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(3 Ways) How To Connect Bose Soundbar To TV [2023]

How To Connect Bose Soundbar to TV

From the first look to the many times you’re gonna use it…

Bose Soundbars are impressive speakers. 

But with all the ports available, it can be confusing to know how to connect them to your TV.

Be at ease as you came to the right website. 

Continue reading to find out: 

  • Why wired audio connections are better.
  • 3 quick ways to connect soundbars to your TV.
  • How to connect your soundbar to the TV using Optical cables.
  • And a lot more… 

How to connect Bose soundbar to TV?

To connect Bose soundbar to the TV, you can use an HDMI cable. You can also use an optical cable or connect your soundbar through Bluetooth.

3 ways to connect Bose soundbar to TV

#1: Using the HDMI ARC port

If you want to go with the easiest way…

Using an HDMI cable is going to be your first choice. 

“I already tried plugging my soundbar into the HDMI port of my TV. It doesn’t work.”

You’re not alone. Many users report this issue.

Now, why does this happen?

That’s because… 

You need a specific HDMI port for a Bose soundbar to connect with your TV properly. 

To use the HDMI soundbar output, your TV needs to first have the ARC (Audio Return Channel) functionality.

“How do I know if my TV supports ARC?” 

It’s easy. 

To know if your TV supports HDMI-ARC…


You can read your TV’s manual or check the labels of your TV’s HDMI ports.

If you find a port on your TV with the letters “ARC” in it, then that’s it.

You can proceed to the steps in setting up your soundbar: 

Step 1: Ensure that both your soundbar and TV are off. 

Step 2: Get your HDMI cable. Any HDMI cable is fine; there are no special cables for HDMI-ARC. 

Step 3: Insert one end into your TV’s HDMI connector. 

Step 4: Insert the opposite end into the soundbar’s HDMI (ARC) port. 

Step 5: Turn both your soundbar and TV on.

Step 6: Open up your TV. Then go to your audio settings.

Step 7: Choose HDMI as your audio output.

Step 8: In the Bose soundbar, switch the audio input to HMDI. 

Check to see if your sound is working. Most of the time, it’ll work. 

Wasn’t that easy? 


If your TV doesn’t support ARC, fret not. 

There are still two ways to connect a Bose soundbar to the TV. 

One of them is by… 

#2: Connecting the Bose soundbar with an optical cable

If you can’t connect your soundbar to your TV using HDMI, connect it with an optical cable

Remember: A wired connection will always have better stability and quality than a wireless connection. So try to use an optical cable if you can’t use the HDMI-ARC. 

Moreover, optical cables contain optical fibers that improve the transmission of digital audio signals. 

So, it’s usually better than using Bluetooth, which is the third way to attach a Bose soundbar to the TV.

And if you’re thinking… 

“Do all TVs have an optical output?”

Unfortunately, just like the HDMI-ARC port, not every TV allows optical outputs. 

But chances are, if your TV is relatively new, it’ll have an optical output.

To locate your TV’s optical audio port, go through its manual. You can also simply try to find it in the back of your TV. 

Like the HDMI-ARC port, the optical connection will also have a label.

Check for the names “Optical Out” or “Audio Out.” 

It won’t take you too long to find it. 

And once you confirm that your TV supports an optical output, follow the steps below. 

Note: If you’re planning to buy an optical cable, make sure that the length is enough to connect your soundbar to the TV. 

Moreover, Bose reminds us of one thing. And that’s to pay attention to the speaker placement and positioning. Doing so improves quality and functionality. 

Follow these steps to link your soundbar to the TV using an optical cable:

Step 1: Prepare a cable that’s long enough to connect your soundbar and TV.

Step 2: Plug one end of the line into the optical outport port in your TV.

Step 3: Connect the opposing end to the Optical In of the Bose soundbar.

Step 4: Head to your TV’s audio settings. 

Step 5: Change the TV’s audio output to Optical.

Step 6: Go to your soundbar.

Step 7: Switch the audio input source to Digital.

To learn more about connecting optical cables, watch this video: 

#3: Connecting Soundbar Wirelessly with Bluetooth 

The last way to link a Bose soundbar to the TV is Bluetooth.

And the good news is this works for both old and new TVs. 

But there’s something you should know…

Your TV’s audio quality can suffer if you use Bluetooth to connect your soundbar.

And what’s the use of a high-quality soundbar if the sound transmission sucks, right? 

But if you really have no other choice, then Bluetooth will still do. 

Just bear in mind o fthe sound quality you’ll get. It won’t match the quality of sound you’ll experience from an HDMI or Optical cable connection. 

Pro Tip: If you’re using an older TV model, you can buy an adaptor that adds Bluetooth functionality. Bear in mind, however, that this can result in a further decrease in audio quality. 

Steps to attach a Bose soundbar to a TV using Bluetooth:

Step 1: Turn your soundbar ON.

Step 2: Make it Discoverable by holding the button for Bluetooth. Different models will have various light indicators, so watch out for light blinking and activation sounds. 

Step 3: Go to the TV menu and find your Bluetooth settings. 

Step 4: Find your soundbar in the pairable devices. 

Step 5: Click on your device to start pairing. 

Step 6: Check for indications that the pairing has been successful. This can be through a light signal or a tone. 

Step 7: Try playing something on your TV.

Now you can start to hear sound from your high-quality Bose soundbar. 

If you’re using this method because you currently have no HDMI or Optical cables available, I recommend you purchase one as soon as possible. 

And if you’re using an adaptor to connect your soundbar to an old TV…

It might also be time to invest in purchasing a new TV.

Bose soundbars are expensive because of their high-quality audio outputs. 

So if you’re not getting the highest audio quality you can get from your soundbar, you won’t get the value you paid for. 

Which is a huge waste. 

And I’m all about helping you save time and money if it concerns technology. 

For Bose 300, 500 & 700 soundbars

Bose 300, 500, and 700 soundbars are all from different generations.

Despite having different builds, qualities, and characteristics, all 3 still hold their popularity.

But there’s one thing that stays in common between these 3 soundbars.

And that’s… 

They can all be connected using HDMI, Optical Cable, and Bluetooth. 

So, if you have these soundbars, rest assured that you can safely connect them to your TV.

Just follow the steps above.

And again, I suggest you prioritize trying the wired connections.

That’s because a direct link will always be more reliable in most electrical connections.
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