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5 Steps To Connect Your Smart Life Plug to a New WiFi

How Do I Connect My Smart Life Plug To A New Wifi

Smart Life Plugs make home life easier.

You can plug the nifty things into your wall, connect them to the Internet, and control your plugged-in devices directly from your phone with ease. 

But how do you connect them to the Internet?

And what do you do when you get a new wifi? 

It’s easy to connect your Smart Life Plug to a new WiFi. Here’s how to connect your Smart Life Plug to a new wifi:

  1. Download the app and login. 
  2. Plug in your Smart Life Plug. 
  3. Navigate the Smart Life app to connect to wifi. 
  4. Plug your appliance in. 
  5. Test out your device. 

Please follow this simple guide to gain an understanding of how to quickly set up your Smart Life Plug onto your wifi and make it fully operational. 

1. Download the App & Login

The first step after buying a Smart Life Plug – or after setting up a new wifi for your home – is to open up your Smart Life application on your smartphone.

Or download it from Apple or Google Play store, respectively, if you haven’t already. 

From there, you’ll need to log in or create a new profile, depending on if this is your first time using the app or not.

The Smart Life app will govern all your current and future Smart Life devices, so make sure you set a good password that’s secure and memorable (but only to you!). 

According to Home Security Store, it’s also worth checking the compatibility of both your mobile device and the application that you plan to plug into the Smart Life Plug.

(However, it would be most preferable to do this before you buy!)

Once your profile on the Smart Life app is created and ready to go, then you will move on to working with your Smart Life device itself. 

2. Plug-In Your Smart Life Plug

Open up your Smart Life device, read the instructions (or not, it’s a free country), and find the plug you want to use it with.

Plug in your Smart Life device and wait for any indicator lights to show up. 

According to Lifewire, for a Smart Life versus Wemo plug or others, these lights will be different.

They recommend you check out your instruction manual for specific details on where and how the light on the device is supposed to come on. 

Once the device is plugged in, and the lights are flowing, this means that the thing is ready to connect to your wifi. 

Next, you’ll go back to your phone and the Smart Life app to connect to your wi-fi. 

3. Navigate the Smart Life App To Connect to Wi-Fi

On the Smart Life companion app, navigate to the home screen where you can choose your device.

You’ll select whichever device you now own and is plugged into the socket in your home, such as a “wifi Smart Life Plug” or other applicable names that appear on this screen. 

From there, you’ll be prompted on the app to enter your wifi password.

Do so. But before you do! Make sure that you’re connecting your Smart Life device to the 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz wifi frequency.

Here’s a video on Youtube specifically showing how to add Wi-Fi Smart Plug to your Smart Life App:

The Smart Life app should show this warning as well, as the 2.4 GHz frequency is better suited to the device functioning properly in your home. 

According to, the 2.4 GHz wifi frequency, while not as fast as the 5 GHz, is better suited for a wider coverage range, including through walls.

This fact is why it’s better to have your Smart Life Plug connect to 2.4 GHz from your initial setup. 

From there, after you have entered in your password, the connection should confirm.

And congratulations! Your Smart Life Plug should now be connected to your wifi, and thus, the Internet. It should be ready to work its magic. 

Now, is it your job to plug in your designated electrical application and get ready to test out your Smart Life Plug! 

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4. Plug Your Appliance In 

Whether it is a light, a fan, a computer, or some other home device you wish to control with greater ease and efficacy, you will now plug in your desired device or application to the Smart Life Plug. 

If you only have one plug, you need to be thoughtful about which appliance or device you use it for.

What do you want to be able to control the power to and from more efficiently, or periodically?

If you’re using it for something that you don’t turn off and on frequently, you should reconsider the device you’re using. 

This article from Carbon Track details 10 intriguing ideas about how to use your Smart Life Plug, such as pinpointing your most power-hungry devices for energy savings or turning your home into an automated Christmas wonderland or a haunted house!

After your device is plugged into your device, and that device is plugged into your outlet, the final step is to test out your Smart Life Plug using the app on your phone. 

The app should be relatively user-friendly and simple to navigate.

At this point, it’s recommended that you explore the full functionality of the app and its settings to find out all that it can do. 

See this online guide from Tuya Smart for a complete overview, complete with screenshots, on your Smart Life app’s functionality. 

After you’re situated with the app and ready to go with your designated device plugged in, you’re now ready to test out your smart plug’s main feature. 

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5. Test Out Your Device 

Using the Smart Life app, you’ll be able to control the flow of electricity to your plugged-in device.

With the flick of your finger – or, if you have set up Amazon Alexa or Google Home with your device as well, with a voice command – you’ll be able to flick the power on or off to the plug. 

This is what makes it smart

Go ahead and try it out, test powering your plug on and off through the application’s interface. 

If you encounter any problems, you can visit Smart Life’s site for further troubleshooting or advice.

Additionally, for a guide to the Smart Life app and the different ways you can tap into the full functionality of your device, see this comprehensive guide from Smarthome News.

See this top 10 list from BestGamingPro for a list of the best devices to pair with your Smart Life app and control the electricity to. 

This detailed article from RobotPoweredHome shows 30! creative ways of using your smart plug devices.

The most popular options include air conditioners, lights, and fans but the piece also highlights lawn sprinklers, kitchen appliances, and even electric blankets. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, connecting your Smart Life Plug to a new wifi is as easy as pie.

In fact, you could even use your Smart Plug to regulate the power to and from a pie machine, among any other device in your home! 

Using this process outlined above, with your Smart Life app in tandem with your Smart Life Plug(s), you’ll be able to connect and control any number of devices throughout your home.

And then, you’ll have your house’s power forever in the palm of your hand. Congratulations! 

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