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7 Steps To Reset Your LG Refrigerator In 19 Seconds (2023)

How To Reset LG Refrigerator

Whether you want to resolve the error on your LG refrigerator,

Or you want to get it back to running after a power outage…

Resetting it is one of the best solutions.

Not only is it easy to perform, but it can fix most power and mechanical issues.

So, shall we?

Read on to know:

  • When you should only reset your fridge.
  • 7 simple steps to reset your LG refrigerator.
  • LG refrigerator error codes and what they mean.
  • The best-recommended refrigerator temperature setting.
  • And that’s only the beginning…

How to reset an LG refrigerator?

To reset an LG refrigerator, unplug it for about 30 seconds. Then, replug the fridge and set your desired temperature setting. Suppose your appliance displays an error code on the control panel. First, identify what that error code means. And check whether a reset is necessary to resolve it. 

7 steps to reset an LG refrigerator

#1: Identify the error code on the display

Note: If you’re resetting your LG fridge to resolve an error, continue reading this section. But if you’re resetting it after a power outage or for other reasons, jump to step #3.

When your LG fridge runs into some problem, it’ll display an error code on its front control panel.

Its purpose is to notify and alert the user to fix the issue as soon as possible.

While there are several LG refrigerator error codes, only a few of them require a reset.

And here are those specific ones:

Error CodeCause/Meaning
dH, FdH, rdH, ErdHThe freezer has been defrosting for more than 1 hour already.
FFThere’s an issue with the freezer fan.
IF, F1There’s an issue with the ice maker fan.
rFThere’s an abnormality in the fridge fan motor.

Most of the time, these errors happen due to frost and ice build-ups.

If you see these error codes on your fridge control panel, reset your fridge to resolve the problem.

But if it displays a different one, check your user’s manual for specific solutions. Or search for your product manual online.

Warning: Unnecessary resetting can further damage your appliance. So, only do a reset if necessary and when prompted to do so.

You can also watch this video to learn an alternative way to fix the error code FF:

#2: Remove the food supplies on the unit 

If the fridge displays any of the error codes above, you have to reset and defrost your refrigerator.

And that whole process can take several hours.

That being said, before you do a reset, make sure to empty your unit first. Doing this is necessary to avoid food spillage and spoilage.

Here are the things you should remove:

  • Ice in the ice bin.
  • Wet food in the freezer.
  • Food supplies at the shelves.

Tip: Transfer highly-perishable goods to a cooler to continue preserving them. Or to another refrigerator if you have one.

If you want to avoid this hassle, reset your fridge before restocking it.

#3: Unplug the appliance

Are you ready to do a reset?

If yes, then unplug your refrigerator.

The reason:

LG refrigerators have no reset buttons. So, you have to manually reboot its compressor and system by forcibly turning it OFF.

And you can do that by removing its plug from the power source.

“But I can’t reach my fridge’s plug…”

If that’s the case, cut off its power by shutting down its circuit breaker.

Look for the breaker box in your house, and turn OFF the refrigerator circuit breaker. 

If you can’t find it on the breaker box, search for a single circuit breaker. It should be near your appliance or around your kitchen.

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#4: Replug the unit

After that, let it sit for several minutes.

Depending on the issue of your fridge, here’s how long you should keep it unplugged:

  • Due to error rF: at least 8 hours.
  • Due to error FF: at least 8 hours.
  • Due to error IF, F1: at least 8 hours.
  • Due to a power outage: 30 seconds.
  • Due to fridge isn’t cooling: 30 seconds.
  • Due to error dH, FdH, rdH, ErdH: 2 minutes.


Turning the fridge’s power OFF for several seconds or minutes helps reboot its compressor and condenser. Which are responsible for the fridge’s cooling system.

So, technically, this process improves the unit’s performance and cooling function.

Once the time is up…

Turn ON your LG refrigerator by replugging it. 

If you’ve shut down its circuit breaker, switch it back ON.

When plugging the cord into a socket, ensure that it’s fully inserted. As this can cause an electrical hazard and damage your fridge.

Note: This completes the reset process.

#5: Set desired temperature setting

Set Desired Temperature Setting

Now that you’ve reset your fridge, it’s time to adjust the fridge temperature.

You have to set 2 temperature levels:

  • One for the freezer.
  • One for the general compartment.

You can pick any temperature level you want, as long as it’s not higher than the recommended setting.

According to the FDA, your refrigerator temperature should be at 40°F (4°C). And the freezer at 0°F (-18°C).

Anything higher than that can affect proper food preservation. 

To adjust your LG refrigerator temperature…

Press the UP or DOWN arrows on the control panel until you reach your desired setting.

If your unit has a temperature dial, rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise.

#6: Let the fridge cool for a whole day

“I adjusted its setting several minutes ago. But I don’t think it’s cooling properly…”

If your fridge isn’t cooling to the right temperature, just wait for about 24 hours.

The reason:

Since the fridge has been reset, It can take one full day for the unit to stabilize its internal temperature.

The refrigerator’s condenser and compressor shut off when you cut off its power supply. Meaning the fridge’s cooling system would be turned OFF as well.

And it’ll take time for its internal temperature to adjust from “room temperature” to “freezing point.”

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#7: Contact LG support for repair

If a reset didn’t work, contact LG support.

This is a good option, especially if your LG refrigerator is still under warranty. As they won’t charge you for their service.

Just prepare the following:

  • Warranty information.
  • LG fridge serial number.
  • LG fridge model number.
  • Purchase/Installation Date.

You can find the model and serial numbers on the right wall of the refrigerator. And also in your user’s manual.

Once you’ve provided it, they’ll ask you to try other troubleshooting methods. Or schedule your appliance for repair service.

Frequently asked questions:

Is there a reset button on an LG refrigerator?

There is no reset button on an LG refrigerator. If you need to reset it after a power outage, unplug it for about 30 seconds. Then, replug it and set your desired temperature setting. Take note that it may take up to 24 hours for your fridge to stabilize its internal temperature after a reset. 

For refrigerators that display error codes, you have to unplug your unit longer

It should be unplugged for a minimum of 2 minutes to a maximum of 8 hours, depending on the issue.

So, make sure to identify first what the error code on your display means.

When should you reset an LG refrigerator?

You should reset an LG refrigerator when it suddenly has stopped running or cooling due to a power interruption. A reset is also necessary to resolve certain LG fridge errors.

The error codes that require resetting are:

  • rF.
  • FF.
  • IF, F1.
  • dH, FdH, rdH, ErdH.

When you see these error codes on your fridge’s control panel, reset and defrost your appliance.

But before you do that, make sure to empty your fridge to avoid spillage. And transfer perishable goods to tightly-sealed containers or coolers to continue preserving them.

Warning: Avoid resetting your fridge if not needed, as this can damage your unit’s compressor.

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