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5 Easy Steps To Play Spotify Videos On TV (2023 How-To)

How To Play Spotify Videos On TV

Who says Spotify’s only for streaming music?

Since mid-2020, the app has also been rolling out videos as well.

In fact, you can easily watch Spotify videos on your TV. 

And that’s regardless of whether your device is smart or not.

Continue reading to find out:

  • Whether you can play Spotify videos on all types of TVs.
  • 5 effective fixes if you can’t get Spotify videos to work on your TV.
  • Step-by-step guides on how to play Spotify videos on both smart and non-smart TV.
  • And a lot more…

How to play Spotify videos on TV – 5 steps

Just a quick note before we begin.

The steps below are for Smart TVs. 

But don’t worry if you own a non-smart unit. I’ll also be providing the steps to play Spotify videos on that. Just jump to the Bonus section for the guide.

Alright. Let’s get started.

#1: Download and install the Spotify app on your Smart TV

Spotify’s available on the most popular TV brands. So just go to your Smart TV’s app store. 

And from there, look for the Spotify app. 

When you find it, click the Download button.

#2: Log in to the Spotify app

Type in your account’s username and passwords and hit Enter.

Now, I know typing a lot of characters can be hard on a Smart TV. 

That’s why I’ll also teach you an alternative way to log in. But you’ll also need a smartphone for this one.

Note: Ensure that you have the Spotify app on your phone. And that your phone and Smart TV are connected to the same WiFi. Otherwise, this method won’t work.

Here’s how to log in to your TV’s Spotify app using only a code:

Step #1: On the Spotify app on your TV, click the Log In with Code button. An activation code should appear on your screen.

Step #2: On your phone, open a web browser. Then go to Spotify’s pairing page.

Step #3: Type the activation code into the pairing page’s textbox. Then click the Pair button.

That’s it. You should now be logged in to your TV’s Spotify app.

But if it didn’t work, it’s likely because you’ve typed in the wrong activation code. You may repeat the steps to try logging in again.

And to make it easier for you, here’s a video on how to log in to Spotify via a code:

#3: Search for a Spotify video

On your Smart TV’s Spotify app home screen, click the Search icon. And then type in the title of the episode or show that you want to watch.

#4: Open the Spotify video once you find it

Click the title of the video, and it should start playing. 

#5: Click the full-screen icon to maximize the video’s size

Just click the icon with opposing arrows to go full screen.

In addition, you may also click the Now Playing icon to show the video controls. You should then see the options for the following:

  • Pause.
  • Rewind.
  • Fast-forward.

Bonus: How to play Spotify videos on a non-smart TV

You don’t need to own a Smart TV to enjoy Spotify videos.

It’s just as easy to watch even with a traditional TV set. The idea here’s to screen mirror your non-smart TV with your phone.

But for it to work, you’ll need the following:

The kind of adapter that you’ll need would depend on your phone.

If it’s an iPhone, then you’ll have to use an HDMI to Lightning.

But if it’s an Android device, then the HDMI to USB C should work.

Furthermore, check if your TV has an HDMI port. 

If it only has RCA ports… 

Then you’d also need an HDMI to RCA converter.

With that, let’s dive in.

A step-by-step guide to playing Spotify videos on a non-Smart TV

Step #1: Connect the HDMI to Lightning or USB C adapter to your smartphone.

Step #2: Connect one of the HDMI cable’s plugs to the HDMI adapter.

Step #3: Plug the HDMI cable’s other end into your TV.

If you don’t have an HDMI port, plug it into the HDMI to RCA converter instead.

Step #4: If you’re using an RCA converter, plug its other end into your TV’s RCA port.

Step #5: Change your TV’s input to the HDMI or RCA port that you’re using. You’d know you’re on the correct source if you could see your phone’s screen on the TV.

Step #6: Open the Spotify app on your smartphone.

Step #7: Click the search icon and try to find a video to play.

Step #8: Tap the title of the episode or video to open it. The video should begin playing.

However, if it won’t play, just close the app and relaunch it. 

That’s how you can easily fix a Spotify app that’s not working on Android or iPhone.

Step #9: Tap the full-screen icon to maximize the video on both your phone and TV.

Can you play Spotify videos on all TVs?

You can play Spotify videos on most TVs. For Smart TVs, you’ll only need to install the Spotify app. And play any video from there. For non-smart TVs, you may do it via screen mirroring. Just connect your phone to your TV via an HDMI adapter. Then play the video through your phone’s Spotify app.

The only TVs where you won’t be able to play Spotify videos are those without an RCA or HDMI port. That’s because, with those types, screen mirroring would be impossible.

Why can’t I get Spotify videos on my TV?

You can’t get Spotify videos on your TV due to network connection issues. You need stable internet for Spotify to work properly. In addition, your TV’s possibly glitching. And the app might be outdated. In some cases, a data-saving setting on Spotify may also prevent a video from loading.

There are several possible reasons why Spotify videos aren’t working on your TV.

I’ll go over each of them. And then, I’ll provide you with easy and effective fixes.

#1: Spotify’s Data Saver options are on

The Spotify app has 2 particular options under its Data Saver menu. These are:

  • Audio Quality.
  • Download audio only.

When Audio Quality’s on, Spotify will automatically lower the caliber of the sound.

Meanwhile, the Download audio only option prevents any video from loading. This is because Spotify videos, in general, use a lot of data.

So if you’re trying to watch a Spotify video… 

You’ll have to disable both Data Saver options. Here’s how:

Step #1: From Spotify’s home screen, click the gear icon to open Settings.

Step #2: Scroll down to the Data Saver tab.

Step #3: Highlight Audio Quality. Then toggle it off.

Step #4: Select Download audio only and switch it off.

Afterward, go back to the home screen. Then search for a video and try to play it.

#2: Your internet connection’s unstable

Your Internet Connection's Unstable

Another reason why a Spotify video won’t load on your TV is because of network issues.

You’d need around 3 to 5 Mbps of download speed for it to work.

So check your network speed to see if it meets the streaming requirement.

To do that, just open a browser on a device that’s using the same WiFi as your TV.

Then go to the Speed Test website to verify your download speed.

If it’s slow, restart your modem and router. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Disconnect both from the outlet.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds up to a minute.
  3. Turn both devices back on by plugging them back in.

#3: The Spotify app’s malfunctioning

As with any application, Spotify’s also prone to temporary glitches or malfunctions.

And it’s possibly why it can’t play a video on your TV.

To fix this, close the Spotify app. And then wait for a minute or 2 before relaunching it.

Now, try to play a video again.

If it’s still not working…

The next troubleshooting step you can perform’s to reset the app.

To do that, delete the Spotify app on your TV. And then reinstall it.

You’ll then have to sign back in. You may refer to the previous section for a quick way to do that.

Once you’re in, you may attempt to play a video again.

#4: Your Smart TV’s glitching

It’s also possible there’s no problem with the Spotify app.

But it’s your Smart TV that’s having software problems.

And as with the app, you can resolve this issue by restarting your device.

These are the steps to restart any Smart TV:

Step #1: While the device’s still on, unplug it from its power source.

Step #2: Find its built-in power button. It should be at the side or on the bottom. Then press and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds. This is to remove any remaining electrical charge.

Step #3: Wait for 1 to 2 minutes.

Step #4: Plug the TV back into the outlet. 

#5: Your cable or adapter’s defective

This fix is if you’re trying to play a Spotify video on a non-smart TV.

First, ensure that your TV’s on the correct source. 

If you plugged your phone into your TV’s HDMI port…

Check the port number. And switch to that input.

If you’re using an HDMI to RCA converter, the right input’s AV.

Now, if you’re still not seeing your phone screen on your TV…

Try to disconnect all the cables and adapters. Remove them from your phone and the TV.

And then reconnect all of them. Ensure that everything’s plugged in firmly.

But if that doesn’t fix the issue, your cable or adapter’s possibly defective. So you should find a replacement instead.