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19 Easy Steps To Find Out If Your Sharp TV Is Smart (2023)

Is My Sharp TV Smart

5 letters, 1 word. 

That applies to both the brand Sharp and the word smart

However, not all Sharp TVs are necessarily Smart TVs. 

So if you’re wondering if your TV is smart or not… 

Continue reading to find out:

  • What makes Smart TVs smart.
  • 5 different methods to check if you have a regular or smart TV. 
  • 19 uncomplicated steps to find out if you have a Smart Sharp TV.
  • And a lot more… 

How to find out if your Sharp TV is smart – 19 steps

Method 1: Check the remote of your Sharp TV (3 steps)

TVs are getting more and more convenient.

And I say this because you can even open apps just by clicking a remote button.

However, this is only true for Smart TVs. 

Because the remotes of regular TVs don’t have app shortcuts. 

That said, follow these simple steps to check if your remote is for a Smart TV. 

#1: Get your Sharp TV’s remote

Ensure that it’s the original remote of your TV. And not a replacement.

See, if the 1 you have isn’t the original controller of your device, then even if it has streaming apps…

Your TV might still not be smart.

That’s because Smart TV remote replacements are also compatible with regular TVs. 

#2: Check if your remote has buttons labeled with streaming apps 

What you’re looking for are the logos of streaming platforms like:

  • Vudu.
  • Netflix.
  • Youtube. 
  • Amazon Prime. 

Can you see any of these apps on your remote?

If you can, then lucky you…

Your Sharp TV is smart. 

But if you can’t, then…

#3: Try to search for the Google Assistant button instead

Now, if you’re not familiar with what this looks like…

It’s a button with the Google AI logo. 

And it’s composed of 4 differently-sized circles with the colors:

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Green.
  • Yellow. 

Can you see this on your remote?

Then your Sharp TV is smart. 

But if you can’t find any streaming apps or the Google Assistant’s button on your remote…

Proceed to the next method. 

See, some Smart TVs have remotes without the shortcuts I mentioned. 

So even if yours didn’t pass this check, you might still have a Smart Sharp TV. 

Method 2: Look for your Sharp TV’s ethernet port (4 steps)

All Smart Sharp TVs can connect to the Internet. 

And they can do so through:

  • Their built-in Wifi.
  • An ethernet connection.

Now, while you can’t physically check if a TV has a Wifi connection…  

Instead, you can observe if your device has an ethernet port.

Because if it has 1, then it’s a Smart TV. 

With that said, follow these steps to do this process thoroughly:

#1: Disconnect your TV from its power source

Disconnect Your TV From Its Power Source

For this method, you’ll need to move your TV physically. And also handle its wires. 

So to be safe throughout this whole process…

You should disconnect your Sharp TV from its power source.

You can do this by unplugging your TV’s power cord from the outlet. Or by disconnecting your TV from the cable itself. 

Either way, once you’ve cut your TV’s power, proceed to… 

#2: Pull your Sharp TV away from the wall

Does your TV have a large gap behind it?

Or is it located in the middle of a room?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, skip to the next step.

But if your TV is close to the wall, you should pull it away.  


Because most Sharp TV ports are located at the back of the device. 

So the easiest way to look for your TV’s ethernet port is to have at least 1 meter of space behind the TV. 

Note: If your TV is currently mounted to the wall, I suggest doing the next method instead. That’s because it’s usually hard to unmount TVs. And it’s also a risky process.

#3: Unplug the cables connected to your Sharp TV

As you can probably see by now…

Sharp TV ports are located beside each other.

So the easiest way to read the labels of your ports…

Is to ensure that cables aren’t blocking your view. 

That said, unplug all the cords from your TV before proceeding to the next step. 

Pro tip: I highly recommend taking a picture of your TV’s ports while their cables are still connected. This way, it’ll be easier to return the wires later. 

#4: Find the ethernet port of your device

Sharp TVs usually label their ports.

So first, check if you can find the word Ethernet on your TV. 

Can’t find it? 

Then check the shapes of your Sharp TV ports instead. 

Now, if you’re not familiar with how ethernet ports look like yet…

I suggest searching “ethernet port” on Google images. 

Then check if any of your TV ports match the pictures that you find. 

With that said, if your TV has an Ethernet port, you have a Smart TV. 

But if you don’t see 1, do the next method.

See, some Sharp TVs are smart, yet they don’t support Ethernet connection. Because they solely rely on Wifi. 

Method 3: Check if your TV has streaming apps (3 steps)

If you haven’t found any physical signs that your Sharp TV is smart yet…

Then it’s time to check its software.

With that said, plug your TV into its power source. And follow the steps below. 

#1: Turn ON your Sharp TV

You can do so by pressing and holding its physical power button.

Or by using its remote control. 

Once it’s ON… 

#2: Click the Menu button on your remote

This button will either have the word Menu on it…

Or the 3-horizontal lines icon (☰).

Now, clicking this button will direct you to your TV’s home screen.

So by now, you should be able to… 

#3: Find any streaming apps on your TV 

Check if you can find the titles of popular streaming platforms like:

  • Hulu.
  • Netflix.
  • Youtube.

If you see any of these, then you have a Smart TV.

But if you can’t find any, try to find a More Apps tile instead. And then click it. 

Now, you should be able to see all the apps on your TV, including your streaming platforms. 

With that said, if you found any streaming apps on your Sharp TV…

Then it’s smart. But if you didn’t find any, you have a regular TV.

Method 4: Read the specifications of your TV (7 steps)

#1: Find the model number of your TV

You can find this at the back of your device.

And you can also see this on the front page of your TV’s user manual or Quick Start Guide.

Once you have it… 

#2: Head to the official website of Sharp TVs

Using a PC or a mobile device…

Head to

And once the site loads…


At the top of your screen, you’ll see these sections:

  • FAQS.

And from these choices, select the PRODUCT SUPPORT.

Now, wait for the new page to load. And then… 

#4: Select All Televisions

Under the Get Started heading, you’ll see a TV icon labeled All Televisions.

So simply click it and wait for the dropdown menu to appear below.

Once it does… 

#5: Find your TV’s model number

Tap the Please Select Your Product dropdown menu.

And from the list of model numbers, select the 1 that matches the model of your TV. 

After doing so…

#6: Select your TV’s Spec Sheet

You’ll see a new page where you can find all the documents related to your TV.

That said, for most TVs, you’ll see a:

  • User Guide.
  • Spec Sheet.
  • Quick Start Guide. 

And from these documents, select the Spec Sheet so you can see the specifications of your TV.

#7: Check if your TV has a built-in Wifi connection

Step 1: Head to the Technical Specifications page of your spec sheet.

This is usually on the 2nd page.

Step 2: Find the heading labeled Inputs/Outputs & Connectivity. 

And once you see it…

Step 3: Locate the “Built-in-WiFi” under this section.

Step 4: Check the word on the right side of this specification.

If you see a Yes, then your Sharp TV is smart.

But if you see a No, then you have a regular TV. 

Method 5: Contact Sharp (2 steps)

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of checking if your TV is smart yourself… 

Then you can simply contact Sharp support. And ask if you have a Smart TV.

Just follow these steps:

#1: Take note of your TV’s model number

You can find this on the back of your TV.

And you can also check this on the front page of your TV’s:

  • User manual.
  • Quick Start Guide.

#2: Reach out to Sharp

Call them at 1-888-935-8880 (TV support).

Or at (1-800-237-4277) for their general support office. 

Note: Their availability hours are from 8 am to 8 pm EST on weekdays. And they operate from 10 am to 8 pm on weekends. 

But if you want a non-voice interaction…

You may also send them an email here:

With that said, simply give Sharp’s representatives your TV’s model number. 

And they’ll check whether your TV is smart or not for you. 

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Are all new Sharp TVs smart?

Not all new Sharp TVs are smart. 

See, the company still manufactures non-smart TVs.

And their LC-40Q3000U is an example of their new regular models. 

Now, if you’re wondering… 

“Why do they still make regular TVs?” 

They do this because streaming devices are becoming more and more popular.

So some people prefer buying non-smart TVs as a medium for their external inputs like:

With that said, it’s crucial to check if a Sharp TV is smart or not before buying it. Because regular Sharp TVs look identical to the smarter models.

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What makes a Smart TV smart?

The ability to access the Internet is what makes a Smart TV smart.

See, if a TV can’t access a network, it’ll just be a regular TV.

Moreover, Smart TVs can also store online apps in their system.

And this is what separates Smart TVs from regular ones. 

However, luckily, even if your TV is currently a non-smart device…

You can still turn it into a Smart TV using external output sources.  

With that said…

If you’re interested in knowing more about what Smart TVs can do, watch this short clip:

Are Sharp Smart TVs worth it?

Sharp Smart TVs are worth it. 

And this is especially true if you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet reliable Smart TV.

See, Sharp TVs let you stream on the most popular streaming platforms.

And they’re also capable of playing 4K even if they’re cheaper than TVs from:

  • LG.
  • Sony.
  • Samsung. 

Moreover, the company Sharp itself has been in the industry for over 100 years.

So it’s with high confidence when I say that…

Sharp Smart TVs are worth it and reliable.