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9 Easy Steps To Change The Screensaver On Roku TV (2023)

Can You Change The Screensaver On Roku TV

Black has always been my favorite color. 

In fact, I even have a dark-themed room.

But my Roku TV didn’t get the assignment. Because its default screensaver is a purple city.

I grew tired of it. So, I replaced it to suit my personality

And if you need help changing yours…

Continue reading to find out: 

  • The eye-opening original purpose of screensavers.  
  • An easy 9-step guide to customizing your Roku TV’s screensaver. 
  • How to use Roku’s screensaver app to personalize your TV experience. 
  • And this is just the beginning…

Can you change the screensaver on Roku tv?

You can change the screensaver on your Roku TV. In fact, you could choose from pre-installed selections on your Roku TV. Or, you could browse and get a new screensaver. It could be either free or paid. But, after downloading, you can install and set it as your new screensaver. 

How to change screensaver on Roku TV – 9 steps

#1: Turn ON your Roku TV

Plug your Roku TV into a power socket. 

Then, press the Power button on your Roku TV remote to turn on your TV. You can find it on the top-center part of your remote. 

Or, you could also turn your Roku TV on without a remote

Just locate your TV’s power button and press it. It’s usually found right underneath the center part of your Roku TV.

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#2: Make sure your Roku TV’s connected to the Internet

Make Sure Your Roku TV's Connected To The Internet

You see, your Roku TV requires Internet access to download and install screensavers. 

So if you don’t connect to a WiFi network or use a wired connection… 

You can’t fully customize your screensaver settings. That’s because you can’t view all available options. 

Although you don’t need the Internet if you prefer a pre-installed screensaver.   

#3: Go to Roku’s Home Screen

To do that, press the Home button on your Roku TV remote.

It looks like a house on the top-right corner of the remote. 

#4: Access your Roku TV’s Settings

Using your remote, scroll down until you highlight Settings

After that, hit the remote’s OK button. 

#5: Open the Theme menu

Select the Theme tab and press the OK button.

After that, scroll down until you see the Screensavers tab. 

If you do, then open it. 

But if you can’t… 

It means your Roku TV is in Store mode. And it should be in Home use mode.  

If it’s in Store mode, your TV will mess up some settings…

Especially those that allow you to personalize your TV. And that includes Screensavers settings. 

But here’s the thing: 

You can’t change your TV’s mode after set-up. That’s why you need to factory reset your Roku TV. 

Don’t know how? 

Simply follow these steps to factory reset your Roku TV: 

  1. Go to Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset.
  2. Press OK.
  3. Wait for the process to finish. 
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to set up your TV. 
  5. Select Home Use when asked. 

Note: After you set up your Roku TV again, go back to Steps #2-5. Make sure you can access your Screensavers tab before you proceed to Step #6. 

#6: Choose your screensaver

By now, you should be in your Screensavers tab. 

And while you’re in there… 

You can see the sections My screensavers and Featured screensavers. That’s where you could browse for the screensaver that you want to apply. 

And from here on, you’ve got 3 types of screensavers:

  • Free. 
  • Paid.
  • Pre-installed. 

It’s up to you what screensaver you’re gonna use. 

Note that each option has slightly different instructions to set. 

But don’t worry, I’ll walk you through each of them. 

Starting with…

Selecting a pre-installed screensaver:

  1. Browse the My screensavers section.
  2. Highlight the screensaver you want to apply. 
  3. Press the OK button to see the screensaver’s description and details. 

Installing a free screensaver:

  1. Browse the Featured screensavers section. 
  2. Press the screensaver you’d like to set. 
  3. Tap View screenshots
  4. Click Get screensaver and wait until it finishes installing. 

Buying a paid screensaver: 

  1. Scan the Featured screensavers section. 
  2. Select the screensaver you’d like to apply. 
  3. Click View screenshots
  4. Tap Buy $X.XX and wait until it finishes downloading. 

Note: When you buy a paid screensaver, you’ll be asked to enter your Roku PIN. You can use the default Roku PIN if you don’t have one. 

Pro tip: For ease of navigation, press the Rewind and the Fast forward buttons on your Roku TV remote. This allows you to jump up and down 1 page at a time instead of scrolling tile per tile. 

#7: Set your screensaver

Once you’ve installed the screensaver that you want to apply…. 

And you’re in your selected screensaver’s description and details… 

Simply press the Set as screensaver button. 

Now, you’re all set, and your selected screensaver will show if your Roku TV isn’t in use after some time. 

Speaking of time, you could also…

#8: Set the wait time (optional)

“What’s ‘wait time’?” 

Let’s say you’re not using your TV in the meantime.  

The wait time is how long your idled TV waits before your screensaver appears. 

That could be set as early as 1 min to 30 min. 


Follow this easy 5-step process to define your Roku TV’s wait time: 

  1. Press the Home button
  2. Go to Settings > Theme.
  3. Click Screensaver wait time
  4. Select the amount of time. 
  5. Press OK to save. 

#9: Disable your screensaver (optional)

Decided you don’t want to use your screensaver anymore? 

I got you. 


How to disable your screensaver:  

  1. Press the Home button
  2. Navigate to Settings > Theme.
  3. Tap Screensaver wait time
  4. Choose Disable screensaver
  5. Hit OK to save.

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Is there a screensaver app for Roku TV?

There’s a screensaver app for Roku TV. And it’s called the Photo Streams app. 

Basically, the app provides you with extra screensaver options to select from. 

You know, apart from the Featured screensavers section. 

As for me, it’s the perfect way to personalize your screensavers even further. 


Allow me to introduce to you: 

Photo streams 

You see, this app is one of the new Roku OS 11’s features. That means you can use it for free. 

But aside from that… 

What’s so good about it is: 

You can upload personal photos from your mobile device straight into your Roku TV. 

If you’d ask me, that adds the most personal touch to the TV. 

So, here’s: 

How to use the Photo Streams app: 

Step 1: Open your Roku Mobile app (iOS and Google Play Store). 

Step 2: Sign in to your Roku account. 

Step 3: Tap the User icon on the top-right corner.

Step 4: Press Photo Streams

Step 5: Verify your email address. 

Note: You’ll switch apps for a while. Make sure that you don’t close the Roku app. 

After the verification process…

Step 6: Go back to the Roku app. 

Pro tip: Tap the pencil icon beside the default name to name your photo stream. 

Step 7: Select Create Stream

Step 8: Press Upload photos.

Step 9: Tap the word “Browse” on “Browse to upload photos.”

Note:  The screen’s sensitive. So if you don’t tap that word, you won’t be able to access your photo library. 

Step 10: Choose the photos you want to upload. 

From here on, you can access 3 options: 

  • Folder. 
  • Camera.
  • Photo gallery. 

Note: You can only upload 10 photos for each stream. 

Step 11: Press Done

After this step, you should see the Photo Streams appear on your Roku TV’s Home Screen. 

Plus, your first stream would be set as a default screensaver.  

But would you rather have a video to walk you through this process? 

Then, click the helpful and detailed video link below:

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What’s the point of a screensaver?

The point of a screensaver is different now than it used to be.

Right now, its only purpose is to add a personal touch to your Roku TV. 

By customizing your screensaver, you’re gonna maximize your TV experience. 


You see, screensavers only appear after a specific idle time. 

So you’re gonna get extra value from your Roku TV, even if you’re not using it. 

Plus, your screensaver could be something that suits your taste or mood for the day. 

That makes it more personal, don’t you think? 

So that’s the current function of a screensaver.  

But, here’s the thing: 

Did you know that screensavers, like the name, protect TV screens?

“Protect from what?”

You see…

Older TVs models, such as Cathode Ray Tubes and Plasma TVs, have TV screens prone to burn-in.

What’s that?  

It’s an unwanted discoloration on the TV screen.

Basically, you’ll see blurry figures on your TV even if it’s powered off. That’s why they’re also called ghost images. 

And an irregular use of the TV causes these burn-in. 

I’m talking about frequently turning the TV on and off.  

Now, these ghost images can be temporary, but eventually…

You’ll see permanent screen damage on your TV. And that’s actually one of the reasons Plasma TVs aren’t made anymore.  

But with the invention of screensavers….

Something will show on the screen even if it’s idle. And that decreases the risk of screen burn-in. 

And that’s how a screensaver used to save a TV screen.