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Can Alexa Play Libby Audiobooks? 7 Easy Steps (2023)

Can Alexa Play Libby Audiobooks

Alexa and Libby audiobooks.

Both of these have 1 crucial thing in common: 

They barely need your physical touch to function. 

Hence, they’re always must-haves during busy days. 

But wouldn’t it be better to just play Libby audiobooks through Alexa? 

Keep reading to find out: 

  • 7 quick steps to make Alexa play Libby audiobooks. 
  • Why you can’t command Alexa to control your Libby audiobook with this setup. 
  • Whether you can use Alexa’s multi-room feature when playing Libby audiobooks. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Can Alexa play Libby audiobooks?

Alexa can play Libby audiobooks. However, this isn’t an official feature. So, your Echo only functions as a Bluetooth speaker for the Libby app. This means you can’t command Alexa to change the audiobook’s chapter. And you must have your audio source near your Echo to maintain the connection. 

How to play Libby Audiobooks with Alexa – 7 easy steps

#1: Set up your Libby account 

If your Libby audiobook is already ready to play…

Skip to the next step. 

However, if you still need to set up your Libby account…

Then, don’t worry. I’ll guide you through this process. 

Now, setting up a Libby account is extremely simple. 

But there’s 1 important thing you must have: 

A library card. 

By that, I mean an actual card from a public library.

“I don’t have 1 yet.”

Well, a library card is a prerequisite of this process. 

So, contact the public libraries you have access to. And inform them that you’d like to sign up for one. 

After getting a library card, follow these simple steps to… 

Set up your Libby account:

Step 1: Install the app

Here’s the download page (Android/iOS).

Open the application once it’s ready, and proceed to… 

Step 2: Click Yes 

The app will ask you whether you have a library card or not. 

So just tap “Yes” from the options on your screen. 

After doing so… 

Step 3: Decide how you want the Libby app to know your library

If you want to search manually… 

Tap “I’ll Search For A Library.”

But if you want the app to detect nearby libraries… 

Click “Yes, Guess My Library.” 

Note: I highly recommend choosing the first option I mentioned. Because it’s the most accurate. 

Assuming you selected the “I’ll Search For A Library” option, proceed to… 

Step 4: Search your library’s name

And from the results that show up…

Step 5: Tap your library

When you’re back to the chatbox-looking window…

Step 6: Click Enter Library Account Details 

After doing so, input your:

  • PIN.
  • Library card number.

Note: You’ll find the library card number on the back of your library card. 

Then, tap Next. 

Step 7: Finish the setup process 

Click the Next option on your screen. 

And start scrolling through your library’s browsing collection. 

Bonus step: Try playing an audiobook 

Look up your favorite book.

Or simply choose a random title on your screen. 

Then, start playing it as an audiobook. 

Note: This process ensures that your Libby app has no problems playing audio. If you can’t hear anything, try troubleshooting your application. Or contact Libby’s support center for further assistance. 

Pro tip: To contact Libby, tap the 3-horizontal-lined button on its app. Then, click Get Some Help. After that, choose your issue, and select “Ask our support team.” 

#2: Install the Amazon Alexa app 

Already have the app? 

Then, ensure you’re signed in with the right Amazon account. 

And proceed to the next step. 

But if you still need to install the Alexa application…

Head to its download page (iOS/Android). 

Then, log in before you go ahead and… 

#3: Ensure your devices have enough power 

Plug your smart speaker into a functioning outlet. 

And ensure that your phone/tablet has at least 80% of battery. 

“What if my mobile device doesn’t have that much power left?” 

Well, I highly recommend that you charge it until it does.

As mentioned earlier, to make Alexa play from a Libby audiobook… 

You’ll set up your Echo as a Bluetooth speaker. 

And unfortunately…

Some gadgets refuse to connect wirelessly when they don’t have enough power.

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#4: Go to your mobile device’s Bluetooth page 

Bluetooth devices only pair within a limited period. 

Most of the time, it’s under a minute or 2.

So, before you put your Alexa in pairing mode… 

You must already have your phone/tablet’s Bluetooth page open.

This way, when your Echo’s ready to pair later…

All you have to do is select your smart speaker’s name on your mobile device’s screen.

That said, follow these steps to… 

Open the Bluetooth settings page on your device: 

  1. Turn ON your phone/tablet. 
  2. Place a finger at the top of your screen.
  3. Swipe down to launch Quick Settings. 
  4. Locate the Bluetooth icon. 
  5. Press and hold it to launch the Bluetooth Settings page of your device. 
  6. Tap “Pair new device” from the options. 
  7. Continue to the next section. 
  1. Turn your iPhone ON.
  2. Head to its Settings app.
  3. Click Bluetooth.
  4. Turn ON Bluetooth using the toggle on your screen. 
  5. Continue to the next part. 

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#5: Make Alexa ready for pairing 

You can put Alexa in its pairing mode in 2 different ways: 

  • Through voice commands. 
  • Using the Amazon Alexa application. 

“Which one do you recommend?”

Well, if you want the quickest method, it’s best to… 

Put Alexa in pairing mode through voice commands:

Step 1: Unmute your Echo device 

Ensure that the Mute button on top of your smart speaker is OFF. 

“Can I unmute my Echo through the app?”

No. You must do this process in person. 

Step 2: Disconnect Alexa’s Bluetooth devices 

Many Bluetooth devices refuse to pair again if they’re already connected to a gadget. 

So, before asking Alexa to enter her pairing mode…

Say, “Alexa, disconnect.” 

This makes your AI unpair with all the Bluetooth devices it has paired with thus far. 

Step 3: Put Alexa in pairing mode 

It’s as simple as saying:

“Alexa, turn ON Bluetooth pairing mode.” 

After you tell Alexa this voice command… 

Wait for her to say, “Searching….” 

It’s how you know she’s already ready to pair. 

Use the app to put Alexa in pairing mode:

Step 1: Open the Amazon Alexa application

Make sure you’re logged in and proceed to… 

Step 2: Click More

Note: Some refer to this as the Menu button.

It’s the 3-horizontal-lines icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen. 

Step 3: Tap Settings 

Once you’re on the settings page… 

Step 4: Choose Device Settings 

You’ll find this in the top part section of your screen. 

Step 5: Select your Echo device’s name 

Specifically, the smart speaker you want to hear your audiobook from.

Note: Ensure you see “Online” below your Echo’s name. This shows that your device has access to the Internet. Which is a must for this process. 

“Can I play Libby stories through multiple Echo devices?”

No, you can’t.

Although Alexa has a multi-room feature… 

It only works when you’re playing from an audio streaming platform linked to her app, like:

  • Spotify.
  • Audible. 
  • Amazon Music. 

As you know by now…

Libby doesn’t have an official partnership with Alexa. 

You can only play this platform’s audiobook through your Echo’s Bluetooth connection. 

And Alexa’s multi-room feature doesn’t work in this setup. 


Because Bluetooth devices’ latency or audio delay varies depending on many factors. 

So, it’s almost impossible to play different Bluetooth speakers in sync. 

Step 6: Select Bluetooth Devices

This option is located below the “WIRELESS” heading. 

Step 7: Disconnect your Echo from other Bluetooth devices 

Some Echo speakers won’t pair again if they’re already connected with a Bluetooth gadget. 

So, if you see any names on your screen…

Click each of them and choose “Forget Device” from the options

Step 8: Prepare Alexa to pair with your phone/tablet 

Just tap the “PAIR A NEW DEVICE” option on your screen. 

If you need a visual guide for putting Alexa in pairing mode, watch this video: 

#6: Pair your devices 

Return to your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings page.

Then, tap your Echo’s name when it appears on your screen. 

Now, just wait for Alexa to say: 

“Connected to (your mobile device’s name).” 

As this confirms the pairing process has been successful. 

#7: Play Libby audiobooks through Alexa 

Play an audiobook from your Libby app’s browsing collection. 

And by now, you should hear the book through your Echo.