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27 Ideas For Where To Put Apple AirTags (Updated 2023)

Where To Put Apple AirTags

You probably have some extra AirTags lying around. 

Or you’re interested in getting a new set. 

And now, you’re wondering where else you could put this tracker. 

Lucky you, I’ve got the best ideas for Apple AirTag placements. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • 27 best ideas for where to put Apple AirTags. 
  • Why AirTags are helpful for the visually impaired. 
  • How you can use your AirTag as an NFC scanner for your smart home. 
  • And a lot more… 

Where to put Apple AirTags? 27 ideas

#1: Keys 

Let’s start this list with the most common way to use your AirTag:

Attaching it to your house or car keys. 

After all, I can’t really think of anyone who hasn’t misplaced these items. 

But keep this in mind when you use your AirTag to track keys: 

Only 1 family member can monitor the tracker.

So, it’s best to pair your AirTag with the person who uses the keys most.

Or perhaps, the one who misplaces them often. 

#2: Wallets 

Besides keys, purses or wallets are commonly misplaced belongings. 

And since they usually contain important items like:

  • IDs. 
  • Money. 
  • Credit/debit cards. 

Losing them can be such a huge headache. 

Hence, attaching an AirTag to your wallet is a good idea. 

Pro tip: Put your tracker inside your purse’s zipper to prevent it from falling. 

#3: Laptop or its bag 

Many people bring their laptops to work inside cafes. 

And when it’s time for a bathroom break…

Most simply leave their devices on top of their table. 

Unfortunately, if you regularly do this… 

You won’t always guarantee that your laptop will still be there when you return. 

So, it’s best to leave an AirTag with your device or its bag. 

#4: Travel luggage 

Yes, traveling is fun.

But waiting for your baggage at the carousel? 

Well, most of us agree that it’s not the best experience. 

You spend a long time staring at pieces of luggage, wondering if they’re yours. 

And unfortunately, if the airline messes up…

Your baggage might not even show up at all.

Luckily, AirTags save the day during these situations. 

Not only will you know if your luggage is actually in the same country as you… 

You’ll know if it’s almost out of the carousel. So, you won’t waste time standing in line waiting for your luggage. 

#5: Musical instruments  

Trumpets, violins, and guitars.

They’re only a few of the musical instruments I often see in public. 

And all, if not most of them, aren’t cheap. 

Hence, instruments are often targeted by thieves. 

So, give your musical buddy an AirTag protector. 

You won’t have to fear losing it in public. 

#6: Bicycle or scooter 

Once, I rushed inside our house after an hour of biking. 

Because I badly needed a cold refreshment.

And when I went back outside to properly park my bicycle… 

It was nowhere to be found. 

Despite my days’ worth of effort to find my bike, I never saw it again. 

So, just like that, my $500 was down the drain. 

Don’t be like the old me.

And keep your bicycle safe with an AirTag. 

Pro tip: Place your tracker out of sight. So thieves won’t notice and get rid of the AirTag immediately. 

#7: Jacket 

After hosting a party… 

I can barely count how many forgotten jackets I have to pile up.

But I can’t really blame my friends. 

After all… 

Forgetting to grab your jacket when the weather is warmer is a common occurrence.  

Luckily though, it’s easy to avoid this scenario again with an AirTag. 

Apple’s tracker emits a sound when it’s separated from its parent phone.

So, just leave your AirTag inside your jacket’s pocket. 

And you’ll be notified when you’re too far away from it. 

#8: Umbrella 

Grabbing your umbrella when it’s raining outside comes naturally.

But like your jackets…

You can easily forget this item when the weather changes. 

So, if you have an extra AirTag, stick it to your umbrella. 

#9: Important work equipment 

Does your job require you to carry expensive equipment around?

Something like a drill or a helmet that can be easily left or stolen. 

If you do, it’s best to protect it with an AirTag. 

After all, it’s hard to get used to new work equipment. 

And, of course, they’re usually expensive to replace. 

#10: Drone 

Drones aren’t totally safe from crashing and losing their way. 

And unfortunately, many of them still don’t have built-in trackers. 

Hence, you’ll have difficulty finding your drone again if you lose it. 

An AirTag, of course, will make this process much easier. 

Just ensure you place the tracker in the center of your device. So it stays balanced. 

Want more information about putting an AirTag on a drone? 

Watch this video:

#11: Camping tent 

Nature lovers, this one’s for you. 

I know setting up your tent in an unfamiliar location isn’t easy.

After all, you may spend hours finding your way back to camp. 

Which could be very dangerous, especially at night. 

It’s always best to have a backup plan you can use to find your tent.

And that’s where an AirTag comes to play. 

Because you can use your phone’s Find My app’s directions to reach your tracker again. 

#12: Strollers 

Most don’t see strollers as luxury items.

But trust me…

There are thieves out there who wouldn’t think twice about grabbing your baby or pet’s stroller. 

So, keep this item safe with an AirTag. 

#13: Children’s belongings 

Place An AirTag On Children's Belongings

Toddlers walking around with backpacks are adorable. 

But when your child realizes they lost their favorite toy or item… 

You’ll likely need more than several tissue layers to dry your toddler’s tears. 

Save you and your child the trouble with an AirTag. 

And never waste time hunting your toddler’s lost belongings again. 

#14: Children 

Apple doesn’t recommend using AirTags to track people or animals.

Instead, the brand suggests using an Apple Watch to do so.

But let’s be honest. 

Not everyone can afford to give their child a $400 gadget for tracking purposes. 

So, if you’re on a budget… 

Just grab an AirTag and 1 of these wristbands

You can track your child’s location anytime for less than $50. 

#15: Elderly

Elderly family members with dementia are prone to leaving the house without warning.

After all, their condition makes them forget how to do basic tasks. 

So, to protect your elderly loved ones’ safety…

It’s best to let them wear an AirTag on a belt or a wristband. 

Just be sure to inform your family member that you’re putting a tracker on them. 

This way, you won’t be invading their privacy. 

#16: Pets 

I’m a huge fan of cats and dogs. 

But I’m not gonna lie… 

Finding a lost pet is 1 of the most stressful and concerning events I’ve ever gone through. 

Don’t wanna experience the same? 

Give your furry friend an AirTag.

Luckily, it’s easy to buy a tracker holder case for collars. 

You won’t have to spend hours searching for your lost furry friend like I did. 

#17: Friends (with consent)

When you’re in the middle of a crowd…

It’s easy to be separated from the people you’re with. 

And you bet it’ll be very hard to spot each other again.

But don’t worry. 

Here’s an easy way to work around this universal festival problem:

Share an AirTag with each other.  

In other words, give your tracker to your friend before you join crowded spaces. 

So if you ever get separated… 

Your Find My app will easily help you spot your friend again. More than a phone call can.

#18: Storage bins 

If you’re a hoarder like me…

You likely have over a handful of boxes just stowed away in storage. 

And when it comes to finding the bin you actually need… 

You play an unnecessary guessing game of opening each box until you find the right one. 

Fun fact, you can skip this trouble with an AirTag. 

Just place 1 tracker in each of your storage bins. 

Or at least, inside the box you’ll need to open again in the future. 

Like the one containing the Christmas tree and lights. 

Pro tip: AirTags’ batteries only last over a year. So, make sure you change your tracker’s battery cell annually. 

#19: Car 

Putting an AirTag inside your car isn’t just for anti-theft purposes.

Your tracker will also become the best guide in finding your vehicle in broad parking lots. 

Because let’s be honest… 

It’s easy to forget to memorize your car’s parking lot number before heading somewhere else. 

#20: Remote 

Some remotes, like those from Roku, have a remote-finder feature. 

But, unfortunately…

Most models, including Apple TV’s remote, still don’t have a built-in tracker. 

Such a bummer for people who often lose their streaming device’s controller, right? 

But luckily, AirTags aren’t that chunky to stick behind your remote. 

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#21: Items for the visually impaired 

If you know someone with eyesight difficulties… 

Placing an AirTag on their essential items will be very helpful. 

Because the application Find My can also verbally guide you in finding your tracker.

For example, a blind person can say something like:

“Hey Siri, find my (name of the AirTag).” 

And their tracker will beep. Or give them detailed audible directions to reach their device.  

#22: Yourself 

There’s no way to 100% guarantee your safety.

Because criminals are only getting wiser by the day.

For example… 

Most abductors now get rid of all your gadgets before bringing you to a remote location.

So, if you only rely on your phone’s tracking capabilities… 

You won’t really have a way to alert authorities in an emergency.

Wearing an AirTag is a good idea to add another layer of protection for yourself. 

Because this device’s small size makes it very easy to hide on your body. 

Note: Pair the AirTag you wear to the Apple ID of a person you trust. So they can track you in case of emergency. 

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#23: Outdoor decorations 

Holiday seasons like Christmas or Halloween usually call for outdoor decor. 

But some fear they’ll lose the items they place outside their house. 

So, they hold off the idea of decorating outdoors. 

Well, I got good news. 

You can place outdoor decorations with peace of mind with AirTags. 

Because they’ll alert your phone if anyone tries to bring your items far away from home. 

#24: Robot vacuum 

Robovacs are infamous for always getting stuck or lost around the house.

And if you live in a pretty wide home with several rooms…

Finding this robot can be quite a time-consuming task.

Which most people, including me, find annoying.

Luckily, AirTags are tiny enough to sit on top of robot vacuums.

So, if you got a robovac who’s bad at directions…

Why not give it a little tracking companion? 

#25: Lifesaving medicine 

Some medical situations, like allergic reactions, require immediate medical attention. 

When these happen… 

You don’t want to waste time finding medication when a person’s life is on the line. 

So, if anyone around you is at risk of medical emergencies… 

Make sure to track their medicine kits with an AirTag. 

#26: Important parcel 

Most of the time, couriers are very dependable. 

But there’s no denying the fact that they’re not perfect. 

So, if you have a very important parcel that you absolutely can’t lose… 

Consider shipping it with an AirTag. 

This way, even if your package loses its way during transit… 

You’ll have a way to get it back again. 

Note: You can track AirTags as long as they’re within 30 ft (9m) of anybody’s iPhone. 

#27: Smart home setup 

Let’s end this list with a fun hack.

And that’s using your AirTag as an NFC trigger for your smart home’s Automation. 

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iOS device.
  2. Head to the Automations tab.
  3. Click the Plus (+) button.
  4. Tap Create Personal Automation.
  5. Scroll down and select NFC.
  6. Click Scan.
  7. Hold your mobile device near your AirTag. 
  8. Name your NFC scanner. 

After following these steps… 

You can set the act of your phone tapping your AirTag the trigger to any Automation.

So, don’t shy away from adding Apple’s tracker to your smart home setup