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Small Device That Connects To Computer (What It’s Called)

Name Of A Small Device That Connects To Computer

Computers are now essential parts of our lives.

And while their bigger accessories like keyboards are familiar to most…

The small devices connected to PCs aren’t as easy to identify.

But lucky you, that’ll now change. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • 5 small gadgets that connect to a computer. 
  • What each of them does and why you might need them.
  • What’s the name of a small device that connects to a computer. 
  • And this is just the beginning…

What’s the name of a small device that connects to a computer?

The small device that connects to a computer is called a dongle or an adapter. There are various types of this device. And each of them has a different purpose. That said, some dongles help your PC connect to Bluetooth or Wifi. In comparison, others add more ports to your computer. 

Different small devices that connect to computer

There are many small devices that you can connect to your computer.

So let’s talk about what each of them is called and what they do. 

That said, let’s start with the first dongle on this list, the… 

#1: USB adapter

Just like you can use an extension to have multiple outlets instead of 1…

You can use a USB adapter to add more ports to your computer. 

See, most USB slots on your PC will be located at the back.

And only 2 to 4 ports will be at the front of your device.

That said, if you want more USB slots accessible to you…

You can simply connect a USB adapter to the front of your CPU.

And you’ll be able to use more ports immediately. 

On that note, if you’re interested in what this dongle looks like… 

You can go ahead and check this USB adapter from Mavinex.

#2: Wifi adapter

WiFi Adapter

Wifi adapters are also small devices that you can connect to your computer.

Now, these gadgets usually come in different forms, so they can look like a:

  • Flash drive. 
  • Little antenna.
  • Square USB connector. 

However, regardless of their appearance…

They’ll still have the same purpose: to help your PC connect to the Wifi.

See, some computers don’t have built-in wireless connections.

And others have slow or unreliable Wifi connectivity.

So in these instances…

Getting a Wifi adapter is a fast and easy way to help your computer connect to the Internet. 

“Where can I find these devices?”

You can buy them from your local electronic stores, or retailer branches like:

  • Target.
  • Walmart. 
  • Best Buy.

Or you may simply get 1 of these online.

Interested in seeing how this device looks? 

Then, I recommend checking this Wifi adapter from TP-Link.

See, this dongle is extremely small (0.73 x 0.58 x 0.27 inches). That’s’ how Wifi adapters can easily blend in with the rest of your PC’s accessories. 

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#3: Bluetooth adapter

As the name implies…

This small device will help your PC connect to Bluetooth.

So if you’re having trouble using this wireless connection on your computer…

Or if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth in the first place…

Getting this adapter will be a good idea. 

On that note, if you need 1 of these…

Let me share the model I personally use: the TP-Link USB Bluetooth adapter

See, for only $12, this device will give your PC a reliable and fast Bluetooth connection.

So really, getting this adapter is a bargain if you ask me. 

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#4: Flash drive

A flash drive is a device you can hook to your PC for extra storage.

Fun fact: They’re usually as long as your thumb, so they’re also referred to as thumbsticks.

However, unlike other storage devices for your PC like a hard drive

Flash drives don’t have any moving parts. So they’re not prone to overheating or crashing.

“Are all flash drives the same?” 

No, they aren’t. 

That’s because some models can retain more data than others.

Fun fact: Flash drives are often sold with storage capacities ranging from 8 to 512 GB. And those with more GBs are pricier than those with smaller storage capacities. 

Now, if you’re wondering:

“What can I store inside a flash drive?” 

Simply speaking, you can put any file from your PC inside this device. And that includes:

  • Games. 
  • Documents.’
  • Music (MP3 or WAV).
  • Media files (photos and videos).

Moreover, you can even transfer cryptocurrency keys from your PC to your thumbstick. 

And that’s if you install a cold wallet app to your flash drive. 

“What’s the best flash drive?”

Based on my experience… 

Flash drives from SanDisk are some of the best.

That’s because you can have them in:

  • 16 GB.
  • 32 GB.
  • 64 GB.
  • 128 GB.
  • 256 GB.
  • 512 GB. 

And regardless of which model you pick…

You can expect this device to process your data incredibly fast.

So you can even transfer a full-length movie from your PC to this flash drive in just half a minute. 

Fun fact: The first flash drive only stored 8 MB of storage. And this is roughly the amount of space needed to save 3 songs that are 2-3 minutes long in MP3 format. 

Now, if you’re interested in knowing more about flash drives, watch this video:

#5: Webcam

Most PC monitors don’t have built-in cameras like laptops do.

So as an alternative…

You can connect a small external webcam to your PC instead. 

See, this device is pretty much like a camera.

However, it’ll only work if it’s connected to a device like a:

That said, if you need a camera to use for your computer…

You can simply hook up a webcam to your PC.

“Is it better to use the built-in camera or an external one?”

Good question.

Well, it’s really up to your preferences.

But personally, I’d recommend using a webcam instead.

That’s because most standard built-in laptop cameras now have low video quality.

So at maximum, they can only record you at 720p.

In contrast, external webcams can capture better-quality videos.

Specifically, they can record at 1080p or even 4K.

So if you’re not bothered by having a small device connected to your PC…

I recommend getting one.

Moreover, many webcams also include additional features like:

  • Auto-focus. 
  • Zoom control.
  • Built-in microphone.

So you’ll notice a big improvement in your video’s quality if you buy the right model. 

That said, if you want to see an example of high-end webcams… 

Check out this ultra 4K webcam from Logitech ($200).

See, its equipped with:

  • 4K HD resolution.
  • Auto-light adjustment.
  • 3 field of view presets.
  • A noise-canceling microphone.
  • 90 fps video recording capabilities. 

So if you need a serious upgrade for your PC’s camera…

Logitech got your back. 

On the other hand, if you’re interested in knowing about the cheaper models… 

This webcam from NexiGo is a good example of what features you’ll get for $50.