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(7 Fixes) LG TV White Screen Problem [2023 Guide]

LG TV White Screen

You sit down to relax after a long tiring day. 

But when you turn your LG TV on… 

All you see is a solid white color covering your entire screen.

Scary, isn’t it? 

But rest assured as you’re on the right website.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • A secret hack to fix your TV in seconds.
  • 7 easy fixes to fix your LG TV white screen. 
  • How to open up your TV without damaging any components. 
  • And much, much more… 

Why has my LG TV screen gone white?

Your LG TV screen has gone white because of a wrong input source or hardware malfunctions. Common hardware issues include faulty capacitors, rusty ribbon cables, and old T-CON boards.

LG TV white screen problem: 7 fixes

#1: Change your input sources

If you’re using a cable box or a Roku stick for your TV

Before you change your input source, inspect your HDMI cable.

Make sure it’s attached correctly. 

A loose connection can cause issues with the display.

So a quick fix you can try is to plug and unplug both ends of your HDMI cable.

But if this doesn’t fix the problem… 

Proceed to change your input source depending on your situation. 

If your remote is responsive: 

  1. Turn your TV ON.
  2. In the upper right corner, open the Inputs Menu.  
  3. The list of different inputs will appear. 
  4. Try choosing another input source.
  5. Confirm. 

If you don’t have your remote, or…

If your remote isn’t responsive:

Step 1: Unplug the end of your HDMI cable that connects to the cable box. 

Step 2: Find another possible input source to connect to your TV. A laptop, for example. 

Step 3: Plug your HDMI cable into the new input source.

Step 4: Ensure that the other end is properly connected to your TV. 

If either of these methods fixes the problem, then the problem isn’t your TV but your original input source. 

Meanwhile, if your screen remains white…

On your remote:

#2: Press OK and Exit together

“Wait. Are you sure this is a legit fix?”

As weird as this method may sound… 

It’s a proven hack that can fix your white screen problem in seconds. 

Plus, this is a guaranteed fix if there’s a code floating on top of your screen. 

“What code?”

Examples of error codes:

  • V3.41.0.
  • V3.11.0.
  • V3,16.0.

If you see one of these codes on your white screen…

Then pressing OK and Exit together on your remote can turn your TV back to normal again. 

Note: Hold these buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds. 

“I tried it, but my screen turned black and didn’t go back to normal.”

If any change happens, rest assured that’s a positive sign. 

It means you’re one step closer to getting your TV fixed. 

If your screen turns static, black, or says, there’s no transmission… 

All you need to do is change your input source.

Follow these steps: 

  1. On the upper right corner of your remote, click on Input or Source. 
  2. Navigate through the list of inputs.
  3. Select HDMI.

Note: If there are different HDMI options (like HDMI 1, HMDI 2, etc.), check your TV to see which HDMI port you’re currently using. Select that port in the list of choices. 

If this method still doesn’t fix your problem… 

Then you need to check for any hardware malfunctions. 

“Wait, I need to open up my TV?”

Short answer: yes. 

Various hardware issues can cause a white screen to appear. 

And the only way to know what hardware issue you specifically have is to open up your LG TV. 


Warning: Fixing a TV’s hardware components requires specific skills and experience. If you haven’t tried fixing electric circuits before, I suggest going to a local electrician to get your TV fixed instead. 

But if you’re confident enough to try and open up your TV yourself, proceed to…

#3: Reseat your ribbon cables

That sounds complicated. What’s that?”

I know it sounds fancy… but it has a simple meaning. 

To reseat is simply to unplug and plug a cable or a cord again. 

Reseating usually fixes problems that occur because of loose connections. 

But before you can do this, you need to get to your circuit boards. 

Tip: Use latex gloves to prevent accidents and electric shocks while working on the following methods. 

To safely open your LG TV: 

Step 1: Make sure that your TV isn’t connected to power. 

Step 2: Place the TV face down on a table with a soft foam or cloth to protect the screen. 

Step 3: Remove all screws in the back and the 4 screws at the bottom. 

Step 4: Lift your back cover slowly.

Step 5: Disconnect all cables that connect the cover to the TV’s boards. 

Warning: Never use a metal prying tool when opening up your TV. A small slip can cause severe damage to your LCD panel and other hardware components. 

After safely removing your TV’s cover, here are the… 

Steps to reseat your ribbon cables:

Step 1: Head to your LG TV display board or T-CON board. 

Step 2: Find the two flat identical ribbon cables that connect the board to the LCD panel. 

Step 3: Choose one of them to work with. 

Step 4: Gently use your fingertip to flip up the ribbon tab connector of the ribbon cable. 

Warning: Never use a screwdriver or any equipment to flip the ribbon tab. Doing so can cause irreversible damage to the pins.

Step 5: Do the same for the other end of the ribbon cable.

Step 6: Check if there are any visible signs of damage to the pins. 

Step 7: If there’s no damage, reconnect the cable again. Guide the ribbon back into the connector and close the tab on the top. 

Do these steps for both ribbon cables on the display board. 

After reseating the cables…

Try plugging your TV again and see if the problem still exists.

For more information about reseating your ribbon cables, watch this:

But if the problem continues… 

#4: Check the LVDS cables

On the same board, locate your LVDS cable. 

“Another cable? I don’t even know how that looks.”

Don’t worry. 

Luckily, finding the LVDS cable is as easy as finding your ribbon cables. 

Find a cable that connects the mainboard to the T-CON board. 

Most of the time, the strands of this cable will be colorful enough to draw your eyes. 

Once you find the cable, gently remove it to check for any damages. 

Warning: LVDS cables are fragile. I suggest you use two fingers in taking them out from the T-CON board. 

It’s usually rare for the LVDS cable to be damaged.

But if it is, you can always buy a new one or fix it. 

If your LVDS cable looks normal, plug it back into your T-CON board.

And try turning ON your TV. 

If your screen is still white… 

#5: Check the capacitors

If reseating your ribbon cables and LVDS cable didn’t fix the problem…

Check the capacitors in the power supply board

Damaged capacitors can disrupt relaying power to your TV.

And disruption of power or signal can cause a white screen. 

But the good thing is…

It’s relatively easy to find a blown-out or damaged capacitor. 

Once you confirm that there’s a damaged capacitor, remove it and install a new one. 

You might also want to know: Where are LG TVs made?

#6: Replace the T-CON board

If reseating the cables didn’t work…

The next solution you need to try is to replace your T-CON board. 

“I think I’m not ready to replace a board myself yet.” 

Don’t worry. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. 

Just a couple of minutes will be enough. 

Note: Different models require different T-CON boards. Before you buy one, ensure that the model numbers of the board you intend to buy match the original board of your TV. 

To replace your T-CON board:

  1. Carefully unplug all connected cables and wires by hand. 
  2. Unscrew and remove the T-CON board. 
  3. Attach the new T-CON board using the screws. 
  4. Reconnect all cables and ribbon connections. 
  5. Double-check that the connections lock into place. 
  6. Return the back cover of your TV. 

Try powering up your TV again. 

The last thing you can do if nothing changes is to… 

#7: Contact a professional or replace your TV

Contact A Professional

There’s only so much you can do to fix your TV yourself.

If your TV still shows the same white screen despite following these steps…

It’s time to ask for professional help or buy a new one. 

Find a local technician around your area. 

Sometimes they’ll offer you a free consultation which will save you money. 


Tip: If your TV is relatively old, I suggest purchasing a new one instead of getting it fixed. 

Most likely, your technician will need to replace another component again. 

And components like motherboards are on the pricey side. 

So instead of spending money hiring a technician and buying a replacement… 

You’ll get more value from your money if you buy a new TV instead.