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Are Infinity Speakers Any Good? (Updated 2023 Guide)

Are Infinity Speakers Good

Infinity is a popular speaker brand that’s been around since 1968.

However, since popularity doesn’t necessarily equal quality…

It makes you wonder if their speakers are actually any good.

Well, it’s your lucky day.

Because I’ve listed detailed specifications and comparisons about Infinity just for you. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • The top 3 Infinity speakers you should try.
  • Whether or not Infinity speakers are worth it.
  • How Infinity compares to other popular brands like Pioneer.
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Are Infinity speakers good? 

Infinity speakers are good. They’re some of the best-selling speakers in the world. And they also have well-balanced frequencies that need little to no equalizing. These speakers also have high sensitivity. So with just a little power, they can produce loud sounds. 

What are the best Infinity speakers?

The best Infinity speakers are the REF-9623ix and 62IX models. These are car speakers and are some of the brand’s best-selling devices.

And if you want to know more about these products, continue reading to learn about the… 

Top-3 Infinity speakers you should try

#1: Reference 3032cf ($50)

If you’re on a budget yet don’t want to sacrifice the audio quality of your car speakers…

This model will give you the best bang for your buck. 

See, for only $50, Reference 3032cf will give you:

  • Decent bass.
  • Loud volume. 
  • Clear-sounding mids and highs. 

And if you’re wondering:

“How can such cheap speakers have high-quality audio?”

Well, that’s all possible thanks to how these Infinity speakers were designed.

For example…

The woofer cones of this model cover a wide surface area. 

So these Infinity speakers can produce more bass with little effort. And they’re also very efficient in producing louder audio.

Moreover, this model can also reach the sound frequencies of 21 kHz.

Note: Humans can hear 20 Hz to 20 kHz. So you surely won’t miss out on any mids to high sounds with this device.

On top of that…

You can also use these affordable car speakers with any head unit.

That’s because their impedance can compensate for any ohms from an amp. 

And if you want more information about these speakers, here’s the… 

Specifications of Reference 3032cf
Power handling/ RMS25 W
Peak power handling90 W
Sensitivity91 dB
Frequency response85Hz – 21kHz
Impedance2 ohms
Mounting depth1-1/2 inches

#2: REF-9623ix ($90)

If you’re looking for a 3-way car speaker that has astounding highs…

I highly recommend getting this REF-9623ix model.

Note: 3-way speakers have individual drivers for different parts of frequencies. So you can hear bass, mids, and highs distinctly from each other. 

See, these speakers have:

  • Deep bass. 
  • Detailed mids and highs. 
  • Frequency response of up to 30 kHz. 

Plus, they’re also well-designed. So these can alleviate your car’s aesthetics and not just its audio.

For more details about this device, here are the… 

Specifications of REF-9623ix
Power handling/ RMS100 W
Peak power handling300 W
Sensitivity94 dB
Frequency response46HZ – 30KHZ
Impedance3.0 ohms

Now, if you’re wondering…

“How does this model compare to the previous speakers?”

Well, as you can see from the charts of both devices…

The REF-9623ix has a much broader frequency range than the 3032cf.

So the latter has more bass and clearer trebles (highs) than the former model.

Moreover, the pricier model also has higher sensitivity.

So they’ll be much more efficient in converting power into sound. 

Fun fact: An increase of 3 dB in sensitivity represents a 23% rise in loudness. So these REF-9623ix speakers are 23% louder than the previous model mentioned. 

#3: Kappa 62IX ($105)

Looking for speakers with bass you can feel in your chest?

Then you should try these 2-way speakers from Infinity.

See, this model delivers tight bass thanks to its wide cones.

And it also has textile dome tweeters with oversized coils. So these speakers can safely handle high-volume playbacks for extended periods.

Moreover, when you buy this model…

You’ll also get all the tools needed to hook new speakers to your car, including: 

  • Grilles.
  • Screws. 
  • Speed clips.
  • Foam gaskets.
  • Owner’s manual. 
  • Multi-hole adapter rings.

So you can immediately connect this device to your car with ease.

Furthermore, these speakers also have incredibly high sensitivity (95 dB).

So you can achieve superb volumes at very little watts consumption (5 W).

And if you want to know more about this device’s capabilities, here are the…

Specifications of Kappa 62IX
Power handling/ RMS75 W
Peak power handling225 W
Sensitivity95 dB
Frequency response45Hz – 25kHz
Impedance2.7 ohms

Fun fact: Optimizing your car speakers’ EQ settings will make them sound even better. 

How do Infinity speakers compare to other speaker brands?

Infinity is better than brands like JBL. And it also has speakers that are much louder than those from brands like Alpine and Pioneer. However, note that Infinity’s bass sometimes falls short compared to other companies. So this brand might not be your best choice if you love bass. 

Now, for more information on how Infinity compares to other companies, here’s a detailed… 

Comparison between Infinity and 3 popular speaker brands

#1: JBL 

JBL Speakers

Let’s start comparing Infinity to a brand that’s also under its parent company Harman.

And that’s none other than JBL. 

Now, some will say that since both these brands are part of the same corporate group…

They simply have identical audio qualities. 

However, honestly, JBL and Infinity aren’t as similar as you might think. 

For starters, JBL offers more versatile audio devices than Infinity does.

As you probably know, the brand is well-known for its:

  • Home-theatre devices. 
  • Bluetooth headphones.
  • Wireless, portable speakers.

So JBL’s focus isn’t solely on car audio products. 

On the other hand… 

Infinity puts great importance on its car speakers than other audio devices.

So their car stereo models have:

  • Excellent bass.
  • High-quality mids and high frequencies. 
  • Sound qualities that are perfect for enclosed space. 

That’s why if you’re looking for speaker replacements for your car…

Infinity is the better choice between these 2 brands. 

Because not only do they sound better when used in an enclosed area like your car…

They’re also usually $20 cheaper than similar models from JBL. 

Want to see speakers from these 2 brands compared using the same song? Watch this video:

#2: Pioneer 

For this comparison…

Let’s use Infinity’s Reference 6032cf ($120) and TS-A1675R ($90) from Pioneer. 

Now, there’s a $30 difference between these devices.

However, since they’re the most popular 6-inch speakers from both brands…

They’re perfect examples for this comparison.

That said, let’s start with checking the…

Specifications of Pioneer and Infinity speakers
Power handling/ RMS50 W60 W
Peak power handling300 W180 W
Sensitivity90 dB93 dB
Frequency response35 Hz to 31 kHz53 – 21k Hz
Impedance4 ohms2 ohms

As you can see from this table… 

Pioneer’s model has a better frequency response than Infinity’s speakers. 

This means that the former brand can provide better bass than the latter.

So you’ll like Pioneer speakers more if you like bass-driven songs like:

  • Jazz.
  • Rock. 
  • Hip-hop. 

But rest assured that Infinity’s mids and highs are as good as those from Pioneer’s model.

That’s because both brands exceed 20 kHz.

Which as I mentioned earlier, is the highest frequency humans can hear. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that Infinity speakers are louder than Pioneer.

That’s because they can handle 93 dB of audio, while those from the latter only project 90 dB. 

That said, if you love bass, I recommend getting speakers from Pioneer.

Or alternatively, you can also add a separate subwoofer to a model from Infinity.

However, if you prefer blasting your music…

Infinity speakers are your best choice as they generally have higher sensitivity. 

Further reading: Are Pioneer Speakers Any Good? (Updated Guide)

#3: Alpine

To start this comparison, here’s a chart that lists the… 

Specifications of Alpine and Infinity speakers
SpecsAlpine SPR-60CInfinity Kappa 60.11CS
Power handling/ RMS110 W90 W
Peak power handling330 W270 W
Sensitivity88 dB93 dB
Frequency response65 Hz – 29 kHz45 Hz – 35 kHz
Impedance4 ohms2 ohms

And now that we’ve compared them side by side…

Let’s talk about the sound frequency ranges of these speakers. Specifically, their:

  • Mids.
  • Bass. 
  • Highs.

On that note…

You’ll be glad to know that both models have decent high frequencies.

And that’s all thanks to the advanced tweeter technology that both these speakers have.

To be specific, Infinity’s speakers contain ¾-inch high-definition tweeters.

So they can bring out the real qualities of music with increased clarity.

Likewise, Alpine’s model also has advanced tweeters with 3-level controls.

So you can adjust the brightness or tone of your music depending on your preferences. 

Now, for the mids…

Both of these models are as capable as each other. 

Because their frequency responses cover 500 Hz to 2 kHz.

And this is the range responsible for mid sounds that include 

  • Vocals.
  • Synths.
  • Instruments like guitar, piano, or flute. 

“How about their bass?”

Well, as you can see on the comparison chart above…

Infinity speakers can produce more prominent bass than Alpine speakers can.

That’s because the former brand’s frequency response starts at 45 Hz.

While the device from Alpine can only produce sounds starting from 65 Hz.

I should also mention that Infinity speakers are louder than Alpine’s models.

So if you like bass, or love blasting your music…

You should pick Infinity speakers over Alpine. 

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How much do Infinity speakers cost?

Infinity speakers generally cost less than $100. So they’re some of the best models you can choose if you’re on a budget. However, note that the brand also has speakers that cost more than $200. So you can also get higher-end speakers with this brand if you wish. 

And if you want specific examples…

Here’s a price chart of the most popular Infinity speakers: 

ModelPrice RMSPeak PowerSensitivityFrequency Response
Alpha 4020 175$5025 W175 W88 dB75Hz – 20kHz
3002CFX$5025 W75 W91 dB85Hz – 21 kHz
PR6510CS Primus$9080 W240 W88 dB53 Hz – 20 kHz
Primus PR6512IS$9655 W165 W88 dB53 Hz – 20 kHz
Kappa 93iX $130110 W330 W96 dB35 Hz – 30 kHz
Kappa 63XF $21085 W255 W93 dB45 Hz – 50 kHz
KAPPA-90CSX$325135 W405 W94 dB35 Hz – 35 kHz

Are they worth it?

Infinity speakers are worth it. They’re some of the cheapest audio devices you can buy. However, trust me, you won’t be disappointed with their audio quality. So if you’re planning to get car speaker replacements, I recommend buying from Infinity.

Moreover, not only do they have high-quality audio…

But they also have modern designs. So they can also improve the aesthetics of your car.