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Are Apple TV Screensavers Real? 7 Surprising Facts (2023)

Are Apple TV Screensavers Real

A 4K image of the Earth from space. 

And a birds-eye view of the famous Grand Canyon.

These are just 2 examples of surreal shots included in Apple TV screensavers.

So really, it makes you wonder if they’re actually real or just edited. 

But today, you’ll get your most-awaited answer.

Continue reading to discover:

  • 7 surprising facts about the Apple TV’s screensavers.
  • How you can download more screensavers to your streaming device. 
  • How to figure out where Apple took the video/picture on your screensaver. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Are Apple TV screensavers real?

Apple TV screensavers are real. The company spends millions on its high-quality screensavers. Plus, it also uses the help of post-production to enhance its images. That’s why Apple’s screensavers often look like CGI despite being taken in real life. 

7 surprising facts about Apple TVs’ screensavers

#1: Apple captures their screensavers themselves

It’s easy to think that Apple buys their screensavers from independent photographers.

However, Apple plans and shoots their aerial shots themselves. That’s, of course, with the help of professional photographers and directors. 

That said, the company uses these vehicles to shoot their photos and videos:

  • Cars.
  • Boats.
  • Helicopters. 

And in some cases, they also use drones to shoot their screensavers. 

On top of that, they even use large animals to capture some of their underwater shots. 

Now, while you may think that only 1 photographer takes each shot for Apple screensavers…

That’s not entirely true.

That’s because every image/video is planned and shot by a group of professionals.

And they usually work together for 2-3 weeks. 

Yep. All that to perfectly craft 1 to 3 screensavers for Apple TVs. 

#2: Apple TV has diverse screensaver themes

When I think about Apple TV screensavers…

I think about 4K aerial videos of the most famous cities in the world.

However, those aren’t the only types of screensavers you can choose on Apple TV.

See, this streaming device has these screensaver themes:

  • Earth.
  • Cityscape. 
  • Landscape.
  • Underwater.

So you can freely choose what kind of videos/images you want to see if your Apple TV is inactive. 

#3: You’ll get more screensaver during Apple TV updates 

Apple just keeps expanding the variety of its screensavers. 

And fortunately, you don’t need the latest Apple TV model to access their new shots.

That’s because you can add more screensavers to your device during its firmware updates.

So if you want access to the latest aesthetic shots taken by Apple… 

Do these steps to update your Apple TV:

  1. Turn ON your streaming device.
  2. Head to its Settings app.
  3. Tap System > Software Updates.
  4. From the list, select Update Software.
  5. Wait until a new window shows up.
  6. If an update is available, tap Download and Install.

Note: Don’t unplug your Apple TV or turn it OFF during the update. 

“I don’t get new screensavers even when I update my Apple TV.”

Then your device’s settings may be limiting the installation of new screensavers.

And in that case, you should…

Allow your Apple TV to download new videos:

  1. Turn ON your Apple TV.
  2. Launch the Settings app.
  3. Select the first option on the list: General. 
  4. Tap Screensaver. 
  5. Click the Download New Video option.
  6. Select how often you want Apple TV to install new screensavers. 

Note: You have 4 choices to choose from:

  • Daily.
  • Never.
  • Weekly.
  • Monthly. 

Bear in mind, though, that if your Apple TV doesn’t have enough space…

It’ll also prevent you from downloading more screensavers.

That’s because each video can occupy as much as 950 Mb of your device’s storage. 

And Apple TVs only have 32 or 64 GB of space. 

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#4: You can use your own photos as your Apple TV screensaver

4K screensavers are great.

But sometimes, seeing your family and friends on the TV is even better.

And fortunately, you have the option to use your photos as your Apple TV screensaver.

“How do I do that?”

I got you. 

Here’s a short video that shows the exact steps to use your pictures as your screensaver: 

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#5: Apple TVs have dynamic screensavers

“What do you mean?”

It means your screensaver changes depending on what time it is. 

For example, it’ll display a video/image that was taken in the morning early in the day.

And when sunset hits, you’ll also see night shots on your screen. 

However, this only applies to the screensavers that Apple made themselves.

So if you use your own images, they won’t change along with the current time. 

#6: You can find out where each screensaver was shot from

Some Apple TV shots are just way too mesmerizing…

That you can’t help but be curious about where they were shot from.

Fortunately, it’s easy to…

Find out the location of the video/image you’re seeing on your screen:

Step 1: Wait for your Apple TV’s screensaver to activate

How long this takes depends on the timer you’ve set in your settings.

But if you want to activate it right away…

Just hover over the upper-left corner of your Apple TV screen. 

And press the Menu button on its remote. 

Once the screensaver is active… 

Step 2: Find an image/video you like

If you don’t like the screensaver you’re seeing…

Simply swipe left/right on your Siri remote’s clickpad or touch surface.

And once you see a location that you’re curious about…

Step 3: Lightly tap your remote’s clickpad/touch surface

Now, if you’re thinking…

“Won’t tapping my remote deactivate my screensaver?”

Fret not. It won’t. 

That’s because tapping is different from clicking.

So ensure that you’re simply tapping your remote for this step…

And you shouldn’t press it like a remote button. 

After doing so, you’ll see the location information of your current screensaver.

#7: There are screensaver apps on Apple TVs

If you ever get tired of the official Apple TV screensavers…

You can also install screensaver apps on your streaming device. 

This way, you’ll have more choices in the images you see.

Plus, you can also select screensavers with audio accompaniment. 

That said, let me introduce you to the screensaver app I use on my Apple TV:

Magic Window Air.

Now, there are a lot of things I like about this application.

But let me focus on…

3 features I like about the Magic Window Air app

It lets you add music to your screensaver

Apple’s 4K videos and images are top-notch.

But unfortunately, they don’t come with built-in soundtracks.

So if you want your screensaver to play a sweet instrumental when you’re inactive… 

You might be interested in trying this app instead.

You can add a filter to the videos/images

My living room is filled with black appliances.

So, I prefer my Apple TV’s screensaver to match the tone of its surroundings.

Now, this is hard to accomplish on the official Apple TV screensavers. Because its images/videos have different colors and tones. 

However, I can easily put a black & white filter on any screensaver with Magic Window Air. 

So that my screen will only display black monochromatic pictures when it’s inactive.

I can see the time on the TV screen

This app is very helpful in letting me manage my time.

Because I have the option of including an on-screen clock with my screensaver.

Bonus: Apple TV screensavers are also available on iMacs

Apple TV Screensavers Are Also Available On IMacs

Apple screensavers aren’t just for Apple TV. 

That’s because they’re also available on Macbook and iMac. 

And if you’re interested in displaying 4K videos on your smaller screens as well…

Here’s how you can use Apple TV screensavers on your Mac:

Step 1: Head to the official Aerial website

Step 2: Once you’re there, tap Download Aerial. 

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the Aerial app on your Mac. 

Step 4: On the start-up screen of Aerial, tap Next. 

Step 5: Choose whether you want beta releases or not and click Next again.

The window will automatically close. 

And at this point, your Mac already has the Aerial app on its system.

That said, now, you can proceed to… 

Step 6: Tap the Aerial icon in the menu bar of your Mac. 

Note: This is on the left side of the Wifi icon on your screen. 

Step 7: From the drop-down menu, tap Open Settings. 

Step 8: Select the screensaver that you want.

You’ll see all the different 4K videos and images you can choose from.

So simply select the screensaver you want to use. And customize its settings as needed.

After doing so… 

Step 9: Tap Close at the bottom-left corner of the window.

This will automatically save your preferences. 

Are Apple TV screensavers worth it?

Apple TV screensavers are worth it.

That’s because Apple always releases new videos and images for them.

And really, you won’t lose anything by downloading Apple TV screensavers.

Because, after all, they’re free to use.