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5 Easy Steps To Use Echo Dot As A Bluetooth Speaker (How-To)

Pair Your Devices

So, you need a Bluetooth speaker.

And you’ve been eyeing your Echo Dot for a while, wondering:

“Can I use this Alexa device instead?” 

Well, I got good news.

You only need a few minutes to turn your Echo Dot into a Bluetooth speaker. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • 5 quick steps to use Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker. 
  • How to use your Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker without WiFi. 
  • 3 features you can’t use if you use Alexa devices as offline Bluetooth speakers.
  • And this is just the beginning…

Can you use Alexa Dot as a Bluetooth speaker?

You can use Alexa Dot as a Bluetooth speaker. In fact, like regular wireless speakers, Echo allows you to customize your Equalizer. It’s a crucial feature that allows you to optimize your Echo’s sounds depending on the media you’re listening to. 

How to use Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker? 5 easy steps

#1: Turn ON your devices 

Before proceeding to the steps below… 

Ensure that all the devices you’ll need for this process are ON. 

Because as you may already know… 

Bluetooth gadgets only pair within a very limited timeframe. 

So, if 1 device is still not ready when the other one is… 

Most likely, they won’t connect successfully. 

That said…

Ensure your Echo Dot is plugged into the outlet using its official power adapter. 

And double-check that the gadget you’ll use as your audio source is also ON. 

Note: If batteries power the device you’re pairing with your Echo, charge it up to 80%. Because some gadgets refuse to connect through Bluetooth if they don’t have enough power. 

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#2: Go to your audio source’s Bluetooth pairing menu 

Now, the exact instructions for this step vary depending on your gadget. 

But to give you some guidelines… 

I’ll go over how you can head to the Bluetooth pairing menu of the following gadgets: 

  • PC.
  • iOS.
  • Mac.
  • Android.

Let’s start with the mobile devices:

  1. Turn ON your mobile device.
  2. Swipe down from the top of your screen.
  3. Touch and hold the Bluetooth icon. 
  4. From the options, tap Pair new device. 
  5. Stay on this screen and proceed to the next step. 
  1. Turn ON your iPhone. 
  2. Launch the Settings application.
  3. Select the Bluetooth option.
  4. Slide the Bluetooth toggle to the right.
  5. Don’t leave your current screen, and move on to step 3. 

For PC/Mac users:


Step 1: Tap the Start icon. 

For Windows 10, you’ll find this at the bottom-right corner. 

But for the 11th version, the Start icon is at the center section of the taskbar. 

Step 2: Click Settings or the gear icon.

Step 3: Go to the Bluetooth & other devices menu.

For Windows 10, you’ll have to tap the Devices option first to access this. 

Step 4: Turn ON Bluetooth.

Step 5: Click Add Bluetooth or other device.

Step 6: Choose Bluetooth. 

Step 7: Proceed to the next section. 

  1. Turn ON your Mac.
  2. Tap the Apple menu icon at the top-left corner. 
  3. Click the System Preferences option. 
  4. Choose the Bluetooth tile. 
  5. Turn ON Bluetooth. 
  6. Proceed to the next part. 

#3: Put Alexa in pairing mode 

Your audio source is now ready to pair. 

So, it’s time to make your Echo device do the same.

Now, there are 2 ways to do this step:

  • Using voice commands.
  • Through the Amazon Alexa app. 

Let’s start with the fastest method, which is to…

Use voice commands to put Alexa in pairing mode: 

Step 1: Ensure your Echo device is unmuted

Approach your Alexa speaker.

And double-check that the Mute button’s LED light is OFF. 

Step 2: Make Alexa disconnect from other Bluetooth devices

If your Echo is already connected to another gadget… 

It may refuse to pair with your new audio source.

That said, before you proceed to the next step, say:

“Alexa, disconnect.” 

Step 3: Turn ON Alexa’s Bluetooth pairing mode

You can do this by saying:

“Alexa, turn ON Bluetooth pairing mode.”

Here’s a simpler alternative:

“Alexa, pair.” 

Step 4: Wait for your voice assistant’s confirmation 

In other words, wait for Alexa to say: 


Or a similar phrase. 

Through the Amazon Alexa app:

Step 1: Launch the application 

Here’s the app’s download page (iOS/Android) if you need it.

Make sure to log in so you can proceed to…

Step 2: Click Devices

This option is located at the bottom of the app. 

Step 3: Select the Echo & Alexa tile

You’ll see this in the top-left corner of the screen. 

Step 4: Choose your Echo Dot 

Just tap its name amongst the list of your Alexa devices. 

Step 5: Head to your Echo’s Settings

Click the gear icon on the top-right corner to do so. 

Step 6: Tap Bluetooth Devices 

Once you’re on the BLUETOOTH SETTINGS page… 

Step 7: Click Pair A New Device

You’ll find this blue button at the bottom of your screen. 

Now, wait for your Echo to light up before proceeding to… 

#4: Pair your devices 

When you go back to your audio source’s screen… 

You should see your Echo Dot’s name.

So, simply tap your Alexa device. 

#5: Let Alexa confirm the connection 

Just wait for your smart speaker to say this line:

“Connected to (your audio source’s name).”

And you may start using your Echo as a Bluetooth speaker. 

Pro tip: You don’t need to redo this process when pairing Alexa to the same audio source next time. Just say: “Alexa, pair to (the audio source’s name).” And your smart speaker will automatically do so.

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Can I use Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker without WiFi?

You can use Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker without WiFi. However, you should have an Internet connection when you set it up for the first time. That’s because you can only put your Echo Dot into pairing mode if it’s online. 

Once you’ve connected your audio source and Echo Dot once… 

You may pair them again, even without WiFi.

Interested in this setup?

Follow these… 

Steps to use Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker without WiFi: 

#1: Pair your devices while connected to the Internet 

Note: Skip to the next step if you’ve already paired your Alexa and audio source.

As mentioned earlier…

Your Echo Dot only pairs with new devices if it’s online. 

So if you haven’t already set up your Alexa device as a Bluetooth speaker…

Make sure to connect it to the Internet.

Then, follow the steps I’ve written above to set up your Echo as a Bluetooth speaker. 

But I really have no access to WiFi.” 

In that case, I recommend…

Connecting Alexa to your phone’s mobile hotspot instead:

Step 1: Launch the Amazon Alexa app.

Step 2: Tap the Devices option at the bottom-right corner. 

Step 3: Click Echo & Alexa.

Step 4: Choose your Echo Dot’s name from the list.

Step 5: Tap the Change option on the right side of your Echo’s WiFi. 

Step 6: Select Continue.

Step 7: Plug your Echo into the outlet. 

Step 8: When your Alexa device lights up orange, tap Continue. 

Step 9: Leave the Alexa app and head to your phone’s WiFi settings. 

Step 10: Connect your mobile device to the network named “Amazon-XXX.”

Note: If you see a notification pop up, tap options, then select “Yes.” 

Step 11: Return to your Amazon Alexa app. 

Step 12: Tap the Continue button. 

Step 13: Scroll down and select “Use this device as a Wi-Fi hotspot.”

Step 14: Go to your phone’s settings and note your hotspot’s name and password. 

Note: Don’t turn ON your hotspot yet. Wait until you’re instructed later to do so. 

Step 15: Return to the Alexa app and click the START button. 

Step 16: Write your mobile hotspot’s network name and password. 

Step 17: Click CONNECT. 

Step 18: Turn ON your phone’s hotspot. 

Note: Stay on the settings page until Alexa confirms the connection. 

Step 19: Return to the Alexa app and complete the setup process. 

Here’s a video that sums up how to connect Alexa to your mobile hotspot:

After completing this process…

Follow the steps above to set up your Alexa device as a Bluetooth Speaker. 

Then, if you still want to use your Echo Dot as an audio output device without WiFi…

Return to this section.

#2: Turn ON your devices 

Ensure your Echo Dot is plugged into a functioning outlet.

You should also turn ON the gadget you’ll use as your audio source. 

#3: Enable your audio source’s Bluetooth 

“How about Alexa’s?” 

Well, once your Echo pairs with a gadget… 

Its wireless connection will always be available for that particular device. 

So, luckily…

You don’t need extra steps to turn ON Alexa’s Bluetooth. 

That said, while you’re on your audio source’s Bluetooth page… 

#4: Pair your devices

Simply tap your Echo Dot’s name on your mobile device’s screen. 

And when your gadgets finally pair…

#5: Test your Alexa Bluetooth speaker 

Try playing a song or any media file with audio on your mobile device. 

Then, observe if your Echo’s projecting the sound. 

Note: Alexa loses most of its functionalities without the Internet. In fact, she can only do 5 things when offline

So, if you use your Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker without the Internet, remember that… 

You won’t be able to use these Alexa features if she’s offline: 

#1: Voice commands 

Alexa uses the cloud (online storage) to communicate and relay information to you.

So, if your Echo isn’t connected to the Internet… 

Your voice assistant will, ironically, lose its voice in the process. 

#2: Routines 

Let’s say you have Alexa routines that include: 

  • Streaming songs from music platforms.
  • Communicating with other smart devices.
  • Looking up real-time information (like weather or news). 

Then, unfortunately, they’ll stop working once your Echo disconnects from the Internet. 

Because Alexa can only perform these tasks if it’s online. 

#3: Looking up information

Alexa is 1 of the smartest voice assistants I’ve tried. 

However, this AI doesn’t store its knowledge locally. 

As you and I do…

Alexa also has to look up information on the web.

And she can only do this if she’s online.

So, if you use your Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker without WiFi…

Remember that Alexa won’t be there to look things up for you anymore.