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(15 Fixes) Sony TV Turns On By Itself [Updated 2023]

Sony TV Turns On By Itself

It’s like one of those scenes from a horror movie.

You’re sleeping soundly.

When all of a sudden…

Your Sony TV turns on. And by itself, apparently. 

But before you call a paranormal expert…

Let me tell you. This is a pretty common issue. 

And one that’s easily fixable.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 15 easy fixes to resolve your Sony TV’s power issue.
  • What’s mainly causing Sony TVs to turn on by themselves.
  • A particular power-related Sony TV feature that you should turn on. 
  • And much, much more…

Why does my Sony TV turn on by itself?

Your Sony TV turns on by itself because of the external devices connected to it. Sony TVs have a feature called BRAVIA Sync. And when you use it, your HDMI-connected devices will gain partial control of your TV. Such as the ability to turn it on. Adjusting BRAVIA Sync settings should fix the issue. 

Sony TV turns on by itself: 15 fixes

#1: Perform a power cycle on your Sony TV

Before going into your Sony TV’s settings, it’s best to do a power cycle first.

Power cycling is the process of resetting a device. And it should always be a first troubleshooting option. 

Mainly because it’s effective in resolving plenty of issues with Sony TVs. And it only takes a few minutes to perform. 

Here’s the fastest way to do it:

  1. Unplug your Sony TV from the outlet.
  2. Wait for 2 minutes, per Sony’s recommendation.
  3. Plug the TV back into the power source.

If your power cord is hard to reach, you may also restart the TV via the remote:

  1. Press and hold your remote’s Power button.
  2. When a menu pops up, scroll down and hit Restart.

#2: Check if there are issues with the power cord

Modern Sony TVs have a detachable power cord. 

And in some instances, a loose or faulty cord can also cause issues. Such as the TV turning on by itself. Or not turning on at all. 

So ensure that you plug the power cord securely. Check if there are any damages. 

You may also try to detach it. And then reconnect it to the TV.

And if you suspect it’s faulty, look for a replacement. 

You can find non-Sony cords that would still be compatible. Such as the PWR+ power cord.

#3: Plug your TV directly into a wall outlet

Do you happen to be using a power strip?

If so, it’s another likely cause of your TV’s power problem.

Power strips protect devices from electrical surges. But they can also suffer from the usual wear and tear.

And if your power strip’s faulty, it can cause more harm than good.

So instead of using one, try to connect your TV directly to a wall outlet.  And then observe for a few days if your TV’s still turning on by itself.

For some users, this was what fixed the issue. 

#4: Clean your remote control

Perhaps there’s no problem with your Sony TV. And it’s the remote that’s glitching.

The power button may be stuck. Likely because of some dirt and debris build-up. 

And it’s what’s switching your TV on. 

So inspect your remote’s power button. Check for dust or dirt. Or any small particle that may have gotten stuck inside. 

You may wipe your remote with a dry, clean cloth. You may also use a small brush to scrub its surface. 

Also, you may buy a cleaning kit that’s specifically made for gadgets.

#5: Replace your remote control’s batteries

Sony TVs generally use either AA or AAA-type batteries for the remote.

And their shelf life is usually 1 to 2 years.

When the battery’s charge is low, it may start malfunctioning. In some cases, it’ll start sending random signals to the TV. Causing some TVs to turn on on their own.

So look into replacing the batteries. Especially if you’ve been using them for a while.  

In addition, you may also try to cover the remote’s sensor. Or place it away from the TV when you’re not using it.  

#6: Disable the BRAVIA Sync’s Auto Power option

Most smart TVs have a feature called HDMI-CEC

CEC means Consumer Electronic Control. 

This allows the TV to control HDMI-connected devices. And in turn, those devices gain partial control of the TV.

In Sony TVs, they call this feature BRAVIA Sync

And it’s one of the main causes why Sony TVs sometimes turn on or off on their own. 

And there’s a particular setting in BRAVIA Sync responsible for that… 

The Auto Power option.

So you should switch it off. 

Just follow these steps:

  1. Press your TV remote’s Home button.
  2. Scroll down to Settings and click it.
  3. Click the Watching TV option.
  4. Select External inputs.
  5. Click the BRAVIA Sync settings option.
  6. Select TV auto power on.
  7. Select Off.

Note: The names of the menu options may vary slightly depending on your Sony TV OS.

If you’d like a video on navigating the BRAVIA Sync settings, check this out:

#7: Disable the Remote Start setting

Turning off the Auto Power option should stop your TV from powering on by itself.

However, if the issue persists, there’s another setting you can disable. 

And that’s the Remote Start

This setting allows external devices to turn on Sony TVs. 

How to turn it off:

  1. On your remote, click the Home button.
  2. Look for Network & Internet, and then select it.
  3. Find Remote Start and click it.
  4. Select Off.

Note: Remote Start isn’t under Network & Internet in some TV models. You can find it under BRAVIA settings instead.

#8: Disable BRAVIA Sync control

If turning off Auto Power and Remote Start didn’t resolve the issue…

You may have to switch off the BRAVIA Sync altogether.

When you do that, you’ll still be able to use your external devices. They’ll still work fine. It’s just that you won’t be able to control them using a singular remote. 

You can turn off this feature through these steps:

  1. Click the Home button on your TV remote.
  2. Navigate to Settings and select it.
  3. Select Watching TV.
  4. Click the External inputs option.
  5. Select BRAVIA Sync settings.
  6. Highlight BRAVIA Sync control and toggle it off.

#9: Switch off your Sony TV’s timer

Another culprit for a glitching Sony TV is the timer setting.

Timers are great for controlling your TV viewing habit. But they can sometimes malfunction, too. Likely due to a bug in your TV’s OS.

And that’s likely why your TV’s turning on randomly. Instead of it turning off at a set time. 

Good thing it’s easy to disable this. Just follow these steps:

  1. Press your TV remote’s Home button.
  2. Scroll down to Settings and select it.
  3. Select Timers.
  4. Select Timer or On timer
  5. Click Off.

Note: In some Sony TVs, timer settings are under the Apps menu. 

#10: Turn on your Sony TV’s Presence Sensor

There’s a neat feature on some Sony TVs that you may not be aware of.

It’s called Presence Sensor.

As the name suggests, it detects when there are people in front of the TV. 

And if it can’t find one, it automatically turns off the TV. This is an excellent feature for power saving. 

So if you don’t want the TV to turn and stay on while no one’s around…

Take advantage of this feature. At least if your Sony TV has it.

This is how to turn on Presence Sensor:

  1. Click the Home button on your remote.
  2. Go to Settings and select it.
  3. Select System Settings.
  4. Navigate to Eco and click it.
  5. Select Presence Sensor.
  6. Highlight Strong and then click it.

#11: Disable your Sony TV’s RS232C Control

“What exactly is RS232C Control?”

It’s actually a setting reserved for professional use. It’s what allows technicians to control Sony TVs from an external device. Mainly when they’re troubleshooting TVs.

And switching it off is another effective fix for a TV that’s turning on by itself. Many Sony TV owners can attest to that. 

This is how you can turn it off:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Scroll down to Settings and click it.
  3. Navigate to Network & Accessories and select it.
  4. Click the RS232C Control option.
  5. Select Off.

Your Sony TV should then automatically restart after doing those steps. 

#12: Disconnect all external devices from your Sony TV

Devices such as gaming consoles and streaming sticks are great tools to have.

They help enhance your TV’s functionalities. 

But at times, they can also cause problems for the TV.

For instance, there’ve been many reports that PS5 consoles can cause Sony TVs to turn on randomly. Especially when the gaming console’s in the process of updating.

Another device that’s known to cause issues is Apple TV. Mainly due to its Home Theater Control settings.

So try to disconnect all of them from your TV. Try to observe if the TV’s still turning on by itself.

If the issue’s resolved, then it’s really one of your devices causing it.

You may then try to connect them one at a time. And see if the issue comes back. 

Sort of like a trial and error. Until you figure out which particular device is causing the problem.

#13: Update your Sony TV’s firmware

Update Your Sony TV's Firmware

Most Sony TVs nowadays use an Android operating system. 

And sometimes, an outdated OS can cause glitches. Such as a TV that turns on or off by itself. 

So it’s a must that your Sony TV’s firmware is always up to date. 

You may manually check and install updates by doing the following:

  1. Press your remote’s Home button.
  2. Navigate to the Apps option and select it.
  3. Scroll down to Help and click it.
  4. Select the Status & Diagnostics option.
  5. Click System Software update.
  6. Select Software update.

If there are available updates, your Sony TV should begin downloading them. 

You can actually continue using your TV while it’s downloading updates. Just wait for a prompt asking if you want to install them. And click Yes.

#14: Factory reset your Sony TV

Factory resetting should be one of your last options.

The reason is that doing this will wipe out all of your information. 

You’ll have to re-enter your account. And then, you’ll need to reinstall your downloaded apps. 

And finally, you’ll have to recalibrate the TV settings again to suit your preferences. 

It’s understandably inconvenient having to start over. 

However, if none of the other fixes work, this may just do the trick.

The following are the steps:

  1. On your remote, click the Home button.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Select Device preferences.
  4. Select Reset.
  5. Click the Factory data reset option.
  6. Select Erase everything
  7. Confirm your selection by clicking Yes.

#15: Contact Sony for technical support

So you’ve done all the possible fixes. And your TV is still turning on by itself. 

It can really be frustrating. But your next best option is to contact Sony.

They have a dedicated support team for their TV products.  

You may chat with their agent through their website. Or you may call their hotline number at 1-239-245-6354. 

And aside from troubleshooting, they’ll also be able to advise you on repair options.

Sony TVs generally have a 1-year warranty. 

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