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13 Best Activity Trackers Without Screen In 2023 + Tips

Activity Trackers Without Screen

10,000 steps daily.

6 to 8 sleeping hours nightly.

60 to 100 heartbeats per minute.

And a partridge in a pear tree. I kid.

But yes, those are the numbers we should target.

And activity trackers would definitely help.

Don’t have one yet?

I’ve got several recommendations for screen-less ones.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 13 of the best activity trackers without a screen.
  • 3 helpful tips when trying to find the right activity tracker for you.
  • Highly-recommended activity trackers that don’t require a phone.
  • And a lot more…

13 best activity trackers without screen

#1: Fitbit Flex 2

You can’t make a list of the best activity trackers without Fitbit.

Now owned by Google, this company revolutionized the way we track our health and fitness.

Recent models of Fitbit trackers all have screens. These include:

So if you’re looking for something without a display…

You’ll have to go back to the older models. And Fitbit Flex 2’s the best of them.

Fitbit released the Flex 2 in 2016. But it’s still an excellent product even by today’s standards.

You can buy one for $300. 

And it’s about as minimalist as it can get when it comes to activity trackers.

It’s less than half an inch wide. And weighs less than an ounce. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing it.

The Flex 2 also has 5 tiny LED lights. Through their colors, you’ll be able to know the following:

  • When someone’s calling.
  • When you’ve received a text.
  • If you’re close to your fitness goals.
  • If you’ve been inactive for too long.

The Flex 2 is also perfect for those who love to swim. It’s waterproof up to 50 meters. And it’s capable of tracking your swimming laps.

One of its major improvements over the original Flex is the SmartTrack.

It’s a feature that allows Flex 2 to recognize and track activities such as:

  • Walking.
  • Running.
  • Aerobics.
  • Bike rides.
  • Sports like basketball and football.

For a more comprehensive review of the Flex 2, watch this video:

#2: Fitbit Flex

Now if the Fitbit Flex 2’s price tag’s a bit much…

Then go for the original Fitbit Flex.

First of all, it came out in 2013. And became one of the first commercially-successful activity trackers.

And today, you can buy one for $165. That’s almost half the price of the Flex 2.

Size-wise, this one’s around 30% wider than the Flex 2. 

Moreover, it’s also not water-resistant. 

And, as I mentioned, it doesn’t have SmartTrack. So it’s very limited to what activities it can recognize.

But it does a fantastic job tracking the following:

  • Steps taken.
  • Sleep quality.
  • Calories burned.
  • Distance walked.

And you’ll be able to see a comprehensive report of those in the Fitbit app.

#3: Amazon Halo Band

The Halo Band is Amazon’s entry into the activity tracker market.

At $99.99, it’s a great alternative to Fitbit.

Like Fitbit, the Halo Band also gives accurate tracking and reporting of activities.

It has a really simple design…

Well, it’s basically just a plain strap. With the tracker underneath. 

But what I like about the Halo Band is its workout and nutrition suggestions. 

You’ll have access to workout programs and healthy food recipes in the Amazon Halo app.

#4: Misfit Ray

Looking to track your activities in style?

Then you’d love the Misfit Ray.

Design-wise, this is one of the most stylish activity trackers that I’ve seen.

It looks more like a bracelet, really. With its thin rubber strap. And a metallic tube-shaped tracker. You can also wear the tracker as a pendant.

Moreover, the Misfit Ray’s battery can last up to 6 months. And it’s easily replaceable.

It can also track activities like cycling, swimming, and soccer.

As to its app, the Misfit app is more basic compared to Fitbit and Halo. 

But it’s still a good buy at $99.

#5: Moov Now

The aptly-named Moov Now is another screen-less activity tracker from a few years ago.

Released in 2016, you can now buy one for around $60.

Unlike other trackers, Moov Now doesn’t actually keep track of your number of steps.

What it does record instead is your pace. Or how fast you’re walking. And the total distance you’ve covered.

Like the Misfit Ray, it also has a replaceable battery.

But its most unique feature is the virtual fitness coach. You’ll hear real-time audio coaching from the device while working out.

That’s great if you need more motivation to reach your fitness goals.

#6: BodiMetric CIRCUL Fitness Ring

Wristband activity trackers may be the most popular.

But you can also find ones with entirely different designs.

Such as the BodiMetric CIRCUL. Which is actually a ring that you wear on your finger.

It’s at $199. So a bit more expensive than most wristband trackers.

And don’t worry about the size. Because it’s adjustable.

Moreover, the BodiMetric CIRCUL offers up to 18 hours of fitness tracking per charge. 

What’s great about it is its in-depth sleep diagnostics. It measures your oxygen levels while you sleep. And through its app, it creates a comprehensive report that’s easily shareable.

Highly recommended for those with sleeping problems.

#7: Bellabeat Leaf Chakra

Another jewelry-inspired tracker is the Bellabeat Leaf Chakra.

Its design is more catered to women. 

You can clip it to your clothing. Or use it as a necklace pendant.

It includes a coin cell battery. So there’s no need to charge it. You’ll only have to replace it after every six months.

Aside from tracking activities, it also has a smart alarm. It’ll notify you if you need to be more active.

Currently, it’s selling for $88. 

#8: POWR Labs Armband

Armbands are also considered activity trackers. 

The only difference from wristbands is that armbands focus on monitoring heart rates.

And one of the best available today is the POWR Labs armband.

At only $69.99, it’s one of the most affordable in the market.

With POWR Labs, you’ll always get an accurate, real-time heart-rate report.

It’s Bluetooth-capable. So you can easily pair it with many smart gym equipment.

Moreover, it’s waterproof. And has a battery that can last up to 60 hours per charge.

#9: Polar Verity Sense Armband

The Polar Verity Sense Armband is another excellent heart-rate tracker.

Like POWR Labs, it’s also compatible with many fitness apps and exercise equipment.

When you buy one, it comes with a goggle strap clip. 

Polar really designed it to work well in swimming pools. 

Where it’ll track not just your heart rate. But also the pace of your swimming and the distance you covered.

At $89, I highly recommend it, especially for swimming enthusiasts.

#10: Scosche Rhythm+ 2.0 Armband

Scosche Rhythm+ 2.0 Armband

The Scosche Rhythm+ 2.0 armband comes with a flexible strap design.

So you can wear it on your forearm, biceps, or triceps.

It comes with LEDs that help accurately measure blood flow.

And it works well with some of the best heart-rate monitoring fitness apps. Including:

For its $79.99 price tag, it’s an excellent buy.

#11: Garmin HRM-Pro Chest Strap

Another type of activity tracker is the chest strap.

And the Garmin HRM-Pro is a favorite for many fitness enthusiasts.

It’s small and lightweight. Users attest that it’s comfortable to wear across the chest. That’s because it only weighs 2.1 ounces.

Like Polar and Scosche, Garmin provides top-notch heart rate measurements.

But its best feature is its ability to track running dynamics. Meaning it can track your stride’s length. How fast you’re moving. And how much your torso moves with each step.

You can buy one today for $115.

#12: Polar H10 Chest Strap

Aside from armbands, Polar also has a line of chest straps.

And the H10 is their best one.

According to Polar, the H10’s heart rate sensor is the company’s most accurate one yet.

In addition, it works well with the most popular fitness apps. Just like Scosche.

The strap’s also very comfortable to wear. And it’s machine-washable. 

As to its battery life, it has a replaceable battery. It can last up to 400 hours before you’ll need to replace it. And you can easily monitor its status via the Polar Beat app.

#13: STATSports Performance Vest

Now this one’s unlike all the other activity trackers on the list.

STATSports is a top-tier performance vest.

If you’re a fan of pro sports, you’ve probably seen athletes wearing this. 

It actually looks like a sports bra. 

But that’s because it has what’s called a GPS pod at the back. Basically, it’s what helps track the wearer’s various movements.

It specifically monitors 16 metrics that include the following:

  • Fatigue.
  • Total distance.
  • Maximum speed.

It’s an excellent tool that helps athletes improve their performance.

However, it’s not cheap by any means. Its price is $300.

But the fact that many pro athletes are using it is a testament to how well it works.

Activity tracker without screen: 3 tips to pick the right one

#1: Look for those that can track the most activities

Activity trackers vary in what they’re able to track.

Most should be able to record your heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken.

But you should look for those that can offer more.

Some trackers can also automatically detect other physical activities like sports. 

While others can measure your pace and distance walked.

The more activities a device can track, the better.

#2: Find something that you’d be comfortable wearing

Activity trackers work best when you keep them on at all times.

In that regard, you should feel comfortable when wearing one.

So when looking at the specs of activity trackers, also take note of their size and weight. As well as the materials they’re made of.

#3: Read reviews from buyers

Of course, activity tracker manufacturers will want you to buy their products. So it’s not good to just rely on official websites for information.

Instead, go to sites like Amazon and Reddit. They’re great places to find honest reviews.

Try to read the most positive and the most negative ones. That way, you’d be able to weigh your options more easily.

People also ask:

Is there a fitness tracker without a screen?

There are fitness trackers without a screen. The Fitbit Flex, released in 2013, is the most popular one. Other notable screen-less fitness trackers include Amazon Halo Band and Misfit Ray. But the majority of fitness trackers these days have screens. Mainly for ease of use.

Of course, fitness trackers don’t only come in the form of a wristband.

You may also find fitness trackers in the following forms:

  • Rings.
  • Armbands.
  • Necklace pendants.

So if you really prefer a fitness tracker without a screen, look for those types instead.

Can I use an activity tracker without a phone?

You can use an activity tracker without a phone. Many activity trackers these days have screens. Where you can easily see your various health and fitness stats. Including how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories burned, and your real-time heart rate.

Looking for recommendations?

I’d be more than happy to give you a couple.

If budget isn’t an issue, go for the Garmin Vivo Active 3.

You can buy one for around $190. Still not as expensive as smartwatches

And it has all that you’ll need for an activity tracker. 

It has a beautiful display. It’s around 1.2 inches in diameter. So it’s not too big. But just enough to quickly check your health and fitness stats.

It also has a built-in GPS. So you can easily track your location, distance, and pace.

Now if you want the best bang for your buck…

Buy the AmazFit Bip U Pro. It’s only $69.99.

Like the Garmin Vivo Active 3, it also provides accurate activity tracking. 

It also has Alexa built-in. And a battery life that could last up to 9 days per full charge.