclosure is just the perfect protection against these natural conditions.

It’ll keep your TV dry and secured, especially when you’re not using it. 

#5: Get an insurance plan

“An insurance plan will prevent breaking my TV?”

It won’t. 

But it’ll save you a ton of money if you ever break it. 

And you can even use the insurance money to buy a new TV. 

Pretty great deal, if you ask me. 

“Okay. But how do I do that?”

Glad you asked. 

For a start…

You can go to the store where you bought your TV. And ask if they offer insurance plans. 

If they don’t, they may be able to direct you to those who provide services. 

Or you may avail one here.

People also ask:

Is it worth fixing a cracked TV screen?

It’s not worth fixing a cracked TV screen because it’ll take lots of your time, effort, and money. First, you’ll need to find a replacement TV screen. Next, carry the TV to a repair shop or call a technician. All in all, it’ll cost you more money to fix than to buy a brand new TV. 

My TV screen is cracked on the inside, what should I do?

You should get rid of your TV and buy a new one if your TV screen is cracked on the inside. It’s because you won’t be able to repair your screen without replacing it. You can only fix it if you’re willing to spend more on the repair than on buying a new TV. 

How to fix a broken TV screen with lines?

To fix a broken TV screen with lines, you can try restarting it first. Then, check the cable connections. Updating the TV software may also help. Or you can factory reset your TV. Then, get a technician to diagnose damaged parts and replace them accordingly.

#1: Restart your TV 

Restarting your TV is the first and easiest thing you can do to fix the issue with lines. 

Here’s how to do it properly: 

  1. Turn OFF your TV.
  2. Remove the power plug from the socket. 
  3. Wait for 3-5 minutes. 
  4. Plug back in and turn the TV ON. 

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you can proceed to #2. 

#2: Check cable connections

Insecure cable connections might cause the lines. So you might want to check them out. 

You can even try resetting all the connections to see if it solves the problem. 

Here’s how you can do that: 

  1. Remove all cable connections (e.g. HDMI) 
  2. Wait for about 1 minute.  
  3. Plug them back correctly. 

#3: Update TV software

Outdated TV software may also cause issues with your TV’s hardware. And maybe that’s why you see lines. 

The exact steps in updating a TV’s software vary among different TVs. 

You should check your user’s manual for more information. 

#4: Factory reset your TV

Factory Reset Your TV

You may factory reset your TV if you have no due software updates. 

“What’s that?”

It’s erasing all your data on the TV, so your TV goes back to its original state. 

This might fix your issue if a software malfunction’s causing it. 

How to factory reset your TV is different from TV to TV. 

So, it’s best to read your user’s manual to know the exact process. 

#5: Replace damaged parts

If the previous steps didn’t help you…

Then your TV’s hardware may be the problem. 

The following are common TV parts that get damaged: 

  • Ports. 
  • LCD screen. 
  • T-Con board.

With that said, it’s best to consult a technician so they can run a proper diagnosis. 

But once you know the damaged part/s, you’ll be able to replace them appropriately.