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White Rodgers Thermostat Not Working: 9 Causes & Fixes

White Rodgers Thermostat Not Working

White Rodgers thermostat is a great device to have at home. 

It helps maintain a good temperature and atmosphere in your home.

Letting you have a cozy and welcoming place to come home to.

But what do you do once it has stopped working?

And how can you easily fix it in no time?

Read on to discover:

  • 9 causes of White Rodgers thermostat not working.
  • Correct ways to set up a White Rodgers thermostat.
  • How to replace a White Rodgers thermostat battery.
  • 9 easy ways to fix a faulty White Rodgers thermostat.
  • And so much more…

Why is my White Rodgers thermostat not working?

Your White Rodgers thermostat is not working because of power connectivity issues. Low battery, tripped circuit breaker, power interruption, damaged wirings, and old-age are its common causes. It may also appear unresponsive when the set temperature is on hold or the same as the room temperature. 

White Rodgers thermostat not working: 9 causes & fixes

#1: Incorrect setup

“I’ve just installed my White Rodgers thermostat. But it’s not working…”

Perhaps you’ve set up your thermostat incorrectly.

(Unless it’s defective in the first place).

White Rodgers thermostats are so easy to install and program. 

Depending on the model you’re using, you just have to hardwire it to your home’s electrical system. Or insert batteries on it and mount your thermostat on the wall.

But for it to work, you have to set a temperature and automation schedule. And you have to press specific buttons to record it.

If you haven’t done that yet, your thermostat will not work. 

No matter how many times you restart your device.

How to fix it:

If your newly-installed White Rodgers thermostat isn’t working, try to set it up again. 

Start by making sure that its batteries are properly inserted. Or the wires are connected correctly.

Then, program it to set your desired temperature and automation schedule.

To program a basic White Rodgers thermostat:

  1. Toggle either the “cool” or “heat” switch.
  2. Press “PRGM.”
  3. Use the up and down arrows to set the desired temperature.
  4. Press “Time” to set the desired time.
  5. Press “PRGM” again to schedule for the following days.
  6. Then, press “Run” to complete and record the schedule.

To program a touchscreen White Rodgers thermostat:

  1. Press “System.”
  2. Choose between “cool” and “heat” modes.
  3. Click “Menu.”
  4. Select “Set Schedule.”
  5. Use the arrows to set desired time and temperature.
  6. Tap “Set Schedule” again.
  7. Press “Advance Days”  to schedule for the following days.
  8. Follow steps 4-6 until the schedule is filled.
  9. Then, press “Run Schedule” to complete and record the schedule.

Note: The calendar day starts on Monday. And you can create up to 4 schedules for one day.

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#2: Temperature not set accordingly

Is your thermostat temperature set accordingly?

Your White Rodgers thermostat may appear “not working” if your home temperature is the same or higher than the set temperature.

A thermostat’s function is to balance out the temperature in your home. 

And it can’t do that if its set temperature matches the actual room temperature.

Suppose your set temperature is 68 Fahrenheit (20 Celsius). Your thermostat will not work if your home is already at that temperature. 

Or if your house is at 72 Fahrenheit (22.2 Celsius). Which is higher than the set temperature.

How to fix it:

Check whether the actual temperature and the set temperature are the same.

If yes, you have to change the set temperature. Make sure that it’s lower than the actual room temperature.

To help you out, here’s a quick guide:

  • Steady number: set temperature.
  • Blinking number: actual room temperature.

You can change the set temperature by simply pressing the up and down buttons. 

Note: This applies both to basic and touchscreen White Rodgers thermostats.

Watch this video to learn how to set temperature in a White Rodgers thermostat 1F78:

#3: Set temperature on hold

“I’ve made two schedules for today. But my thermostat temperature didn’t change!”

If that’s the case, maybe your set temperature is on hold.

If you look closely at your White Rodgers thermostat, there’s a “hold” button on it.

Users use this button to lock their set temperature.

When this is enabled, your thermostat temperature won’t change. Meaning, your set schedules won’t run accordingly as well.

This will maintain your set temperature for an indefinite period. Unless you activate your thermostat program again.

Note: While it can be a drawback, you can also use the “hold” mode to ensure a stable temperature throughout your home.

How to fix it:

The only way you can disable the “hold” mode is by activating your thermostat program.

And you can do that by pressing the “Run” button once.

This method works for both basic and touchscreen White Rodgers thermostats.

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#4: Low battery

Are you using a White Rodgers 70 series thermostat?

If yes, then its battery may be already running low or drained.

Some White Rodgers thermostats work using batteries. 

Once their batteries become low or drained, they’ll stop working.

If you’re using a battery-powered thermostat, you should see a battery icon on its screen.

Four bars indicate that your thermostat battery is at its tip-top condition.

One bar indicates that its battery is running too low. And you have to change the batteries immediately.

Suppose the thermostat screen is blank. Take it as an indicator that your thermostat batteries are already drained.

And you will only be able to open it once you’ve replaced its batteries.

How to fix it:

Replace the batteries of your thermostats already if the:

  • Thermostat screen is blank.
  • Battery icon has one bar left.
  • Set schedules can’t be recorded.
  • Buttons or touch screens don’t work.

Each White Rodgers thermostat model requires a specific type of battery.

For example, 1F80-51 models take 3 AA batteries. While 1F72 models take 2 AAA batteries.

That said, you should refer to your user manual to see what type of battery you should buy.

Here’s how to replace White Rodgers thermostat batteries:

  1. Turn off the thermostat.
  2. Dismount it from the wall.
  3. Remove the battery compartment cover.
  4. Remove the old batteries.
  5. Insert the fresh set of batteries.
  6. Return the back cover.
  7. Check whether the screen lights up.
  8. See if the battery bars are full.
  9. Then, remount the thermostat to the wall.

After this, your White Rodgers thermostat should work just fine.

Note: According to Emerson, the thermostat batteries should last for 1 to 2 years.

#5: Power interruption

“My thermostat stopped working after a blackout. What should I do?”

Blackouts cause power interruptions on hardwired devices. Causing devices to shut down and stop working.

Normally, you can just power on your device to keep it running again.

But with White Rodgers thermostats, you may experience a few minutes delay.

You will be able to turn on your thermostat. And see its screen light up. But you can’t change its settings yet.

You may also notice that its time is incorrect.

How to fix it:

To resolve the problem, just give your device some time to reset itself.

Wait for a few minutes. And see if the time and temperature resets correctly. 

If it doesn’t, then it’s time to reset your thermostat.

Each White Rodgers thermostat series follows a specific resetting process. 

Check the instructions below for specific guidelines.

For Classic 80 & 70 series

  1. Press and hold the “time” and up and down buttons simultaneously.
  2. Wait for the screen to go blank and reappear once. 
  3. Then, release the hold.

For Emerson 80 series

  1. Press and hold the “Menu” and “backlight” buttons simultaneously.
  2. Wait for about 10 seconds. Or when the screen turned off and on at once.
  3. Then, release the hold.

For 90 series

  1. Remove the faceplate.
  2. Hold the “reset” button.
  3. Wait for about 5 seconds. Or when the icons flashed.
  4. Then, return the faceplate.

For Blue Series 2” Touchscreen

  1. Press and hold the “Time/PRGM” and up & down buttons simultaneously.
  2. Wait for the screen to turn off and on once.
  3. Then, release the hold.

For Blue Series 4” & 6” Touchscreen

  1. Press and hold the “Fan” and up & down buttons simultaneously.
  2. Wait for the screen to turn off and on once.
  3. Then, release the hold.

For Blue Series 12” Touchscreen

  1. Remove the faceplate.
  2. Remove the batteries
  3. Wait for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Then, reinsert the batteries.

Note: The model number of your White Rodgers thermostat is written on its back cover.

#6: Tripped circuit breaker

“My White Rodgers thermostat suddenly stopped working!”

Have you checked its circuit breaker? Is it toggled off?

If yes, then that’s what causes the problem.

Once the thermostat circuit breaker tripped, your device will shut down.

Several things cause the circuit breaker to trip, including:

  • Short circuit.
  • Ground fault.
  • Overloaded circuit.

Circuit brakes are designed to trip once any of these causes occur.

It’s very normal. And it even helps save your home from electrical accidents.

So, you won’t need to worry about its potential electrical danger.

How to fix it:

Troubleshooting this specific problem is very easy!

When you see that the thermostat circuit breaker has been tripped, just toggle it on.

After that, you’d be able to use your White Rodgers thermostat like usual.

To avoid this from happening again, ensure that your thermostat is free from any electrical damages.

For best safety, ask an electrician to go over to your house. And access your thermostat for potential damages or electrical issues.

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#7: Damaged wirings

Damaged Wirings

Short circuits and ground fault are two causes of tripped circuit breakers.

And do you know what causes short circuits and ground fault?

It’s faulty and damaged wirings. And these happen due to:

  • Overheating.
  • Power surges.
  • Voltage spikes.

If your White Rodgers thermostat is acting up, it may have damaged wirings.

This is especially true for hardwire-installed thermostats.

Since they get power from electrical wirings, your thermostat may malfunction. 

Or worse, shut down completely.

How to fix it:

You’ll never know if your thermostat has damaged wirings unless you check the wires.

To do that, you have to dismount your device from the wall. And assess its wirings.

Here are some potential damages that you should look for:

  • Bite marks.
  • Burnt wires.
  • Exposed wirings.
  • Disconnected wires.

If you’re skillful in all things electricity, then go ahead and fix the wiring issues.

But if not, it’s best to call an electrician for assistance.

#8: Wear and tear

“I’ve been using my thermostat for years already. Then, it gradually stopped working…”

Like any device, White Rodgers thermostats can become worn out as well.

If you’ve been using it for years already, your device might not be working due to old age.

A thermostat’s hardware, buttons, and system will eventually fail. Especially knowing that homeowners use this daily.

Plus, old devices are more prone to damage. 

So, your thermostat malfunctioning after several years shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Here are some indications of a worn-out White Rodgers thermostat:

  • Faulty buttons.
  • Slow screen response.
  • Schedule not activating.
  • Device constantly resetting.
  • Incorrect time and temperature.

How to fix it:

Get a replacement if you notice any worn-out indicators above with your thermostat.

You can’t troubleshoot a device that isn’t working due to wear and tear.

So, your best option is to get a thermostat replacement.

#9: Faulty HVAC unit

“But I’ve checked everything. And my thermostat is in great condition…”

If that’s the case, the problem must be in your HVAC unit.

Your thermostat relies on your HVAC system to work.

So, once they become faulty, your thermostat will malfunction as well.

Your White Rodgers thermostat won’t work if your HVAC unit is:

  • Damaged.
  • Turned off.
  • Disconnected.
  • Clogged with dirt.

Any of these can affect the condition and atmosphere of your home. Making it hard for your thermostat to monitor and balance your home temperature.

How to fix it:

If your thermostat isn’t working, check the condition of your HVAC unit.

See if they’re plugged in and turned on. 

Clean your HVAC unit if necessary. And replace parts if needed.

Doing this will not only keep your HVAC unit in tip-top condition. But this will also greatly help your thermostat to function at its best.