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13 Easy Steps To Change A Code On A Keypad Door Lock (2023)

How To Change Code On Keypad Door Lock

“One of my tenants is moving away. Should I change their access code with a new one?”

Changing codes on a keypad door lock is necessary. 

Doing this ensures the security and privacy of every person on your property.

Plus, it’s fairly easy to do!

You only have to delete the previous code and create a new one.

Just make sure to prepare the new code you want to program,

And you’ll be done in no time!

Read on to know:

  • Tips on creating a strong access code.
  • Whether changing one code affects the other codes.
  • 13 easy steps to change a code on a keypad door lock.
  • And so much more…

How to change a code on a keypad door lock – 13 steps

#1: Make sure that the door is open and unlocked

Before you begin, open your door wide. 

This step is important to ensure that you won’t be locked out in case an error occurs during the process.

Make sure to do this, especially if you only have one entry/exit door in your home.

You can use a door stopper or any object that will help block your door from closing.

Also, make sure to keep the door lock unlocked. 

Meaning, the deadbolt shouldn’t be extending outwards.

#2: Enter the programming code

Next, you should enter the programming code or master code.

Quick reminder: A programming or master code is different from an access code. A master code is the one you use for programming your lock. And the access code is what you use to unlock your door.

Most keypad door locks have a 4-digit programming code.

And the majority of them have a default one.

In the case of Kwikset, the default programming code is 0-0-0-0.

If you haven’t changed it yet, enter the default code of your lock.

If you’ve changed it already, enter the code you’ve programmed.

“Is there any way I can change it without using the programming code?”

Yes, you can also change an access code using the program button on the back panel.

Watch this short instructional video to know how:

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#3: Press the lock button

After entering the programming code, you should press the lock button on the keypad.

It’s usually the widest button you can see. 

And it’s positioned either on top or below the number buttons. 

You’d know that it’s the lock button if it has a:

  • Lock icon.
  • “Lock” label.
  • Brand name of the lock.

Once pressed, you should hear one beep.

#4:  Press the “3” button

For the next step, press the number “3” button on the keypad.

This initiates the process of changing or deleting an access code.

Note: The only way you can change an access code is to delete it first. And this particular step is the beginning of that process.

#5: Press the lock button 

Once again, press the lock button to confirm the action. 

Again, you should hear one beep.

Warning: Make sure to press the button only once. As pressing it multiple times may cause the process to fail.

#6: Enter the access code you want to change

Next, enter the access code you want to change or remove.

This should be between 4 to 10 digits.

#7: Press the lock button

After that, press the lock button for the third time to delete the old code.

For this particular step, the “lock” button functions as a “submit” or “enter” button.

So, make sure to press it to confirm and end the process.

You should hear two beeps to indicate a successful process.

By this time, the old code should be deleted from your lock’s system.

You may try entering the old code on your lock to see if the process is successful.

When you enter the code, your lock shouldn’t “lock.”

If it does, you have to repeat the process from step #1.

Note: Changing an access code from your keypad door lock won’t affect any code registered on it. The other codes will only be deleted if you’ve factory reset your lock.

#8: Re-enter the programming code  

Now that you’ve deleted your old access code, it’s time to create a new one.

To do this, re-enter your programming code.

Make sure to press the numbers continuously.

This is because the keypad will lock out once you don’t press another button after five (5) seconds.

Note: This step is the beginning of the process of creating a new code.

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#9: Press the lock button  

Next, press the lock button once to submit the programming code.

You should hear one beep.

Yes, it follows almost the same process as above.

The only difference is the number button you have to press after this step.

#10: Press the “1” button  

Press The 1 Button

For adding a new code on your keypad door lock, press “1.”

Make sure to press this only once.

#11: Press the lock button 

Then after that, press the lock button again to confirm the action.

Again, you should hear one beep.

#12: Enter new access code

For the 12th step, enter the new code you want to program.

This should be between 4 to 10 digits.

A few tips and reminders on creating an access code for keypad door lock:

  • Keep the first four digits of every code unique.
  • Avoid repeating numbers as much as possible.
  • Don’t use your birthdate or any date associated with you.
  • Don’t use the same code as your programming and access code.

If you can’t think of any combinations, you may try using a random code generator.

This will prevent you from using your anniversary or birthdate as your access code.

Ensuring that you have several strong access codes.

#13: Press the lock button for the last time  

After entering your new code, press the lock button for the last time.

This is to ensure that your new code is programmed to your lock’s system.

You should hear two beeps to indicate a successful process.

You can also double-check it by performing a quick test.

Keep your door open and locked. Meaning, the deadbolt should be extending outwards.

Then, enter your new access code.

If it unlocks, then the process is successful.

If it doesn’t, you have to repeat the same process from step #8.

And there you have it!

You’ve successfully changed an access code to your keypad door lock in less than five (5) minutes.

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