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(5 Fixes) Vivint Doorbell Keeps Ringing [Updated 2023]

Vivint Doorbell Keeps Ringing

Vivint doorbells sometimes ring without anyone at your door.

The ringing can disturb your sleep or give you a scare.

“Is it a prank? A stalker? A ghost?”

Well, this happens more often than you think.

So what causes it, and how can you prevent it from happening again?

Continue reading to learn:

  • 5 quick fixes that can stop your Vivint doorbell from ringing.
  • 6 possible reasons why your Vivint doorbell rings at random.
  • Why it’s best to have one of their technicians replace the batteries.
  • And a lot more…

Why does my Vivint doorbell keep ringing?

Your Vivint doorbell keeps ringing because the button is stuck. Or the device needs a reboot. It could also be due to a number of technical issues. For example, corrosion, a congested WiFi connection, or an error in motion detention. Defective batteries may also have something to do with it. 

Vivint doorbell keeps ringing: 5 fixes

#1: Clean the button

Dirt and moisture can build up quickly…

And a dirty Vivint doorbell button can lead to all kinds of problems. 

The button may get stuck or become sticky. This causes the doorbell to ring from time to time. 

A dirty button will keep touching the sensor even when no one is pushing it.

Check if you can: 

  • Move the button freely.
  • Find dirt, or even small insects, inside or around the area. 

And if the button is filthy, clean it without disassembling the cover if possible. 

You can spray a tiny amount of WD-40 to help.

If this doesn’t work, you need to call a Vivint technician to check if there’s corrosion inside. 

You might be able to do that yourself with a screwdriver, but it may be time to replace the unit anyway.

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#2: Internet restart

Internet Restart

Rebooting is usually the first method to fix most electronic devices.

It’s like being born again because doing so refreshes the system. 

But you may not need to reboot your Vivint doorbell just yet.

Try restarting your WiFi instead. It’ll clear possible congestion and errors in the network.


Simply turn off your router for 10 to 30 seconds before turning it back on.

This would be enough to stop the ringing in most cases…

And you won’t need to give your Vivint doorbell a hard reboot.

#3: Hard reboot

“How is a restart different from a reboot?”

Remember that a restart is similar to unplugging a device. 

You’re only turning it off without making significant changes in the system.

Meanwhile, a reboot or a reset is turning the device back to its original settings. 

If restarting the doorbell’s Internet connection doesn’t work…

Giving your Vivint doorbell a hard reboot should do the trick. 

That’s what Vivint recommends.

It requires almost no effort and will take less than 5 minutes. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the button for 10-15 seconds. 
  2. Go through the various colors of the LED light.
  3. Release the button when you see the light turn yellow a 2nd time.
  4. The doorbell will stay yellow. Once it turns white, the reboot is complete.

Note: The doorbell will ring the first time you press it. Keep pressing, but don’t hold the button down for more than 20 seconds. This will reset the device to its defaults.

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#4: Adjust motion detection

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro has a field of vision of 180 degrees. Both for horizontal and vertical views. 

This is bigger than many other doorbell cameras. 

It enables you to see the whole porch area. So it covers more ground to detect motion.

The camera picks up movement from the sidewalk or the street.

But it’s not advanced enough to always tell the difference between a person and an orchid.

This is the reason it sometimes sends false alerts.

The great thing about the camera is it offers highly customizable motion zones

Those are areas where movement is detected. 

The Vivint doorbell camera also gives you the freedom to make irregular shapes. Not just the usual squares and rectangles.

And if you keep getting false alerts…

You can try to make changes in the camera’s detection scope. 

So, access your Sky Control Panel and do the following steps:

  1. Find the navigation bar on the home screen. 
  2. Press on the camera icon and the doorbell camera.
  3. Open camera settings and enter your 4-digit Admin pin.
  4. Go to “Visitor Detection Settings” and move on to “Detection Setting.”
  5. This will show you the “Motion Detection” box where you can make adjustments.

Note: It’s best to use a smaller box in the area where you’d expect someone to be. A large motion detection box may lead to false readings. Avoid plants that could move on windy days or areas where cars drive by.

You can check out this video for a detailed visual guide:

#5: Battery Change

According to Vivint, their batteries can last up to 3 to 5 years of regular use. 

Moreover, the Vivint app will send a notification once your battery is running low. 

This gives you more than enough time…

To have the battery replaced before it causes ringing issues.

So, the only reasons that you’d have defective batteries without knowing it are: 

  • They broke suddenly.
  • You missed or ignored the notification.

This is why it’s wise to always check when the Vivint app notifies you of something…

Especially if you’ve had the doorbell for a while.

With that in mind…

If the reason for your doorbell’s constant ringing is defective batteries…

Your only solution is to make an appointment with one of Vivint’s technicians.

“What if I know how to fix it myself.”

Vivint uses exclusive, built-in batteries for many of their devices.

Which means you’re most likely under a service contract.

And replacing the batteries yourself may violate some of the terms…

With that, you’ll lose some privileges like:

  • Free reinstallation
  • Hardware warranty (including battery replacement)

You won’t be able to purchase the batteries anyway since Vivint doesn’t sell them directly. 

And using 3rd-party batteries is a contract violation.

When Vivint does a maintenance check, they’ll know, and you’ll lose the contract as well.