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(13 Fixes) My Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off Every 5 Seconds

My Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off Every 5 Seconds

It’s definitely frustrating. And kind of spooky when your TV turns on and off by itself.

Don’t worry, though. We’re sure it’s not some invisible ghost messing with your TV.

The causes are much more mundane. With easy-to-follow solutions.

No need for magic spells. Simply check out our guide below. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • 5 easy steps to turn off Samsung’s AnyNet+ feature.
  • What types of external devices may cause problems.
  • Why it’s crucial to keep your TV’s firmware up to date. 
  • Troubleshooting methods that actually work for your TV.
  • And many more…

Why does my Samsung TV keep turning off every 5 seconds?

Your Samsung TV keeps turning off every 5 seconds because of power fluctuation, outlet problems, incorrect TV settings, or faulty external devices connected to it. In addition, Samsung TVs have features like Eco Solution and AnyNet+ that may cause this issue. It’s also possibly a hardware defect.

My Samsung TV keeps turning off every 5 seconds: 13 fixes

#1: Perform a soft reset via power cycle

When in doubt? 

Power cycle. 

As with any other gadget. This is the easiest and most effective way to fix glitches. 

To do this:

  1. Turn off your TV.
  2. Unplug it from the power outlet.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back in.  

Samsung calls this a soft reset. Your TV will be recalibrated. And sometimes, it’s enough to resolve the issue. 

#2: Check for power fluctuations in your area

Perhaps your TV’s turning on and off because of power fluctuation

This is the abrupt rise and fall of electricity.

There are several causes for that. This includes:

  • Wiring issues.
  • Lightning strikes.
  • Powergrid switching.

Pay attention to your other appliances at home.  

You may have to wait until your electric power provider resolves the issue. 

In the meantime, it’s best to switch off your appliances. This is to prevent possible damage. 

#3: Check if it’s a power cord problem

Your TV’s power cord is another likely culprit on why it keeps switching off. After all, it’s through this that your TV receives electricity.

First, make sure that it’s slotted firmly into your Samsung TV

If it is and there’s still a problem? 

Maybe the power cord is defective.

The good thing about modern Smart TVs, including Samsung? 

You can easily replace their power cords.

They’re also readily available online. So you can easily purchase one.

Aside from being detachable. They’re also brand-agnostic. 

If you have another TV power cord, try to use that instead. 

#4: Try plugging your TV into another outlet

When your TV turns on and off, it may very well be an outlet problem. 

There are 2 possibilities: 

First: You have electrical issues with one of your outlets. In which case, you’d need a technician to fix it.

Second: You’re using an old extension cord to plug in your TV. Through wear and tear, an extension cord’s outlet may deteriorate. And become loose.

A good solution is to try to plug your TV into another outlet. One that you’re sure is working. There’ve been instances where moving the TV to another room does the trick. 

And if you’re using an extension cord? 

You may also look into replacing it. For a better, more secure plug.  

#5: Remove your TV remote’s battery

It’s also possible that your TV’s turning on and off because of some pesky remote issue. 

One of the buttons, the Power perhaps, may be glitching.

A quick fix to that is to move your remote away from the TV. You may also simply remove the batteries.

Then try to turn on the TV through its own power button. 

#6: Disconnect all external devices

Is your Samsung TV is connected to an external device? If so, you may want to unplug it. At least temporarily to see if it’s causing the issue.

If you have any of the following devices: 

Take note that they’ve caused Samsung TVs to keep turning off. This is based on user reports in various forums. 

These devices may sometimes cause glitches in your TV’s software. Which ends up rebooting your TV over again. 

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So try to remove all external devices first. Then perform a power cycle.

Don’t forget to change the source to TV after removing external devices. 

To  do that:

  1. Press the Source button on your remote.
  2. Select TV.

 In many instances, this resolves the issue. 

#7: Turn off AnyNet+

“What exactly is AnyNet+?”

You may have plugged in multiple external devices to your Samsung TV before. 

Guess what? You can actually control all these devices. With only your Samsung TV remote.

This is possible because of the AnyNet+ feature. The only requirements for this to work are: 

  1. The external devices should be connected via an HDMI.
  2. These devices should support AnyNet+ (HDMI-CEC).

As neat as this feature is, though? It has been known to cause TVs to intermittently switch on and off. So you may go ahead and try to turn it off.

Here’s how to disable AnyNet+ on your Samsung TV:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Select Settings then General. 
  3. Navigate to External Device Manager. 
  4. Look for AnyNet+ (HDMI-CEC). Click it.
  5. You should see an indicator that AnyNet+ is on. Click that and select Off. 

That’s it. This should disable this feature. 

Watch this Youtube video for an alternative way to do it:

#8: Disable Samsung’s Eco Solution feature

The Eco Solution is an energy-saving feature of Samsung TV. 

It automatically adjusts the overall brightness of your TV. This will depend on the environment your TV’s in. 

It’s a great feature that lowers power consumption. It also prevents overheating. 

But it’s also possibly causing your TV to turn on and off. 

If that’s the case, you’ll have to disable this feature.

Switching off the Eco Solution feature will slightly vary depending on your TV model.

Old Samsung TV models (E, F, H, and J series)

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote.
  2. Select System.
  3. Select Eco Solution. 
  4. Navigate to the Energy Saving option and select Off.

Note: You’ll also need to press the Enter button for each step.

New Samsung TV models (K, M, N, and R Series)

  1. On your remote, press the Home button.
  2. Navigate to Settings and click it.
  3. Select General.
  4. Select Eco Solution. 
  5. Go to the Power Saving mode and select Off.

#9: Disable Power On with Mobile

Power On with Mobile allows you to control your TV with your phone. This is with the use of the SmartThings app.

However, this feature can also cause problems. It’s one of the common causes of Samsung TVs mysteriously turning on and off. 

This is how you turn off Power On with Mobile

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Select Settings then go to General.
  3. Under General, look for Network and click that.
  4. Select Expert Settings.
  5. Navigate to Power On with Mobile and click enter to disable.  

#10: Make sure the Sleep Timer setting is off

Perhaps you or someone may have accidentally set the Sleep Timer. 

To turn it off:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Go to Settings then General.
  3. Select System Manager.
  4. Select Time.
  5. Navigate to Sleep Timer and turn it off. 

#11: Your TV may be overheated so let it rest for a while

Another likely cause of your Samsung TV turning on and off is overheating.

You know what? 

You’ve probably been watching one too many Netflix series. You may have kept your TV running non-stop. Maybe as some background noise. For several hours. Or even days. 

So if you suspect it’s an overheating issue, let your TV rest. Turn it off. Unplug it. Wait for a few hours or days, if you can. 

Think of it as a longer version of a power cycle. This should allow its hardware to cool off.

#12: Update your TV’s firmware

Update Your TV's Firmware

Any modern gadget like your Smart TV needs firmware to function properly. So it’s crucial to keep your TV’s firmware updated.

It takes time to update. So for obvious reasons, it’ll be hard to do when your TV is switching off intermittently. So this is more of a prevention than a cure. 

To update your Samsung TV’s firmware:

  1. With the TV on, press the Menu button on the remote.
  2. Navigate to Support.
  3. Look for Software Support. Select that.
  4. Select Update Now.
  5. Wait for the installation to finish. Your TV will turn on and off automatically during the process.

Note: Your TV should be connected to the internet to update. Make sure you have a good connection. At least 3 Mbps of stable connection. 

#13: Contact Samsung for technical support

So you’ve performed all the basic troubleshooting steps. And your Samsung TV still keeps turning off every 5 seconds.

Then perhaps it’s a hardware issue. You’ll need tech support for that. 

A few years ago, Samsung received a class-action lawsuit. This is for the faulty capacitors in their TV. 

So it’s very much possible that it’s a capacitor failure. This will greatly affect your Samsung TV’s motherboard.  

You may contact Samsung’s tech support. Or visit their nearest service center for repair. 

Their warranty covers 1 year. So if it’s indeed a manufacturing issue. And you’re within the coverage period. You’ll get your repair for free. 

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