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13 Easy Steps To Download VLC On A Samsung TV (2023)

How To Download VLC On A Samsung TV

Clicking the traffic cone…

That’s the initial step to play and watch any video you want.

With it, you’re opening the best media player there is: VLC.

But the issue is that VLC isn’t present on your Samsung TV by default.

And so, you ask:

“Can I download it instead?”

Continue reading to discover:

  • What’s the best video player for Samsung TV.
  • 13 quick steps to watch on VLC to your Samsung TV (and in 2 varying ways).
  • And that’s just the beginning…

How to download VLC on a Samsung TV – 13 steps

Before we proceed, it’s best that you know this as early as now:

You can’t download VLC on your Samsung TV for now.

That’s because Samsung TVs run on a different software…

While you can download VLC on a Smart TV running using Android…

It’s not yet possible on a Samsung TV that runs Tizen OS

Apparently, Tizen dropped VLC due to a lack of interest.

But you wouldn’t have to drop this matter, too. 

Trust me. There are certain ways to still use VLC on your Samsung TV.

And for you, I’ve got 2. 

First is by using Google Chromecast on your Samsung TV. Then, cast from a Windows PC or Mac. 

And I must say…

This is a widely-used hack in this situation. Plus, it’s also the most convenient.

But for a cheaper option, you can try to use an HDMI cable. It should be connected from your device that has VLC to your Samsung TV.

With that said, I’ll be elaborating on all of them. Starting with:

How to watch on VLC to your Samsung TV using Chromecast 

Note: These steps apply to both Windows PC and Mac users.

#1: Connect your Chromecast to your Samsung TV

Tip: Do this while your Samsung TV is on for efficiency.

You must connect your Chromecast to your Samsung TV via an HDMI cable. 

Your Samsung TV has at least 1 HDMI port. 

Note: Verify which HDMI port exactly you connected your Chromecast to. It’ll be useful in Step #3.

#2: Plug your Chromecast into a power source

  1. Take the cable and connect the micro USB end to your Chromecast.
  2. Insert the other end of the cable (USB A) into the adapter.
  3. Plug the adapter into a power outlet.

Reading tip: (11 Fixes) Samsung TV Chromecast Not Working

#3: Switch to HDMI on your Samsung TV

Remember my note from earlier?

You must verify which HDMI port your Chromecast is connected to. It’s necessary for the following substeps:

  1. Click Source on your Samsung TV remote.
  2. Look for the specific name/number of the HDMI port and click that.

Note: If you followed my tip on Step #1, you could skip this step. That’s because your TV can automatically go to the HDMI input and access your Chromecast.

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#4: Ensure your PC and Chromecast are connected to the same network

For this to work, you need your PC and Chromecast on the same page. 

And that means you should connect them to the same WiFi network.

So, here’s how to check what WiFi network your device is connected to. Starting with:

Windows PC
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Network and Internet.
  3. Proceed to WiFi.
  4. Check to see which network your PC is connected to.

Or you can also select the WiFi logo on your taskbar. With that, a list of networks should appear. The one at the top is the network your PC’s linked to.

  1. Go to Apple menu.
  2. Proceed to System Preferences.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Click Wi-Fi.
  5. Check which network your Mac is connected to.
  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Select and hold your Chromecast’s tile.
  3. Click Device information.
  4. Select Wi-Fi.
  5. Check what network your Chromecast is connected to.
And if they’re not connected to the same WiFi network:

I suggest you change the WiFi network on your MAC or PC’s end.

That’s because connecting to a new network is easier on your PC.

#5: Download and install the VLC App on your PC

If your PC already has a VLC app installed, you can skip to #6. 

But if you don’t have the VLC app on your PC yet…

Here’s how to download and install it:

Step 1: Head to VLC’s official download page by clicking this link.

Step 2: Click the “Download” button.

Note: After clicking, you’ll be redirected to another page. By then, VLC should start downloading. If not, find the option you must click if the download didn’t start after 10 seconds.

Step 3: Once the download is finished, click the file. Then, follow on-screen prompts to install VLC on your PC.

After you click “Finish,” VLC must run for the first time. And that’s it.

Also, the steps might differ a little when you’re using Mac. So, to guide you accordingly, here’s a helpful instructional video:

#6: Open the VLC app

As I mentioned, after installing, the VLC app will automatically open.

But if you’ve had the app installed already…

And both your Chromecast and device are connected to the same WiFi network…

It’s time to open the VLC app. 

#7: Click Playback

In the top-left of your VLC app window lies its menu…

There, you’ll find Playback. Click it.

#8: Hover over Renderer

Under Playback, you’ll find Renderer. Hover your mouse over the latter for more options to appear on the right.

#9: Select your Chromecast device

The options that’ll appear are the devices detected.

Look for your Chromecast from those options. 

What to do if your Chromecast doesn’t appear on the list:
  1. Exit your VLC app.
  2. Wait for 10 seconds.
  3. Reopen the app.
  4. Access Playback > Renderer again.
  5. Check if your Chromecast device finally shows.
  6. If not, go back to #2 and make sure that your Chromecast and PC are connected to the same network.
  7. Once you’re sure they’re on the same WiFi network, select Scan.
  8. Wait for a few seconds until your Chromecast appears.

Still nothing?

I got you all the way. Follow this:

  1. On the menu bar, go to Tools.
  2. Select Messages.
  3. Change the verbosity setting to 2.
  4. Click Close.
  5. Repeat the initial steps above (1 to 5). 

#10: Open the video file

By now, the VLC app should be casting on your Samsung TV through Chromecast.

And before you get to say, “Finally”…

The last thing to do is to open the video file you intend to watch. To do that:

  1. Click Media on the menu bar.
  2. Select Open File.
  3. This should open your folders, so just select the file you intend to open.

Pro tip: Skip the first 2 steps above by just doing the shortcut (Ctrl + O).

After that, you can now enjoy the video on your Samsung TV.

How to cast VLC from PC using HDMI cable

Another way to watch videos on VLC then cast them on your Samsung TV…

Is by the use of an HDMI cable.

And not only is this the easiest option…

This is also the cheapest.

You see, a Chromecast costs around $30 to $50. While the most affordable high-quality HDMI is around $6 only. 

If you choose this option, you won’t be missing much. It works just the same as it casts the screen of your PC to your Samsung TV.

With that said, here’s how to cast VLC to your Samsung TV using an HDMI cable:

#1: Connect the HDMI cable

Connect HDMI Cable To Your Samsung TV
To your Samsung TV

As I mentioned, your Samsung TV has several HDMI ports…

Choose whatever’s available. And remember the specific port for ease later on.

Lastly, recalling the tip I gave before…

It’s best to do this while your TV is on.

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To your PC

The next thing is just to plug the other end of the cable into your PC’s HDMI port.

If you can’t find an HDMI port on your device, you might need to use an adapter.

For laptops, you can opt for this adapter. You can plug it into your laptop’s USB port.

As for Mac users without an HDMI port…

Use Apple’s Lightning to Digital AV Adapter.

#2: Choose your TV as display

Note: You only need to do this if you’re not using a Mac.

If you’ve never connected your PC to your Samsung TV before…

You’ll need to do these steps first.

Now, to be specific…

If you want to use your PC while watching on your Samsung TV…

Then follow these steps to extend your PC’s display:

  1. On your desktop, right-click on any empty space.
  2. Choose Display Settings. The Display window should appear after.
  3. 2 screens should be detected. If not, click Detect.
  4. Once 2 screens are present, select Identify.

With that, your TV should show an extension of your PC’s screen.

And if you want a mere duplicate. Follow steps 1 to 3 above. And this is where it’ll differ:

  1. Click the option under Multiple displays.
  2. Select the Duplicate desktop setting.

#3: Open VLC media player and play video

If you don’t have VLC on your device yet…

Go to #5 under the section:

How to watch on VLC to your Samsung TV using Chromecast.

And once you have the app downloaded and installed…

You can proceed to follow #6 to #10 in the same section I mentioned.

Is VLC the best video player for Samsung TV?

VLC isn’t the best video player for Samsung. Rather, it’s NexPlayer.

According to Nexplayer, they’re the only video player they recommend for Samsung TVs. Specifically for models 2015 and onwards. 

That’s because this video player supports all Samsung Tizen Models.

With that, the Samsung Tizen Smart TV apps are easily integrated into it.