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Sharp vs LG TV: Which Smart TV Is Better? (Updated 2023)

Sharp VS LG TV

You might be looking to buy a smart TV right now. 

And you couldn’t decide between Sharp and LG TV.

Or maybe, you’re just curious to know which of them’s better.

Well, either way, I’d be more than happy to help.

Keep reading to find out:

  • Which smart TV is better between Sharp and LG TV.
  • The best Sharp and LG TV models for every price point.
  • How Sharp and LG compares when it comes to sound, display, durability, and price.
  • And this is just the beginning…

Is Sharp a good TV brand?

Sharp’s a good TV brand. This Japanese electronics company is a pioneer in the TV industry. And it has created some of the most cutting-edge TV models. An example is the 85-inch LV-85001, the world’s first commercially-available 8K TV. It came out in 2015. And it cost $133,000 per unit.

A brief history of Sharp

Japanese-native Tokuji Hayakawa founded Sharp in 1912.

The company actually started as a metal workshop in Tokyo. Its most popular product was the Ever Sharp mechanical pencil. And the success of that inspired the Sharp brand name.

Eventually, the company shifted to electronic gadgets in the 1950s. 

In 1953, it released its first TV set model, the Sharp TV3-14T.

And from there, the company grew to become a globally-recognized brand.

To this day, Sharp remains among the top-selling TV brands in Japan.

However, its overall sales in North America experienced a decline in the mid-2010s. And by 2015, this Japanese tech company decided to exit the US TV market.

It licensed its brand name to Chinese tech giant Hisense shortly after leaving the US. And Hisense began making LED TVs under the Sharp brand from 2016 to 2019.

But by 2020, Sharp decided to pull out of the deal with Hisense. 

The Japanese firm accused the China-based manufacturer of producing poor-quality TVs. 

And therefore, it hurt the Sharp brand.

Another reason Sharp withdrew from the deal is it also decided to return to the US market.

And in preparation for that…

It partnered with Roku in 2021 to produce 4K TVs with the popular Roku OS.

These 4K Sharp Roku TV models should be available in the US by 2023.

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Is LG TV a good TV brand?

LG TV’s a good TV brand. Its maker, LG Electronics, is the 2nd biggest TV manufacturer in the world, only behind Samsung. LG TVs are mainly known for their OLED displays, which is an improvement from LCD panels. LG also has a wide selection of TV models, ranging from budget to high-end.

A brief history of LG TV

Whereas Sharp’s a Japanese brand, LG is South Korean.

A businessman named Koo In-hwoi founded this company in Seoul in 1958.

It was originally called GoldStar. And it mainly produced home appliances. Some of its original products included:

  • TVs.
  • Radios.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Air conditioners.
  • Washing machines.

By the 1970s, GoldStar was producing over a million TV sets per year.

And in 1995, it merged with a Korean chemical company called Lucky Chem. 

This paved the way for the formation of LG. The initials are short for Lucky-GoldStar.

But while LG has expanded to produce other products like computers and phones…

TV remains the company’s biggest moneymaker.

In fact, a 2021 study showed that LG had a 19% share in the global television market. This is just behind Samsung’s 32%.

And it means that roughly 1 out of every 5 TVs on the planet is an LG TV.

Now, if you’re wondering why LG TVs are so popular and successful…

The main reason is the wide selection of TVs the company offers.

If you’re short on budget, you can buy an entry-level LG TV for only $160. One such example is the LM530S-PU model.

But if money’s not an issue…

You can go for the OLED C1 Series. This is among the best overall smart TVs available in the market. And it has been recognized for its innovation by various tech award-giving bodies.

The 55-inch version of this variant costs $1100. And the 83-inch model is priced at $4,500.

Simply put, there’s an LG TV available for everyone, regardless of your budget.

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Sharp vs LG TV: How do they compare?

Now that you know the background of Sharp and LG TV, it’s time to compare the 2.

And the best way to do that is to break down the comparison into various categories.

Also, to make this fair…

I selected the best budget and high-end model for each brand.

For entry-level variants, I picked the C42CG1X for Sharp and the UQ9000 for LG.

Both are 43 inches in screen size. And they also cost around $350 each.

As for the top-of-the-line variants…

I chose the AQUOS DW1X Series for Sharp and the NanoCell 99 Series for LG.

Both devices measure 75 inches with 8K resolution. And each one costs $3,500.

Now, there’s one more important thing that you should know before we begin.

The Sharp TV models I selected are only available outside the US.

As I mentioned, Sharp’s still in the process of preparing for a US comeback. So you won’t find an available TV from this brand until 2023.

But at the very least, this comparison should give you an idea of whether Sharp or LG’s better.

And with that, let’s get started.


Sharp And LG TV Sound Quality

For a budget TV, you can’t expect the highest audio quality. But I must say that the Sharp C42CG1X and the LG UQ9000 have decent sound.

Both are equipped with Dolby Atmos, the best surround sound technology brand.

However, one advantage of the Sharp C42CG1X is that it also has a sound reflector.

It’s a feature that pushes the sound pressure toward the user. So as far as overall sound quality goes, I’d give the slight edge to the C42CG1X.

As to the high-end variants…

The Sharp AQUOS DW1X has a uniquely-designed speaker layout. 

It’s actually built with 10 different mini speakers inside. And when combined, they produce powerful surround-sound audio.

But the LG NanoCell 99 is just as good. It has LG’s patented AI Sound Pro that optimizes the sound of any content. So as with Sharp, you’ll also be able to hear only the clearest audio.

And I’d say the 2 high-end models are equal regarding sound quality.

Picture Quality

The Sharp C42CG1X only has a 1080p or Full HD resolution. It’s actually quite disappointing.

This is considering that you’ll easily find $300 TVs from many brands that already have 4K.

And of course, one such example is the LG UQ9000.

So because the budget LG has a higher resolution… 

It naturally also produces better picture quality.

The LG UQ9000 wins the comparison in this category, hands down.

Let’s now move on to the high-end variants.

Both the Sharp AQUOS DW1X and the LG NanoCell 99 support 8K resolution.

The 2 models can also enhance the video quality of any content.

So even a video shot in a lower resolution will look much better on those 2 TVs.

The LG NanoCell, in particular, comes with LG’s AI Picture Pro. 

This processor considers factors such as the genre of what you’re watching. And it improves the image accordingly.

But as with the sound quality, I think the 2 high-end models are equally great when it comes to video.

Now, if you want to learn more about TV resolutions in general, you may watch this video below:


The 4 models that I’ve selected are fairly new. So I wouldn’t be talking about them when it comes to durability.

Instead, I’ll focus more on the overall reputation of Sharp and LG regarding this aspect.

Both Sharp and LG TVs actually last around 7 to 9 years on average. That’s an excellent mark when it comes to durability.

And that’s pretty much to be expected when you consider that these are 2 of the top brands worldwide.

So you should be able to buy a TV from either brand confidently. You can rest assured knowing that the product should last for years. 

And this is regardless of whether you bought an entry-level or a high-end TV.

So I’d say it’s a tie between the 2 when it comes to durability.


So I already mentioned that the products I chose for comparison are very similar in price.

But as with durability, I’d also like to talk about this particular quality as a whole.

LG TVs have a much more comprehensive price range. 

You’ll find a 27-inch variant that sells for under $200, like the LP615B-PU. But you can also buy an over-$3000 high-end product like the QNED90.

Sharp, on the other hand, does have affordable TVs. But your choices are fairly limited when you compare it with LG.

Of course, that’s something you can understand after what Sharp went through. It’s still in the process of trying to regain its footing in the US.

But at least for now, when it comes to price, it’s a win for LG TV.

Which Smart TV is better?

LG TV is the better smart TV overall. Regarding audio and video quality, Sharp and LG TVs are similar. Both TV brands also offer durable products. But what makes LG TV better is its wider selection of TV models. You won’t have trouble finding an LG TV that should suit your budget.

In addition, LG TVs also have the advantage when it comes to warranty. LG offers 2 years of that for all their products. While Sharp, like most brands, only gives out 1-year.

And perhaps the biggest reason why you should go for LG TV versus Sharp is availability.

You can easily find LG TVs at your nearest appliance stores or favorite online shops.

Meanwhile, you can’t say the same for Sharp since it hasn’t made its US comeback.

So if you really want one, you’ll have to order from overseas for now.

But to be fair to Sharp, though…

I believe it has a great future ahead with its partnership with Roku. 

I, for one, am excited to see what they eventually come up with. And I won’t be surprised if it regains its market share in the US in the coming years.

But for now, LG TV’s the clear-cut better smart TV. 

In fact, it isn’t just better than Sharp. It’s also one of the best smart TV brands overall.