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How To Create a Scene Using Smart Life? 5 Quick Steps

Smart Life How To Create A Scene

If you’re living the Smart Life, then you already know how simple it is to program so many aspects of your day.

You can lock your door, turn your lights on, and start your music with the click of a button or a simple voice command.

What if you want to take your Smart Life a step further and create a scene with fixed settings every time you come home? 

Here’s how to create a scene using your Smart Life app in 5 quick steps: 

  1. Activate the Smart Life App on Your Phone or Tablet. 
  2. Create a scene and add it to devices on your Smart Life.  
  3. Choose the room where you want to create your scene. 
  4. Adjust your settings and save. 
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each scene you want to create. 

If you haven’t used a management app to control your smart devices before, you’re going to want to read carefully through these instructions.

Soon, all the rooms in your house will be controlled by the scenes you’ve created.

Make sure you’ve downloaded your Smart Life app, and let’s get started! 

1. Activate the Smart Life App on Your Phone or Tablet

If this is your first time with the Smart Life app, you’ll need to create a login ID and password and sync the app to your smart devices. 

Smart Life apps can sync to most smart devices, including your voice-activated Alexa, your smart plugs for lighting, and your Nest system to help set your desired room temperatures.  

  • After you’ve created your ID, click the “plus” button in the top right-hand corner to add a new device. 
  • Make sure your devices are plugged in, set up correctly, connected to wifi, and ready to pair according to their individual instructions.  
  • Enter in the first smart device you’d like to add (you’ll have to enter each appliance separately).  
  • For example, you’re adding the light bulb in your lamp in the living room. The lamp is on and connected to your wifi network. Choose “search for device” on the app and wait until you see the light bulb icon appear.
  • Once it appears, add your light bulb to your Smart Life app.
  • Designate the room where your smart device is located (i.e., living room, kitchen, bedroom).
  • Make a group for each room with all of your devices included for easier organizing. 
  • As you add each smart device, be sure to give them an identifying name. For example, if you have two lamps in your living room, name one “Lamp L” and the other “Lamp R.”
  • Continue to add all of your smart devices to your management app.  

Once you have all of your appliances added to your Smart Life app, you’re now ready to put them in groups and create a scene for each of the rooms in your house.  

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2. Create a Scene and Add It to Devices on Your Smart Life

A scene is a one-stop shop for your devices; it can control a group of your smart appliances and turn them on and off with the click of a button, saving you the time and hassle of going through each individual device’s settings.  

Scenes can also set the environment you wish to create for a room with a group of lights or other devices. 

To create your scene, choose the “Smart” option on your Smart Life app home screen.

Next, you’ll choose “Scene” and then “Add Action” to begin adding whatever features you would like your appliances to have.  

Your scene should reflect how you want your home to be, depending on the time of day, weather, or season.

You may want lower lights for the Winter and brighter lights for the Summer.

You may want your room temperature to be a perfect  72 °F (22.22 °C)  when you get home from work or a cozy warm oasis from the bitter cold you felt while outside shoveling snow off the sidewalk.  

Whatever mood or environment you want to create with your scene, you can always try out different variations until you find the right settings and adjustments that fit your lifestyle. 

3. Choose the Room Where You Want To Create Your Scene

Choose A Room To Create Your Scene

If you already have a group of devices bundled together, you’ll have an easier time adding to a scene. 

In the scene settings, click “Add Action.” 

Here, you will have an option of looking at a list of “All Devices” as well as the specific room groups you’ve already made.

Choose the room you’d like to create a scene for first. 

When creating a scene, think about how you want it to reflect your preferences for a specific room.  

The lighting in your kitchen will not be the same as the lighting in your bedroom, so you need to create two separate scenes for different rooms.  

Think about what you like to do in each room of your house; lighting, temperature, and music can all be factors that go into how you plan to set up your scene.  

If you like to spend your evenings relaxing in the living room watching TV, try some dimmed lighting with softer tones to help put you at ease.

Cooking dinner in the kitchen may require brighter lights to see what you’re doing, and adding some music to the mix will make the task more enjoyable.  

Do you like to read in bed before you turn in for the night?

It’ll help to have your bedside lamp turned on with a soft glow setting, inviting you to tuck in with your favorite novel.  

Using scenes to control your smart devices can improve your life simply by setting a mood in your environment before you even realize that’s how you wanted the room set in the first place.

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4. Adjust Your Settings and Save

After you add a group of smart devices to a scene, you can now go through each device and choose the individual settings for each one.  

Scenes can be created for any purpose in a home, even for property managers when they’re trying to create the perfect ambiance to rent out their listings.  

Or if you’re on your way home from work and can’t wait to step foot in your house with all of your preferred settings ready and waiting to go.  

An essential part of setting your scene is lighting. Scenes can set the color, brightness, saturation, timing, and mode of your lights.  

When setting up your scene, play around with the different brightness levels and colors to see what will work best for you.

Depending on the time of day, you may want specific lights on at specific times, and all of this can be programmed into your scene.  

Don’t forget to name your scene so you can remember which ones to use for specific rooms.

It can help to name them after the time of day (i.e., Breakfast, After Work, Bedtime, etc.)

5. Repeat Steps 2–4 for Each Scene You Want To Create

After you create your first scene, you can now see how easy it was to complete, and you’ll be able to add as many more scenes as you need for your space.

Creating a scene makes life simpler. It’s incredible to see how much everyday tasks in your home, such as turning on the lights, can affect your mood

Since you’ve already finished step 1 and don’t need to repeat logging in, go back and repeat steps 2-4 until you’ve created all the preferred scenes in your Smart Life app.

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