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Fixed: White Rodgers Thermostat Not Blowing Cold Air (2023)

White Rodgers Thermostat Not Blowing Cold Air

Nothing like relaxing in a cold room on a hot summer day.

Thank heavens. Buying the White Rodgers Thermostat was a great idea.

You expected the breeze to hit you. Once you open the door.

“Hey, why is it so hot in here too?”

Oh, no. This is too strange. Paranormal, almost.

So you may be wondering…

Why isn’t your White Rodgers thermostat cooling?

Read on to find out:

  • 5 quick fixes to cool your White Rodgers Thermostat.
  • How to schedule your White Rodgers Thermostat to cool.
  • Why your White Rodgers Thermostat isn’t blowing cold air.
  • How vents can affect your White Rodgers Thermostat from cooling.
  • And so much more…

Why is my White Rodgers thermostat not blowing cold air?

Your White Rodgers Thermostat isn’t blowing cold air due to a flipped or broken breaker or a loose wire. It may have been placed in a hot or warm area. Its batteries may be running low. Or something is blocking the house vents from blowing air. Also, you may have set cooling at the wrong time.

White Rodgers thermostat not blowing cold air: 5 causes & fixes

#1: A breaker is flipped or broken

You don’t need to break a sweat to inspect your breaker.

It’s literally there among your home items. You probably haven’t taken a second look. But it silently works to keep everything moving!

First time hearing about this? It’s pretty simple.

The circuit breaker looks like a box with many switches. These switches are called breakers.

This box protects you from electrical mishaps. It’s also connected to all the wires in your home.

So the power goes through the circuit breaker. And then goes into any device plugged in.

Trip one of the breakers. And your White Rodgers Thermostat may malfunction. Since it won’t get enough power.

Cooling uses so much electricity. Thus, the device needs to maximize the source.

On the hunt for that circuit breaker

Now let’s look for that magic box.

It’s usually located in less crowded rooms. Like your garage or basement. Sometimes, it can be outside. It’s usually grey and mounted on the wall.

Unsure of its location? You can ask for help from a pro.

To check your circuit breaker:

  1. Open the cover.
  2. Look for flipped breakers in the Off position.
  3. If you see any, turn them back on.

A broken breaker can affect your Thermostat too. You need to identify this. So you can replace it ASAP.

The signs of a broken breaker are:

  • A switch that can’t be flipped.
  • Cracked or snapped handle on the switch.
  • Appliances not turning on when the breaker is flipped.

Getting a new breaker

Ticked off all the signs on the list? That means the breaker must be replaced.

You may do this yourself. Or contact an electrician to install it.

Either way – to replace it, you’ll need:

Warning: Turn off all the breakers and the main circuit switch before starting the repair. This is to avoid any electrical accidents.

Be sure to inform everyone in your home when doing this. Since all power in the home will be shut down.

To replace your broken breaker:

Step 1: Get your screwdriver. Loosen the terminal screw.

Step 2: Use your pliers to pull out exposed wires. They shouldn’t touch any other wires or breakers.

Step 3: Pull on the breaker’s sides. The clips will come out. Now, you can remove the breaker.

Step 4: Get the replacement breaker. Toggle it to off.

Step 5: Slip the clips of the new breaker in place. Then, push it. Move it into place so the clips are fastened to the bar.

Step 6: Get your pliers. Use it to hold the wires as you tighten the terminal screw.

Step 7: Turn your breaker on. Close the breaker box panel.

By now, enough power should run through your Thermostat. Wait for it to cool.

#2: The system isn’t set to cool

The amazing thing about your White Rodgers Thermostat?

A pre-programmed cooling schedule!

Want to have a cold bedroom by 7:00 PM? It’s got you covered.

It takes off the stress of manually setting the Thermostat up yourself. Every time you need the comfy, chilly air.

“But how come it isn’t cooling right now?”

Well, you may have used this feature. But selected the wrong time. Or the time and date on your Thermostat isn’t set correctly.

Fortunately, adjusting your Thermostat’s schedule is a piece of cake.

“My Thermostat is in another time zone.”

Check that your Thermostat’s clock and your phone’s clock match.

To set your Thermostat’s time and date:

  1. Push the Set Time button.
  2. Use the up and down arrows to select the correct hour.
  3. Select Set Time to save changes to the hour.
  4. Repeat the steps to set minutes, month, date, and year.
  5. Once finished, press Run Program.

“White Rodgers, set to cool!”

Now, let’s set the correct time for your Thermostat to cool.

To modify the cooling schedule:

Step 1: Push the System key. Wait for the Cool icon to appear.

Step 2: You’ll see the current cooling schedule. Choose the schedule you want to adjust.

Step 3: Press the up and down arrows to change the temperature. Left and right for the time.

Step 4: Push Fan to select Auto or Prog.

Step 5: Push Set Schedule. Here, you can adjust the other schedule on other days. Repeat the same steps if needed.

Step 6: Once finished, press Run Schedule.

This should get your Thermostat cooling again.

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#3: There are loose or broken wire connections

Loose Or Broken Wire Connections

Looking at wires can get pretty overwhelming.

However, these wires still demand our attention. All of the daily techs we use is powered with wires.

Your White Rodgers Thermostat has lots of them too.

These wires can get damaged with time. Or even detached from their proper ports.

And we don’t even notice this! Since the wires are covered by the Thermostat’s faceplate.

It wouldn’t hurt to review them from time to time.

If your wires haven’t seen the light of day, you should try it now.

It’s possible. Defective wires can hinder your Thermostat from cooling.

“Hey, wires. I just want to see if you’re doing okay.”

Before checking, be sure to turn off the power source.

Get a screwdriver. And loosen the screws on the Thermostat’s faceplate.

Other models of the White Rodgers Thermostat don’t have screws. You can just pull off the faceplate.

Wirings galore!

See if there are wires that are:

  • Unplugged from their ports.
  • Showing signs of wear and tear (fraying, discoloration).

Any loose wires? Push them back in their ports.

Unsure which wire goes where? Refer to your Thermostat’s manual. Or consult a pro.

If you see any wires that have seen better days, calling a pro would also help.

You can purchase the wires beforehand too.

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#4: The batteries are dead

Your White Rodgers Thermostat doesn’t have an internal battery.

Thus, it doesn’t allow charging.

The batteries depend on the model: 3 AA batteries for the IF80-51, and 2 AA ones for the IF72.

When the batteries are almost empty, the cooling system malfunctions.

Other signs of a weak battery are:

  • A blank Thermostat screen.
  • The word BATTERY on the display.

Fresh battery means a happy Thermostat

Time to replace the batteries!

Here’s how:

  1. Turn off the Thermostat.
  2. Remove the faceplate of the Thermostat base.
  3. Look for the battery slots at the top of the base.
  4. You’ll see a small cloth tab poking through one battery.
  5. Pull it and carefully remove the battery.
  6. Take out the old batteries with your finger.
  7. Place in the new batteries.
  8. Close the faceplate.
  9. Turn on the Thermostat.

New batteries would get your Thermostat cooling by now!

#5: The thermostat is placed in a bad location

Devices can be quite sensitive. They require a lot of maintenance and care.

This includes storing them in places that keep them in good condition.

Of course, your White Rodgers Thermostat needs this too.

The thermostat’s job is to make the air cold or hot.

Thus, the temperature of its surroundings can affect the device’s processes. Especially the cooling function.

So, where should you put it?

Place your Thermostat where it needs to be

Set your White Rodgers Thermostat in the room you spend time the most.

This is for easy access. And it’s likely that it’s a room where the temperature isn’t too high.

Avoid putting it near windows, doors, or anywhere that heat or sunlight can come in.

Also, moving it away from electrical appliances also helps.

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Bonus: The vents are clogged

Just like how we breathe in and out of our lungs. Our home has vents where air passes through. And gets it moving all over.

Air vents are found indoors. It can’t be avoided that dust and other particles can get caught in there.

Sometimes, we forget to pay attention to them too.

Until such time that all those particles pile up – clogging the vents.

Obstructed vents make it difficult for cool air to pass through.

Now’s the time to do some spring cleaning!

Tidying your air vents

Every house has different air vent placements.

Air vents can be found in these places, which are:

  • Floors.
  • Ceilings.
  • Outer walls.
  • Under windows.

Check the grills of your vents. Are there any obstructions? Like furniture, lights, or toys. Remove them immediately.

See any dust blocking the grills? Gently take them out and clean them.