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7 Easy Steps To Connect Headphones To Hisense TV (2023)

How To Connect Headphones To Hisense TV

“Turn it down!”

Someone says to you while you’re watching an important episode.

But how else would you understand the show?

Let me tell you…

Reducing the volume to something much lower isn’t the only way to go.

You can also connect your headphones to your Hisense TV.

And of course, I’ll show you how.

Continue reading to discover:

  • 3 easy steps to connect wired headphones to your Hisense TV.
  • Why your Hisense TV won’t connect with your Bluetooth headphones.
  • 7 simple steps to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Hisense TV.
  • 5 speedy ways to fix connection issues between your Hisense TV and headphones.
  • And many more…

How to connect headphones to Hisense TV – 7 steps

Before we dive further…

Know that the steps below are for a wireless connection. Which is mainly through Bluetooth.

So, they’ll work for Bluetooth-enabled headphones like the SONY WH1000XM3.

And for the other method, which is wired…

I’ll be talking about it later on.

For now, we’ll tackle wirelessly connecting a pair of headphones first. Let’s begin:

#1: Turn your Bluetooth headphones ON

Grab your Bluetooth headphones and turn them on.

But this step’s more than that…

You must also ensure that your headphones aren’t connected to another device. 

If you used it on your phone a little while ago…

Check to see if they automatically connect to your phone. 

And if so…

Disconnect your headphones from your device immediately:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Bluetooth.
  3. Toggle Bluetooth off.

Note: Pressing the Bluetooth logo on your control panel doesn’t turn your Bluetooth off. It only disables it for 24 hours.

  1. Swipe down to access your notifications/control panel.
  2. Tap the Bluetooth logo to turn it off.

Pro tip: Did you know that turning your Bluetooth off can help make your phone battery last?  So, when not in use, turn your Bluetooth off to save your battery.

#2: Press the Menu button on your remote

Now that your Bluetooth headphone’s on…

Put it aside for a while and grab your Hisense TV remote.

There, press the Menu button. It’s usually the square with the 3 lines on the remote’s left part.

#3: Go to Settings

Now that the Menu has appeared…

Navigate through it using the up and down arrows. And once you see Settings, click it.

#4: Select Network

With Settings open, there are numerous choices to go to…

And this is where most users go wrong.

So remember that for this step, you must select Network. Not Sound, despite this being an audio quest, so to say.

#5: Turn on Bluetooth

Now that the Network tab appears…

Choose Bluetooth, which is usually at the end of the list. Then, toggle it on by clicking OK on your remote.

After that, just wait for a few seconds for the loading indication to disappear. Once it does, it means that your Hisense TV’s Bluetooth mode is ON.

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#6: Select Equipment Management

Since Bluetooth is now on, more options will be displayed.

With that, look for Equipment Management and select it. Doing so will make a prompt appear on your screen with the list of Bluetooth devices nearby.

#7: Choose your Bluetooth headphones

On the list I mentioned above, select your Bluetooth headphones.

“Well, I can’t find mine on the list…

What will I do?”

Just click the Refresh bar that appears at the top of the prompt. 

This will allow your TV to rescan for nearby Bluetooth devices. 

With that, do it until your device appears. Then, select it to begin the pairing process between your Hisense TV and your headphones.

And if you need a visual guide on how to do all these…

Here’s a helpful video for you:

“Uhmm…it still hasn’t appeared on the list.

What’s next?”

Then, I suggest reading further into the article. Specifically, you can find the answers under:

“Why are my headphones not connecting to Hisense TV?”

That’s where I’ll tackle the issue extensively.

But for now, here’s a question that most people ask me as well:

Can you connect wired headphones to Hisense TV?

You can connect wired headphones to your Hisense TV. But for a comfortable viewing experience, you’ll need 1 with a long cord. 

With such, you can connect it to your TV. Then, sit on your couch to watch from a reasonable distance.

And for that, I recommend this pair of Panasonic headphones. It’s lightweight, but it boasts a 6.5-feet-long cable (roughly 2 meters).

Of course, its audio quality is superb. 

But more importantly…

It’s also a cheaper alternative to Bluetooth headphones. 

Remember the 1 I recommended earlier? That’s the SONY WH1000XM3, which costs starts at $269. 

Well, how about the Panasonic pair? That you can get for only $14.99.

So if you decide to go with the wired and cheap option, here’s…

How to connect wired headphones to your Hisense TV

#1: Plug headphone jack to TV output

It’s a simple step. Just plug the headphone in the jack. Which you can find at the side or back of your Hisense TV.

Now, most wired headphones have a 3.5mm cable. And some Hisense TVs have a respective port for that.

However, there are times when there’s no such thing you can find on your TV.

But it’s not the end when this is the case.

For most audio outputs, TVs have RCA ports. 

And you’ll need to spend a few bucks for a double female RCA splitter. You’ll use it as an adapter for your headphone.

So, connect the splitter on the RCA outputs accordingly. Know that the plug must match the output’s color. 

Then, attach the 3.5mm headphone jack to the splitter.

#2: Confirm the audio output

Now that your wired headphone’s connected to the TV…

It’s not yet time to settle and start your binge-watching cycle…

Have a test run first. 

Open a video or a show and put on your headphones. Check if any audio is coming out of your headphones.

If you can hear the audio loud and clear…

Then, it’s time to enjoy your show.

But if not, move on to the next step…

#3: Change audio output

You’ll need your TV’s remote for this, so grab it and follow these steps:

  1. Press Menu on your remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Sound.
  4. Click Audio Output.
  5. Choose ARC.

After doing that, try step #2 again to see if the audio’s finally playing in your headphones.

Why are my headphones not connecting to Hisense TV?

Your headphones aren’t connecting to your Hisense TV due to outdated firmware. A minor TV glitch can cause the issue as well.

Sometimes, another device might be connected to your headphones already. Other times, your TV’s Bluetooth is simply turned off. 

Aside from those, the Bluetooth signal might be weak. 

Now, let me tell you how you can solve each one of those issues. Starting with:

#1: Ensure that your TV’s Bluetooth is turned on

Occam’s Razor.

If you’ve never heard of that, here’s what it means:

“The easiest solution is almost always the best.”

Or something like that.

What I’m saying is, in this case…

The simplest solution is to turn your TV’s Bluetooth ON. And if you’ll revisit this section’s step 2 to 5, you’ll find out how to do so:

How to connect headphones to Hisense TV – 7 steps.

#2: Disconnect your headphones from other devices

Another simple reason I mentioned is this:

Your headphones are connected to another device.

So, disable this device’s Bluetooth first to free up your headphones for pairing. And to know how to do that…

Go back to this section’s first step:

How to connect headphones to Hisense TV – 7 steps.

#3: Perform a power cycle on your TV

Perform A Power Cycle On Your TV

And if the fix isn’t the simplest…

It’s time to turn to the best go-to fix…

So, what I’m going to teach you is power cycling your Hisense TV.

And doing it can get rid of any minor glitches or bugs on your television. 

So, here’s…

How to power cycle your Hisense TV

  1. Turn your TV ON. You don’t have to run anything, just as long as it’s ON.
  2. Unplug your TV’s power cord from the outlet.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds.
  4. Plug the cord back into the power outlet.
  5. Turn the TV back ON.

Reading tip: 11 Steps To Reset A Hisense TV Without Remote

#4: Make adjustments for the best Bluetooth signal

Now, there are different ways to approach this…

Depending on what’s causing the weak Bluetooth signal between your headphones and TV.

And let me tackle each of them:

Mind the distance

The space between your TV and Bluetooth headphones is crucial.

For example:

Your Hisense TV is in your living room…

And you, with your Bluetooth headphones, are in your kitchen. You’re there, but you wanna hear clearly what’s going on with the show.

However, that’s not always possible.

You see, a device’s Bluetooth range is limited. 

So you have to come near to your TV to pair your headphones to it. And you need to stay close to keep them connected.

To be exact…

Your devices can stand up to only 30 feet (9 meters) distance between each other. More than that, and the signal’s weakened.

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Consider the things around

Now, that 30-feet (9-meter) requirement isn’t exact science…

You see, physical obstructions can reduce that number. So watch out for the following:

  • Mirrors.
  • Thick walls.
  • Baby monitors.
  • Wireless speakers.
  • Water (E.g., Fish tanks). 

If your TV’s around the following…

Your Bluetooth headphones can have trouble connecting to the appliance. So, remove what you can to reduce obstructions.

#5: Update your TV to the latest firmware

As I said, the problem can be outdated firmware…

So to have your Bluetooth headphones connected to your Hisense TV…

You must update your TV to the latest firmware available. Otherwise, you’re not just missing out on this matter…

But a lot more. 

How so?

You see, firmware updates keep your TV up to date. With the latest version, your TV runs as smoothly as it should. 

Plus, it can also upgrade a few features on your TV.

So, don’t wait any more…

Update your Hisense TV’s firmware

Step 1: Press Menu on your TV’s remote.

Step 2: Access Settings.

Step 3: Go to Support.

Step 4: Click System Update.

Step 5: Select Check Firmware Upgrade.

Wait for it to check for any updates available.

And if the TV detects any needed update…

It’ll install it automatically.

Note: Keep your TV ON until the update is finished.

And if you don’t want to do this all again…

Follow steps 1 to 4. Then, toggle Auto Firmware Upgrade ON.

With that, you’ll be informed of any new updates available. And your Hisense will automatically update itself.

Bonus: Contact the Hisense support team

If all fails…

Put down your Bluetooth headphones. Not for giving up, though.

You’ll need your hands to contact the Hisense support team.

Here’s their website support link. Or you can also call them at 1.888.935.8880. If you’re not much of a caller, send them an email at