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3 Easy Steps To Find Your TV IP Address (Updated 2023)

IP Address TV

4.3 billion.

That’s the number of unique IPv4 addresses worldwide.

And yes, your smart TV has one.

But you’re probably wondering…

“Why do smart TVs even need one?”

“And what’s my TV’s IP address?”

Well, today’s your lucky day. 

Because I’ve got all the answers for you.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 3 easy steps to find the IP address of various TV brands.
  • The important reason why smart TVs need IP addresses.
  • How to find your TV’s IP address even without a remote control.
  • And much, much more…

How to find your TV IP address – 3 steps

#1: Ensure that your TV’s connected to the internet.

You can use a smart TV without WiFi. But it won’t have an IP address if it’s offline. 

So check if it has a WiFi connection.

Just look for the WiFi icon. And check if it has at least 1 bar.

You may also try to open an app. Such as a streaming service. And try to play a media file like a movie or a series to verify if your TV’s online.

#2: Open the Settings menu

Once you’ve confirmed that your TV’s online…

You may go ahead and launch your TV’s Settings menu.

An easy way to do it is by going to your TV’s home screen. You may press your remote’s Home button to do that.

And then navigate to Settings and select it. 

On some TVs, you’ll see a gear icon instead. So just click that to open the Settings menu.

#3: Go to the Network settings page to view your IP address

For Samsung TV users. From the Settings page, click General. And then, scroll down and select Network.

From there, just select Network Status. And you’ll see your Samsung TV’s IP address.

If you’re using an LG TV, just click the Network icon. It’s the one with a circle with lines. You’ll then see a window with network information, including your TV’s IP address.

For Android TV users, look for either Network or Network & Internet. Then select it. And then, click Network Status and look for your IP address.

And for Roku TV owners, select Network. Followed by clicking About. From there, you should see your IP address, among other info.

Bonus #1: How to find your TV’s IP address using a smartphone app

Did you know that you don’t even have to go to your TV’s settings to find its IP address?

You can actually just use a 3rd party mobile app called Fing.

It’s available for download on both Google Play Store and App Store.

It’s absolutely free. And it’s very easy to use.

So just go ahead and install it.

After installation, just follow the guide below on how to use Fing:

  1. Connect your phone to the same WiFi network as your TV.
  2. Launch the Fing app.
  3. From the home screen, click the Scan for devices button.

You should now see a list of all devices connected to your home WiFi. Just find your TV from the list.

And if you’d like a visual guide on how to use Fing, you may refer to this video:

Bonus #2: How to find your TV’s IP address from a MacBook

Aside from your phone, you can also use your laptop to find your TV IP address.

If you’re a Mac user, the best app to use is LAN scan.

It’s a freemium app. With the free version, you won’t be able to see a device’s hostname. Which is basically the name that the owner created for the device.

But you don’t really need that to find your TV’s IP address. So the free version’s more than enough.

Just download and install it on your Mac. And do these steps to use LAN scan:

  1. Make sure your Mac’s using the same WiFi as your TV.
  2. Open your Mac’s Launchpad and click LAN scan.
  3. Click the Start Lan scan button.

You should see a list of the IP addresses of the device connected to your WiFi.

So how would you know which one’s for your TV?

Just look for the Vendor labels associated with the IP addresses. And find the one with your TV manufacturer’s name.

For example, if you own a Samsung TV… 

The Vendor label beside the IP address should be Samsung, Inc. or something similar.

Bonus #3: How to find your TV’s IP address from a Windows laptop

For Windows users, you can find your TV’s IP address via Wireless Network Watcher.

This app isn’t available on the Microsoft Store. However, you can download and install it directly from its developer’s website.

After installing the app, just launch it. Then, it’ll automatically scan and display the IP addresses of the devices using your WiFi.

The app has a tab called Device Name. It’s right beside the IP address tab.

Just find your TV manufacturer’s name from there to know your TV’s IP address.

How can I find my TV IP address without a remote?

To find your TV IP address without a remote, install a remote control app on your phone. You should be able to navigate the TV’s settings using the app. And find the IP address. Also, you may use a mouse or a keyboard to control your TV. Modern TVs have ports for those external devices.

There are actually several ways to find your TV IP address without a remote.

In the Bonus sections above, I discussed ways to do it using a Mac, a Windows, and a phone.

So here, I’ll walk you through turning your phone into a remote control. So you can use it to go to your TV’s Network settings. And find its IP address.

Note that the following guides are for Samsung, Android, and Roku TVs. 

For other brands, you may use 3rd party remote apps. Such as the Universal TV Remote app that’s available for Android and iOS devices.

How to use the SmartThings app to find your Samsung TV’s IP address

How To Use SmartThings App To Find Your Samsung TV's IP Address

Step #1: Download and install the SmartThings app on your phone. It’s available on Android and iOS.

Step #2: Launch the app on your phone.

Step #3: Click the Devices tab. Then tap the Add icon. Followed by Add Device.

Step #4: Tap the Scan nearby button. 

Step #5: Wait for the app to find your TV. Once it appears on the list, tap it to add.

Step #6: Follow the on-screen prompt to finish adding your TV to the app.

Step #7: Go back to the SmartThings app’s home page. Tap Menu and then All Devices.

Step #8: Select your TV. A virtual remote should appear on the app. You may then use it to go to your TV’s Settings and Network menu. From there, you can find your Samsung TV’s IP address.

How to use the Android remote app to find your Android TV’s IP address

Step #1: Download and install the Android TV remote app for iOS or Android.

Step #2: Open the app. It should start scanning for devices.

Step #3: Click your Android TV’s name once it appears on the app. The TV should then automatically pair with the app.

Step #4: Using the app, go to your Android TV’s home screen by tapping the Home button. 

Then select Settings > Network > Network Status. You’ll see your Android TV’s IP address from there.

How to use the Roku Mobile app to find your Roku TV’s IP address

Step #1: Download the Roku Mobile app on your phone. Android or iOS.

Step #2: Open the app on your smartphone.

Step #3: Wait for the app to detect your Roku TV. Then click your TV’s name.

Step #4: With the app now paired to the TV, click the app’s Remote icon. And use the buttons to navigate the Roku TV menu.

Just go to Settings > Network > About to find your Roku TV’s IP address.

Does a Smart TV have an IP address?

A smart TV has 2 IP addresses. One private. And one public. Your home router determines your TV’s private IP address. While your internet service provider assigns the public IP address. This is the case for any device connected to the internet. Whether it’s a smart TV, laptop, or phone.

Here’s another thing worth noting. 

All devices connected to the same network have the same public IP address.

So, for example, you connected your smart TV, phone, and laptop to your home WiFi.

Because they’re using the same network, their public IP addresses are identical.

That’s why an easy way to know your smart TV’s public IP address…

Is to grab a laptop or a phone connected to the same WiFi as the TV. 

Then open a web browser. And go to the What Is My IP Address website.

It’ll automatically detect your device’s public IP address. And whatever comes out there is the same one your TV has.

What is the purpose of having a TV IP Address?

The purpose of having a TV IP address is for the TV to be able to receive data from the internet. Smart TVs use apps that require an online connection. Examples are streaming services like Netflix. And for the app’s servers to be able to send files like movies, they’d need to know your TV’s IP address.

Let me attempt to clarify it further.

An IP address is just like your home address.

Let’s say you ordered something from Amazon.

Would you be able to receive your package if you didn’t provide an address?

You wouldn’t. Because Amazon wouldn’t know where to send it in the first place.

In the same manner…

Let’s say you want to stream a particular Netflix movie on your smart TV.

For that to happen, Netflix would need to send a copy of the movie. From its servers to your smart TV.

Now, if your smart TV doesn’t have an IP address…

There’s no way the Netflix servers would be able to locate your smart TV.

And so, they wouldn’t be able to send your TV a copy of the movie. Therefore, you wouldn’t be able to stream it.

In other words, without an IP address…

Apps like Netflix won’t work on your smart TV. And your TV wouldn’t be able to receive files like web pages, music, and videos from the internet at all.