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Whirlpool Refrigerator Beeping: 9 Instant Fixes (2023)

Whirlpool Refrigerator Beeping

Do you know that high-pitched sound a car makes when it’s reversing?

It can be so annoying.

That’s why you’re shocked when you hear this in your kitchen.

Only it’s not a car that makes it…

Instead, it’s your Whirlpool refrigerator.

Okay, now, how to make it stop?

I got you.

Keep reading to learn:

  • Why your Whirlpool refrigerator is beeping.
  • 5 dangers of leaving your refrigerator door open (you wouldn’t want #3).
  • 9 immediate fixes to make the beeping sound on your Whirlpool refrigerator stop.
  • And that’s just the beginning…

Why is my Whirlpool refrigerator beeping?

Your Whirlpool refrigerator is beeping because the door is left open. It’ll start beeping once the door remains open after 5 minutes. Another cause of beeping is a non-level refrigerator. And if there’s a power outage, your Whirlpool refrigerator will start to beep once power is restored. 

Whirlpool refrigerator beeping: 9 fixes

#1: Touch any button on the Control panel

First of all, this fix is most applicable if there’s been a recent power outage. 

This is what happens if an event like that occurs:

Since your refrigerator stops regulating its temperature when the power’s off…

That means the longer the power outage is, the warmer your refrigerator gets.

With that, the temperature has risen inside the appliance.

And once the power is back…

Your Whirlpool refrigerator detects that the temperature inside has increased.

So, your refrigerator will begin beeping to let you know.

Moreover, the control panel displays a text that reads “Power Outage.” 

And all you need to do to make it stop is to touch any button on the control panel.

Now, you must know that doing this only halts the beeping. 

However, your refrigerator alone will work on returning its preferred internal temperature.

So the beeping is just an alert from your appliance. Some signal that it’s about to do some intense work to go back to its ideal temp.

#2: Close the door 

As I mentioned, the beeping sound works like an alert. 

And when you come near to your refrigerator…

You’ll see on the control panel what’s it about.

And this time, it’s a door open. Which you might be able to tell, even if you haven’t seen the text on the display that says:

“Door Ajar.”

With that, all you have to do is close the door. Then, the beeping sound should stop. Plus, the notice on the control panel should disappear.

Now, I wanna let you know about something…

Why does your refrigerator go to great lengths to remind you about closing its doors?

That’s because there are…

Dangers of leaving your refrigerator door open

#1: Sweat

It’s sweating because of condensation. Which, according to science, is when vapor turns into liquid.

So if you’ve watched “The Martian” starring Matt Damon…

You might know condensation as to how he produced more water on Mars.

Anyway, back to Earth where your refrigerator is…

When you leave its door open…

You’re letting hot air come inside.

And when that warm vapor meets the cold inside of the fridge…

That begins condensation. Then, water droplets form, which is the so-called sweat.

Now, this is a sign that your refrigerator’s having a hard time regulating its temperature.

#2: Spoilage

As I mentioned, hot air enters the refrigerator when the door’s open.

That means the temperature inside it increases. 

Now, bacteria grow faster when the temperature’s warm…

According to USDA, there’s a danger zone where bacteria can begin multiplying quickly. It’s between 40°F (4.4°C) to 140°F (60°C).

But that’s not all…

Bacteria growth doubles in number every 20 minutes.

And that means whatever food you have inside your refrigerator can get spoilt. Bacteria have taken over them.

Moreover, remember condensation?

Well, the insides of your food’s Tupperware can experience that, too.

With that, moisture also increases on the container itself. Which can contribute to faster spoilage.

#3: Overheat

Like I said…

Your refrigerator is gonna have a hard time when you leave the door open.

It’s going to struggle to keep up with the temperature changes.

And there’ll be a point where it’s getting hard to maintain everything. Yet, it’ll keep trying.

However, like us, your refrigerator can crack off pressure and exhaustion…

For your fridge, that’ll show through overheating.

It’s because, unfortunately, the thermostat still detects high temperatures…

Which signals your compressor to double-work.

Warning: This can create adverse long-term effects on your Whirlpool refrigerator. Moreover, regular overheating can lessen your appliance’s lifespan.

#4: High electricity bill

And since your compressor’s working twice as hard…

You’re gonna pay the price. I mean that literally.

That’s because overworking causes too much energy usage. Hence, the likely increase in your electricity bill.

#5: Evaporator coil may freeze

Lastly, the most dangerous of all…

Leaving the refrigerator open can lead to a frozen evaporator coil.

Say that your fridge’s still sweating…

Still, it keeps on letting out cool air.

Which can frost those droplets.

And when the water gets to the evaporator coil. They freeze that too.

With that, your refrigerator’s performance will decline. You’ll notice that it takes too much time to get cold.

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#3: Avoid overfilling

Avoid Overfilling

Sometimes, you don’t forget to close the refrigerator’s door at all.

However, it remains open.


Because it didn’t close all the way.

Something’s preventing it from doing so.

And that’s the contents of your fridge. 

Since they’re too many…

A few of them might be sticking out.

So ensure that your fridge’s filled just enough. Remember that you must avoid overfilling it.

In the long run, not only can that prevent the annoying beeping sound again…

It can also contribute to your refrigerator’s performance and longevity.

But if you can’t get rid of the many things inside your fridge…

Then I highly suggest that you organize it at least. 

Not only can doing so put a stop to possibly more beepings…

You can also maximize your refrigerator’s space. Here, I recommend that you start with these fridge bin organizers

#4: Ensure shelves are well-put

Alright, you might have a decent amount of content in your refrigerator…

But why is it still not closing?

Well, some shelves might be poking out of the fridge.

So adjust all the shelves and check them out regularly. Ensure that they’re all well-put.

#5: Avoid blocking airflow

Another effect of overfilling your fridge is a blocked airflow…

With that, your refrigerator will work double again.

You see, the air vents in your fridge help regulate the temperature.

And if it’s blocked, air won’t properly circulate inside…

Such results in uneven temperature distribution. Then, into a beeping sound that signals something’s wrong.

If this is the case…

Organize your fridge and be mindful of its air vents. Ensure that there’s enough space for air to come out of it.

Note: A while ago, I recommended that you organize your fridge using bins. I still stand with that. However, ensure that you don’t stack them too much. Doing so can lead to blocked air vents.

#6: Inspect door seals

Okay, you checked and closed the refrigerator door…

But you’re still bugged with the periodical beeping of your appliance.

Moreover, that “Door Ajar” notice is still up on your control panel.

“What’s happening?”

Unfortunately, your door seals might not be doing their job.

They’re either misaligned or damaged. 

So check how your fridge’s doing in that area. 

If you see that the seals aren’t properly aligned…

Here’s a helpful video on how to fix it:

And if it’s damaged, I suggest that you have the door seals replaced. 

Note: Sadly, the door seals aren’t covered by the standard one-year warranty. So, the best you can do is take it to a repair shop for a replacement.

“How can I prevent damaged door seals?”

My answer to that is:

You can’t prevent damage to your door seals. One way or another, they’re bound to be worn off.

What you can do is know better when that’s about to happen.

And 1 way to tell that your seal’s are up for replacement is the paper test:

Step 1: Take a paper long enough for step 2.

Step 2: Put the paper between the fridge and the door. 

So, half of it’s sticking out, while the other half’s inside the fridge.

Step 3: Close the refrigerator door.

Step 4: Pull the paper from the fridge.

There should be a tug when you do so. But if you pull the paper out easily, then it’s slippery. That means it’s time you replace the seals…

Otherwise, you’d be looking into an unsealable fridge. Which will leave the door open. And you know what that leads to…beeping.

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#7: Level your refrigerator

If your refrigerator’s standing on an unlevel surface…

Or one of its feet is weirdly shorter than the others…

Your fridge’s swaying will be then accompanied by a beep.

Talk about making your refrigerator dance.

However funny that sounds…

It’s not supposed to be that way.

So ensure that your refrigerator’s placed on an even surface. 

Or that all of its foot stands the same height. If not, you need to insert a shim to level them properly. 

And for more information and instructions about leveling your refrigerator…

I urge you to check out your refrigerator’s manual. 

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#8: Perform a reset

If you suspect that your refrigerator’s beeping for no reason…

Well, it isn’t doing that at random.

For one, it might indicate that it’s malfunctioning. 

And when it seems like it’s beeping without reason…

It’s best that you reset your Whirlpool refrigerator. So here’s how to do that:

  1. Carefully unplug your refrigerator from the power outlet.
  2. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Plug the refrigerator’s power cord back into the socket.

After the fridge is up and back to running, it shouldn’t beep anymore. But if it does, you have fix #9 as your last card.

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#9: Reach out to Whirpool

Some things are out of your hands…

And you’ve come to that point with your Whirlpool refrigerator.

That said, it’s time to call out the big guys from Whirlpool.

And if it hasn’t been more than 1 year since you brought your appliance…

You can opt for the 1-year standard warranty.

If not, you can still ask for help from Whirlpool. Here’s their contact page. There, you’ll find out how to call them, initiate a chat, or send out a form.