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(1) Can An AirTag’s Location Be Shared? [Family Sharing]

Can An Airtag's Location Be Shared

AirTags are currently some of the most popular item trackers. 

They’re light and aesthetic. Plus, they can track accurately with ease.

But many, including you, wonder: 

“Can I share an AirTag’s location with other people?” 

Lucky you, I’ve got the detailed answer.

Continue reading to find out: 

  • Whether an AirTag’s location can be shared. 
  • If family members are allowed to monitor your AirTag’s location. 
  • 7 easy steps to unpair an AirTag before transferring its ownership. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Can an AirTag’s location be shared?

An AirTag’s location can’t be shared. 

This device was designed to be a personal tracker. 

So, only 1 Apple ID can track where an AirTag is. 

Now, this setup made lots of Apple users confused and even unsatisfied.

After all…

Other devices from the brand, including iPhones and Macs, allow location sharing. 

However, there are very valid reasons… 

Why your AirTag’s location can’t be shared

#1: Designed to protect the user’s privacy 

Out of all the tech companies I’ve tried… 

Apple’s the best at securing your privacy.

For example, this company won’t let anyone unlock your iPhone

In fact, the brand even rejects the FBI’s requests for cooperation just to protect their users’ data. 

Of course, Apple also wants to keep this high level of privacy for their AirTags. 

After all, they’re mainly used to track important personal items like:

  • Keys.
  • Wallets. 
  • Mobile devices. 

So, the brand designed its trackers to be as secure as possible. 


By never storing your location data and history on your AirTag itself. 

This means only your iOS devices know exactly where your tracker is.

And not even Apple itself can figure out your AirTag’s location or identity. 

#2: Prevent hacking 

AirTags, like other smart devices, aren’t totally safe from hackers. 

And unfortunately… 

Gadgets are more prone to security breaches if they communicate online.

Which is usually how location sharing works.

So, to protect your AirTag from hackers… 

Apple didn’t equip its tracking device with the location-sharing feature. 

#3: There are alternatives 

Most people who buy AirTags also have an iPhone. 

Which already has a location-sharing function. 

Hence, Apple didn’t find the need to include the same feature on its AirTags as well. 

Moreover, as a personal tracker only meant to remind you where your belongings are… 

AirTags are mainly used for short-distance tracking (less than 330 ft/10m).

So, it’s best to use other software to track an item with other people. 

For example, you can try apps like Apple Maps or Google Maps. 

Can another person monitor the location of my AirTag?

Another person can’t monitor the location of your AirTag.

Because as mentioned earlier… 

Your tracking device actually doesn’t store any of its data.

So, even if your AirTag does get hacked… 

The hacker won’t be able to figure out your gadget’s location. 

But there’s 1 exception to this rule, and that’s… 

If your Apple ID gets hacked

Every iOS device logged in with your Apple ID has the right to view your AirTags’ locations. 

So, if a hacker gets access to your Apple account… 

They can also monitor the location of your AirTag. 

That said, if you want to ensure only you can see where your tracker is… 

Double-check the devices using your Apple ID:


  1. Launch the Settings app. 
  2. Tap your name at the top of the screen. 
  3. Scroll down until you see the name of your devices. 


  1. Click the Apple menu at the top of your screen.
  2. Select System Settings or System Preferences. 
  3. Tap your profile name or Apple ID. 
  4. Observe your gadgets on the right side of your screen. 


  1. Sign in to
  2. Head to the Devices section. 
  3. Check the name of your Apple gadgets. 

Do you see any device you don’t personally use? 

Then, it’s best to remove it from your account.

This way, only your personally-owned gadgets can track your AirTag. 

Is it possible to share AirTags with family members?

No. It’s not possible to share AirTags with family members. 

Although Apple has a Family Sharing feature where up to 5 people can share these services: 

  • iTunes.
  • Apple TV+. 
  • Apple Card.
  • Apple Music.
  • Apple Books. 
  • Apple Arcade.
  • iCloud storage.

Your AirTag’s location is only exclusive to 1 Apple ID.

So, unless you and your family use the same Apple account… 

You won’t be able to use the same AirTag simultaneously. 

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Can you transfer your AirTag to someone else?

You can transfer your AirTag to someone else. Just unpair your tracking device from its original Apple ID. Then, pair your AirTag to a new Apple account. 

Don’t worry. I’ll go through the detailed steps of this process, starting with how to… 

Unpair your AirTag 

Step 1: Ensure that your tracker is within the Bluetooth range 

Your AirTag should be within 30 ft (10m) of any of your iOS devices for this process. 

Because if it isn’t… 

You need to do an extra step after the unpairing procedure. 

And that’s to reset your AirTag. 

So, if you can, keep your iOS and tracking devices close before you… 

Step 2: Launch the Find My app 

This is installed on your iOS device by default.

But if you can’t find the app, here’s its download page

Step 3: Tap the Items option 

You’ll find this at the bottom of your app’s screen. 

And it’s the icon composed of 4 circles.

Once you see the list of AirTags connected to your Apple ID…

Step 4: Click the device you want to unpair 

“What if I want to unpair several AirTags?” 

Well, you need to do this entire process for each device individually. 

So, you can only select 1 AirTag at a time. 

Step 5: Select Remove Item 

You’ll find this option at the very bottom of your screen. 

And once the confirmation page shows up…

Step 6: Click Remove 

After this step, a small window will appear.

So, for the 2nd time… 

Step 7: Choose Remove 

Need a visual guide for the entire unpairing process? 

Watch this video: 

Now, answer this: 

Did you unpair your AirTag while it was within the Bluetooth range earlier? 

If you did…

Skip to the section below showing how you can connect your tracker to a new Apple ID. 

However, if your AirTag wasn’t near you when you did the process above… 

Before you pair your device to a new gadget again, follow these steps to…

Reset your AirTag

Step 1: Ensure you’ve unpaired your tracker 

The reset process on its own isn’t enough to pair your AirTag to a different device. 

So, double-check that you’ve already unpaired your tracker from its original Apple ID. 

Then, proceed to… 

Step 2: Remove your AirTag’s battery cover 

Hold your tracker while it’s facing up.

Then, using your thumbs… 

Rotate the metallic part counterclockwise. 

Once the cover stops rotating, lift it up, then… 

Step 3: Take off your AirTag’s battery 

You can simply use your fingers to do so. 

Once the battery is out, wait for 3 seconds before you… 

Step 4: Return the battery cell

Note: The side with the plus (+) sign should be facing up. 

Step 5: Press down the battery 

Let go when you hear a short beeping sound from your AirTag. 

Once you do… 

Step 6: Repeat steps #3 to #5 4 more times

You should’ve removed and returned your battery a total of 5 times before you… 

Step 7: Return your AirTag’s cover 

Make sure it aligns using the 3 guiding slots around your battery. 

Then, press the cover down until your tracker beeps.

Step 8: Lock your AirTag 

Just rotate its metallic part clockwise until it stops moving further. 

Pair your AirTag with a new Apple ID 

Note: The steps for this process are no different from setting up a brand new AirTag.

Forgot how to do so?

I got you. Just follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Prepare your new iOS device 

Do all of these before you proceed:

  • Turn ON your new device’s Bluetooth. 
  • Enable its 2-Factor Authentication feature. 
  • Update your mobile device to at least iOS 14.
  • Make sure you have the Find My application, and it’s ON.
  • Double-check that your iOS device is connected to the Internet. 

Note: Each AirTag must be set up 1 at a time. 

Step 2: Remove your AirTag’s battery cover 

Rotate the metallic part with the Apple logo counterclockwise until it stops moving.

Then, simply remove the cover from the battery. 

When you hear your device’s Welcome sound… 

Step 3: Bring your tracker closer to your iOS device 

Keep the 2 as close as possible.

And when a notification appears on your mobile device…

Step 4: Tap Connect 

You’ll find this at the bottom of the pop-up window. 

Step 5: Finish setting up your AirTag 

Just follow the on-screen instructions to do so. 


How to share AirTag location?

You can’t directly share an AirTag’s location. Because this tracking device was built for personal use. iOS devices can only locate an AirTag if they’re using the Apple ID used by the tracker. Hence, different accounts can’t monitor the same AirTag. 

But, of course, if you really need to, here’s… 

An indirect way to share your AirTag’s location: 

First, you need to figure out your tracker’s location by following these steps: 

  1. Launch your Find My app. 
  2. Tap the Items icon at the bottom. 
  3. Click your AirTag or item’s name. 

At this point, you should see a map showing your AirTag’s general location.

So, you can do any of the following:

  • Screenshot the map. 
  • Note down the general location of your AirTag.

Then, simply send the information to your recipient. 

How to share AirTag location with family?

You can’t share your AirTag location with your family. Not even with Apple’s Family Sharing feature. This tracker only sends its data to 1 Apple ID. Hence, even your family members won’t be able to track your AirTag. 

Want a family member to know your tracker’s location? 

Try following the indirect method to share your AirTag’s whereabouts above.