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3 Easy Steps To Connect Xbox Without HDMI (2023 How-To)

How To Connect Xbox Without HDMI

It’s game time.

For that, you just have to plug your Xbox into the display.

But wait…

You find out your TV’s HDMI port doesn’t work…

Or the cable you have suddenly became faulty.

“What do I do now?”

Don’t fret…

There’s an easy solution.

Keep reading to learn:

  • Why your Xbox only has an HDMI port.
  • What video ports your display has.
  • 3 easy steps to connect Xbox to a display without HDMI.
  • And a lot more…

How to connect Xbox without HDMI – 3 steps

If your display’s HDMI port is not working or if it doesn’t have one…

Then, you can’t use the HDMI cable included with your Xbox.

But, the display will often have other ports you can use, such as a DisplayPort or a VGA.

If you’re thinking of using a spare non-HDMI cable to connect your Xbox to the display…

You’d see that it wouldn’t fit.

It’s because later Xbox generations only have one HDMI Out port as their video output.

So, even if you see multiple USB-A ports on your Xbox…

You can only use them for Xbox controllers and other accessories.

Now, if you want to connect your Xbox to the display…

You have to get a cable compatible with the display and the Xbox.

Of course, you can get an HDMI adapter instead. 

But, they tend to be more complicated to use yet are just as cheap as new, good-quality cables.

With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to help you through the process.

#1: Identify your display’s video input ports

You already know that your Xbox has no other video output port than its HDMI Out.

So, you need to identify the video ports your monitor or TV has.

Doing so will help you decide what type of connector the cable you need should have.

Modern displays will mainly have HDMI ports.

Yet they should also have other ports to support legacy devices.

These commonly include:

  • DVI.
  • VGA.
  • AV/RCA.
  • DisplayPort.

These are a lot, right?

But, your display will often only have one or two of these.

You’ll be able to find these ports behind or under it. 

Furthermore, they sometimes have tiny labels for easy identification.

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If possible, try listing down the ports your display has.

Note: It’s important to correctly identify these ports. Because some look the same, such as the USB-A, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

Getting them wrong can set you back a few dollars.

So, the next step is to…

#2: Choose a compatible cable

Choose A Compatible Cable

Now that you’ve identified what ports your display has…

It’s time to select a cable.

You should choose an option that has an HDMI connector on one end. 

The other should have a connector that’s compatible with your display.

For example, if your display has a VGA port, you can opt to buy an HDMI to VGA cable.

I know how complicated this mix-and-match can be.

So here are some cables I found you can use with your HDMI port:

OutputProduct recommendation
VGABenfei Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA
DVIAmazon Basics HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable
DisplayPortFoinnex HDMI to DisplayPort Cable

Just choose one with a connector that your display is compatible with.

Of course, you might find a cable around your home that you can use. 

So, try to look for one before purchasing to save cash.

Note: Check whether your display has male or female-type connectors before buying a cable. 

Male connectors have pins and are what you insert. Meanwhile, females are ports that receive male pins.

As a rule of thumb, you can only use a male connector with a female, and vice versa.

Now, what your Xbox needs is a male HDMI connector because it already has a female HDMI.

Moving on…

#3: Connect the Xbox to the display

Now that you have a cable in hand…

What’s next?

Well, you just have to connect the two devices. 

Thankfully, the process is as straightforward as it sounds.

First, plug the HDMI end of the cable into the Xbox’s HDMI Out port.

It’s found behind your Xbox console, regardless of the model.

Also, if you’re using an Xbox One, ensure that you don’t plug the connector into the HDMI In port. 

Doing so will result in no video displaying at all.

After all, you’re trying to send the Xbox’s video to the display.

Note: VGA and DVI ports don’t support audio. To fix this, you will either need to connect an external headset or speaker.

Next, plug the other end of the cable into the display’s corresponding port.

Additionally, for a visual guide on connecting your Xbox to the display, check out this video:

Warning: For VGA and DVI connectors, be careful not to force them into the port when they don’t fit. Doing so might misalign, or worse, break the connection pins.

We don’t want that to happen because there’s no way of repairing that damage.

Now, try turning the display on and starting your Xbox up. 

You should see the Xbox logo or menu screen on your display.

Does it work on all Xbox consoles?

It technically won’t work on all Xbox consoles.

You see, there are currently 4 Xbox generations, namely:

  • Xbox.
  • Xbox 360.
  • Xbox One.
  • Xbox Series X & Series S.

If you’re using the first-generation Xbox model (released in 2001), then you’re in luck. 

Your display’s lack of a functioning HDMI port shouldn’t be a problem for you…

Because the first Xboxes don’t have HDMI ports to output video.

Instead, it has a proprietary cable system that uses RCA connectors.

You’ll recognize them as a single cable split into yellow, white, and red plugs.

It’s quite outdated, so your display is unlikely to have RCA ports.

In this case, you can opt to get an RCA adapter for your first-generation Xbox console.

But, if your display supports an RCA connection, you’re good to go!

Unfortunately, succeeding generations of Xbox consoles are the issue.

The console itself also has several USB-A ports…

But, as I’ve said earlier, the HDMI port is the only video output it has.

It just isn’t programmed to deliver video from anywhere else.

Now, you’ve easily learned how to mix and match your way to connect your Xbox to the display…

Without even having to use an HDMI cable.

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