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5 Steps To Get Apple TV On Samsung TV (2023 How-To)

How To Get Apple TV On Samsung TV

Getting Apple TV on your Samsung TV is easier than deciding what to have for breakfast. 

But wait…

“What if I can’t find Apple TV on my Samsung TV?”

Don’t worry, I have a solution for that too. 

Several solutions, actually. 

Shall we get started? 

Read on to find out: 

  • 5 easy steps to get Apple TV on your Samsung TV. 
  • A list of Samsung TVs that support the Apple TV app. 
  • 4 must-try fixes when your Samsung TV can’t find Apple TV. 
  • And so much more…

Can you get Apple TV on your Samsung TV?

You can get Apple TV on your Samsung TV by downloading the app on your TV’s app store. From there, install the app and sign in to your Apple ID to start streaming Apple TV+. Another option is to use a streaming device like Roku, Amazon Fire, or Chromecast. Screen mirroring with an iPhone also works.

How to get Apple TV on Samsung TV: 5 steps

#1: Tap Apps on your Samsung TV home screen

Not sure where to find your Samsung TV apps? 

Don’t worry, here’s a step-by-step guide: 

  1. Tap the Home button (home icon) on your Samsung TV remote
  2. Use the directional pad on your remote and scroll left until you hit Apps.
  3. Tap the center button on your directional pad. 

The Center button should look like an arrow pointing left inside a box.

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#2: On the Apps store, search for Apple TV+

When you open your TV Apps Store, you’ll find Apple TV+ listed under Editor’s Choice. 

If it’s not there, tap on the Search field and type Apple TV+. 

The app should appear even after typing the word “Apple.”

#3: Install Apple TV+ app on your Samsung TV home screen

You should see an “Install” or “Add to Home” option on your screen. 

Using the center button on your directional pad, tap “Install.” 

In less than a minute, the Apple TV+ app should be available on your home screen.

#4: Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions

You should see the Apple TV+ app located next to your other apps. 

In my case, the Apple TV+ app was right next to my Netflix app.

For you, it might be next to YouTube, for instance. 

From here, launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to begin the setup process.

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#5: Sign in with your Apple ID account or create a new account

During the setup, you’ll need to sign in with your Apple ID account. 

Don’t have an Apple ID? 

It’s nothing to worry about. 

You should see a blue text below the sign-in field that says: 

“Create New Apple ID.”

Click on the link and you should be able to create your account easily.

But what if…

You forgot your Apple ID password? 

Brah, there’s still a way to solve this. 

Below the “Create new Apple ID” text, you should see another text: 

“Forgot Apple ID or Password?”

Tap on the link and it should redirect you to another page. 

On the page, follow the on-screen prompts and everything should go smoothly. 

But wait – there’s more.

If it’s your first time using the app, you can access Apple TV+’s 7-day free trial. 

When you open Apple TV+, you should see “Start Free Trial” in a white rectangular box. 

Simply click on that box, sign in to your Apple ID account, and boom.

Free trial ready to go. 

Want a good show to start watching? WeCrashed or Slow Horses are binge-worthy picks.

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Why can’t I find the Apple TV app on my Samsung TV? 2 causes & fixes

#1: Your Samsung TV doesn’t support Apple TV

If you can’t find the Apple TV app on your Samsung TV, it means your Samsung TV model isn’t compatible.

Apple TV+’s support page lists all the Samsung TVs that are compatible, such as:

Compatible Samsung TVs with Apple TV app
Samsung QLED 8K Q9 & Q8 Series (2019, 2020)Samsung QLED 4K Q9, Q8, Q7, & Qx Series (2017 to 2021)
Samsung UHD 8, 7, & 6 Series (2017 to 2021)Samsung Serif Series (2019, 2020)
Samsung FHD/HD 5, 4 Series (2017, 2018, & 2020)Samsung The Sero Series (2019, 2020)
Samsung The Frame Series (2017 to 2021)

If your Samsung TV model doesn’t match any of the models mentioned above, don’t worry. 

There are 3 fixes to solve this problem. 

Fix #1: Use a streaming device

Any streaming device can immediately make your Samsung TV compatible with Apple TV. 

In other words, you can use either a…

  1. Roku stick.
  2. Chromecast.
  3. Amazon Firestick.

Whichever streaming device you have won’t affect the quality of your Apple TV.

But what if you have two streaming devices? 

Say, a Roku Stick and Firestick. 

You’re probably wondering, can you use Roku and Firestick at the same time?

You can, actually. 

Both give you a lot of benefits, such as better audio, ultra-high resolution streaming, and more.  

Simply plug your device into your Samsung TV’s HDMI port and you’re all set. 

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Fix #2: Screen mirror Apple TV from your iPhone to your Samsung TV

The concept of screen mirroring is simple. 

Whatever appears on your phone’s screen will display on your TV. 

For those who don’t have a streaming device like Roku, Fire Stick, or Chromecast, this fix is perfect for you. 

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Download the Apple TV app on your iPhone.

For Android users, you can only access Apple TV through your browser like Chrome. 

Step 2: Sign in to your Apple TV account.

Step 3: Choose a movie or TV show to stream and start streaming.

Step 4: Tap the AirPlay icon.

You should see the AirPlay icon on the top-right corner of your phone’s screen. 

This should look like a TV with a triangle below pointing upwards. 

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For Android users, you should see a Cast icon on the top-right portion of your screen. 

In case you don’t see it, I suggest downloading AllCast on the Google Play Store. 

After installing the app, you should see a cast icon on your phone’s screen. 

Step 5: Start watching Apple TV content on your Samsung TV.

Just in case this wasn’t clear, here’s a video of how to screen mirror using an iPhone to your Samsung TV: 

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Fix #3: Stream Apple TV using a gaming console

Seems like gaming consoles are even more compatible than Samsung, ey?

But not every gaming console is compatible. Only a handful of them are, such as:

For Sony PlayStation users, here’s how to get the Apple TV app: 

  1. On your PlayStation home screen, scroll left until you hit “PlayStation Store.”
  2. You should see a menu in the left corner of your screen.
  3. Scroll down until you hit Apps.
  4. Tap Apps. 
  5. In the Explore Apps menu, you should see Apple TV+. 
  6. If not, use the search bar field and search for the app. 
  7. Download the app and wait for the installation to finish. 


Apple TV is now fully streamable on your PlayStation 4 or 5. 

Now, for Xbox users. 

Whether you have an Xbox One or Xbox Series X or S, the steps below are the same: 

  1. On your Xbox’s home screen, tap on Store.
  2. You should see a magnifying glass in the top-left part of your screen. 
  3. Type “Apple TV” on the search bar field.
  4. Tap Apple TV from the search results list. 
  5. Download and install the app on your Xbox. 
  6. Start streaming Apple TV.

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#2: You haven’t updated your Samsung TV’s software

Update Samsung TV Software

Another reason why Apple TV isn’t in your Samsung TV’s app store is due to outdated software. 

Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Tap the Home button (home icon) on your Samsung TV remote.
  2. Keep scrolling left until you hit Settings (gear icon).
  3. Tap Settings. A menu should pop up on your screen.
  4. Scroll down and tap “Support.”
  5. In the Support menu, tap “Software Update.”
  6. Confirm the update by selecting “Update Now.”
  7. Wait for your Samsung TV to finish updating.
  8. Your TV will automatically reset to confirm a successful update.
  9. Try searching for Apple TV on your Samsung TV’s Apps store.