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Samsung TV Loud Popping Noise: 7 Steps To Fix It (2023)

Samsung TV Loud Popping Noise

You’re happy with your Samsung TV.

The only thing that’s bothering you is that loud popping noise.

You hoped it will disappear by itself…but now it’s already been there for quite a while.

Lately, you noticed it more and more and you’re wondering what to do.

Read on to find out:

  • 7 easy ways to fix the loud popping noises.
  • Why proper ventilation is important and can solve the issue.
  • Sound Test to check the quality of your TV speakers and adjust the settings to your comfort.
  • And lots more…

Why is my Samsung TV making a loud popping noise?

Your Samsung TV makes a loud popping noise because the internal components, made of plastic and metal, are exposed to temperature changes. During these temperature changes, they expand and contract and this creates those popping noises. The good thing is that these noises are usually not harmful.

Samsung TV loud popping noise: 7 steps to fix it

#1: Change channels or mute the TV

Is it coming from the TV itself or from the video you are watching?

We first have to find it and there‘s an easy way to do this.

So change the channel or mute the volume and then check if you hear the popping noises.

Optionally you can do a sound test within the TV to double-check the speakers.

It’s really easy and here’s how:

  1. Press the Home button from your Samsung remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Support.
  4. Select Device Care.
  5. Go to Self Diagnosis.
  6. Then select Sound Test.

Then follow the steps from the sound test and adjust the sound settings to your comfort.

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#2: Check ventilation and surroundings

The TV heats up and cools down from time to time, so it needs proper ventilation.

Let’s say it needs space to ‘breathe’.

So, make sure your TV isn’t placed in an overcrowded space.

The advice here is to maintain at least a distance of 4 inches (10 cm) between other objects. These can be walls, cabinets, doors, etc. 

Also, it’s not advisable to place heating or air conditioning close to the TV.

Double-check the surroundings. Then, if needed move some stuff to create a good ventilated place for the TV. 

Optionally, place it in a different space to compare the sounds. 

Last but not least, you can hard boot your Samsung TV. 

Sounds special right?

Well, with a hard boot, you drain the leftover electrical charges and reset the mainboard.

Here’s how it goes with the TV turned on:

  1. Press and hold the Home or Samsung button.
  2. Hold it until the TV turns off and on again.

And there is another way to do it and goes like this:

  1. Unplug the power from the TV.
  2. Wait for a minute.
  3. Plug the power back in.

You can also try to wait longer and see if that works better. In this way, the TV has some more time to cool down.

#3: Check cables and external devices

Check the cables

Another thing you can do is to check the cables.

It happens a lot that people are moving the TVs to grab something that fell behind. During the movement accidentally cables can move. They lose or fall out. 

Inspect the ports as well as the cables. Keep in mind that it’s possible that with the naked eye you can’t see the difference if the cables are fully plugged. 

Therefore take a good look and if needed unplug them. See if the pins are not loosened and also check for cuts in the cable. After that, plug them back in. 

Extra tip: test with a second cable to notice any difference.

External devices

The good thing about Samsung Smart TVs is that they have multiple ports to connect with external devices. However, they can also be the source of the popping sounds.

Let’s say you connected a Playstation, a receiver, or a soundbar to the TV. These devices may create popping noises.

To found out, unplug these devices and see if the sounds disappeared.

If not, then see the next fix.

#4: Update your TV software

Update Your TV Software

Always keep your TV up to date, even if there‘s no issue.

An updated TV has fewer bugs. This is because Samsung releases updates to fix the latest glitches.

For the most part, this solves the issue when it comes to the popping noises.

’’Where can I find these updates?’’ 

Well, let me help you. There are 2 easy ways to do this:

  1. Via the internet.
  2. Via USB.

Here’s how to update your TV via the internet:

  1. Press the Menu or Home button of your Samsung Remote.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Go to Support.
  4. Toggle to Software Update.
  5. Finally select Update now.

Warning: if there is an update available, don’t turn your TV during the update process. Wait until it’s finished. After it’s finished the TV will restart itself.

Additionally, you can turn Auto-update ON. In this way, your TV will Auto-update in the future, and you don’t need to repeat the steps all over again. 

Via USB:

  1. Press the Menu or Home button of your Samsung Remote.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Toggle to Support.
  4. Go to About this TV.
  5. Then you will see the Model code.
  6. Write it down or store it somewhere.
  7. Go to on a computer.
  8. Search and select your TV model.
  9. Go to the latest firmware file and download it to your computer.
  10. Unzip the file on your computer.
  11. Copy the unzipped file to your USB drive (don’t place it in other folders, otherwise the TV won’t find it).
  12. After that plug the USB drive in the USB port from the TV.

The TV will recognize the update and begin automatically updating the firmware. If not, take the following steps:

  1. Press the Menu or Home button of your Samsung Remote.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Navigate to Support.
  4. Choose Software Update.

Here is a useful video for some visual guidance to update your TV via the USB:

#5: Place the TV properly

A tilted or an uneven position off the TV can also increase the popping noises.

Therefore make sure your TV is placed on a solid flat surface.

’’But I’ve mounted my TV on the wall, so it’s not standing on anything.’’

That’s OK, just try to avoid a tilted and uneven position.

If you are not sure, try a different stand and compare them. 

To get inspired, here’s a link to a good TV stand. This one has a flat and solid base plus you can wide turn the tv at an angle of 60 degrees.

Another very good one is this one. It can hold up to 50 kg and has a non-slip pad. The non-slip pad makes the TV stay put in one place.

#6: Reset to factory settings

If nothing has worked, then you could try to reset the TV to its factory settings.

It resets your TV all the way back like when you first bought it.

Warning: keep in mind that after the TV is factory reset, all your personalized settings, as well as user data, will be deleted.

So, to do a factory reset of the TV Samsung made it easy:

  1. On the Samsung remote, press the Menu or Home button.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Find and select General.
  4. Toggle to Reset.
  5. Fill in the PIN (the default pin is: 0000).
  6. Then select OK.

The TV will automatically restart.

If you can’t find it with these steps, you may have a different menu. Then you can try this:

  1. On the Samsung remote, press the Menu or Home button.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Toggle to Support.
  4. Choose Self Diagnosis.
  5. Then select Reset.

Your TV will restart automatically.

#7: Contact the technical support department from Samsung

Still no luck after trying all of the above steps?

Then it’s best to get in touch with the technical support from Samsung.

When you are in touch with Samsung support, it’s worth mentioning broken capacitors.

Capacitors store electrical energy. They can age over time and break along the way. 

When they break they can create popping noises or other strange sounds.

Since it’s in the hardware, it’s better to get it checked by Samsung or a TV mechanic.