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(7 Fixes) Discovery Plus Not Working On Sky Q [2023 Guide]

Discovery Plus Not Working On Sky Q

Sky Q and Discovery Plus have an official partnership.

But unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that they’ll always work well together.

Such a bummer, right?

However, not to worry. I know easy workarounds to fix this problem.

So prepare the popcorn. 

Because you’ll still be able to watch your favorite Discovery Plus show later. 

With that… 

Continue reading to learn:

  • 7 straightforward solutions to fix this problem.  
  • How fast your Internet should be to stream on Discovery Plus. 
  • How you can activate this streaming platform using your Sky Q account. 
  • And much, much more… 

Why is Discovery Plus not working on my Sky Q?

Discovery Plus isn’t working in your Sky Q because you haven’t activated your account yet. Sometimes, this also happens when Discovery plus is down. And in other cases, it’s because your Sky box is glitching or outdated. 

Discovery Plus not working on Sky Q: 7 fixes

#1: Activate your account 

Is this your 1st time trying to use Discovery Plus on your Sky Q?

Then, if you haven’t already, you should activate your account on the app. 

See, unlike other streaming platforms inside your Sky box… 

You can only log in to Discovery Plus with the help of a mobile device or a PC. 

And if you don’t activate it this way, you won’t be able to access the app.

So don’t worry if you only see a QR code when clicking Discovery Plus.

Trust me. It’s not broken. 

You just haven’t activated it yet. 

So prepare a phone or a computer and just follow along with these… 

Simple steps to activate your Discovery Plus on Sky Q:

  1. Open Discovery Plus on your Sky box. 
  2. Tap the login option and wait for a pairing code to appear on your TV. 
  3. Using a mobile device or PC, open your browser. 
  4. Go to the login page of Discovery Plus. 
  5. After logging in, head to this pairing page
  6. Input the code you see on your TV to the website. 
  7. Wait for the Discovery Plus on your Sky Q to activate. 

And now, check if you can open and access the app’s contents. 

#2: Check if Discovery Plus is down

Did you know that, like your device, streaming platforms can also crash?

See, even the most advanced components of technology have their limits. 

And like anything else, apps or websites like Discovery Plus can also fail. 

But fortunately, these types of mishaps are usually temporary. 

So even if Discovery Plus is indeed down right now….

More likely than not, it’ll be up and running again by tomorrow. 

“But how do I know if Discovery Plus is down?”

Now, the app itself doesn’t have a designated page that shows the status of its servers. 

But luckily, there are many 3rd party websites that you can use to…

Check if the servers of Discovery Plus are down:

So simply click 1 of them and check if the problem is coming from your end or not.

“It says Discovery Plus is down.”

In that case, all you can do is wait until they fix this issue. 

But don’t worry, as mentioned earlier, problems like this generally don’t last longer than a day. 

So come back tomorrow or even a couple of hours later. 

And the servers will most likely be working again by then. 

However, if you find that there aren’t any issues on Discovery Plus’s servers… 

Then you should continue to the next fix, which is to…

#3: Reset your Sky box

Imagine working for 24 hours straight. 

Just thinking about that scenario is exhausting, right? 

Because see, as humans, we need ample rest to work and think efficiently. 

Now, how about technology? 

Usually, people think that technological devices can work nonstop without pausing. 

And while that’s somewhat true, it’s not entirely accurate. 

Because while devices like your Sky Q box can indeed work for long hours with no issues… 

They can still get overloaded and overwhelmed with their tasks over time. 

And when this happens, your Sky box’s apps or functions may stop working. 

Like what’s currently happening with your Discovery Plus app. 

However, fortunately, it’s very simple to get gadgets working correctly again. 

So just follow along with these…

Steps to reset your Sky box: 

  1. Power OFF your Sky box using its physical power button. 
  2. Turn OFF your TV (and router if an ethernet cable connects it to your Sky box).  
  3. Ensure that all the lights on your Sky box unit are OFF. 
  4. Wait for 3 minutes. 
  5. Turn ON your TV and router. 
  6. Switch your Sky box ON again. 

Wait for the lights on your Sky Q device to turn green.

And for the Sky welcome channel to appear on your TV. 

After that, check if Discovery Plus is working on your device again. 

#4: Power Cycle your TV 

Power Cycle If Discovery Plus Is Not Working On Your Sky Q

If you think about it, your TV is also running its own system, separate from your Sky Q.

So if you still can’t use the Discovery Plus app…

Your TV itself may be the 1 having software or firmware problems.

But similar to what you did on the previous fix…

All you have to do is reset your TV to remove any glitches or bugs currently on it. 

Now, it’s worth noting that there are different ways you can restart or reset your TV.

But this time, I recommend doing it through power cycling. 

Not familiar with what that is? Let me explain. 

Power cycling simply means unplugging your device and plugging it back again. 

See, this process will completely drain the energy from your TV.

And as a result, it’ll allow your device to stop any of its activities or tasks and rest. 

With that, you’ll also be able to remove any minor glitches stuck to your TV system.

Now, don’t worry, even if this is all new information to you. 

Because honestly, it’s very easy to…. 

Power cycle your TV:

  1. Turn OFF your TV and Sky box.
  2. Unplug your TV from the outlet.
  3. While unplugged, press its physical power button for 30 seconds.
  4. Let go and wait for another 30 seconds. 
  5. Plug your TV into its power source again.
  6. Turn it ON. 

Note: This process will work regardless of the model or brand of your TV. 

Now, check if you can stream on your Discovery Plus app again. 

Still having problems? Then you should… 

#5: Check your Internet connection

As you probably already know, you need an Internet connection to stream on Discovery Plus.

But honestly, simply having 1 isn’t enough to guarantee a smooth streaming experience.

See, Discovery Plus has specific minimum Internet speed standards. 

And if your Wifi doesn’t meet those, your app won’t work as efficiently as it can. 

Or worse, it can even stop working altogether. 

Now, you’re probably wondering… 

“How fast does my Internet need to be?”

And to answer that, here’s a table that shows…

The minimum Internet speed you need to have to stream on Discovery Plus

Internet speedWhat you can do
1.5 Mbps Run and open the app
2.5 MbpsStream SD quality videos
4 MbpsPlay HD quality videos

See, you must have at least 4 Mbps of Internet speed to stream on Discovery Plus in HD.

But of course, to check whether or not you meet this standard…

You need to know how fast your Internet is 1st. 


It’s simple. Just follow these steps to… 

Check your Wifi’s Internet speed:

  1. Prepare a mobile device or a PC.
  2. Connect it to the same network your TV uses.
  3. Open your device’s browser and go to
  4. Once the website loads, tap the GO option in the middle of your screen.
  5. Wait for your results to show up. 

Now, if you get a number higher than 4 Mbps, proceed to the next fix. 

But if your Internet is slower than that… 

It might be the reason why your Discovery Plus isn’t working. 

So you need to improve your Internet connection. 


I got you. Here are…

3 effective tips to improve your Internet speed:

  1. Connect your TV to the router using an ethernet cable
  2. If you’re using Wifi, try to put your TV and router in the same room. 
  3. Unplug your router for 60 seconds and plug it back again (power cycling). 

However, if none of these tips boosted your Internet to 4 Mbps…

It’s time to contact your service provider. 

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#6: Update your Sky box

An outdated system can also make apps, like your Discovery Plus, crash.

So if it’s been more than a month since you updated your Sky Q system… 

You should check if there’s a new update available. 

Need a refresher on how you can do this process?

I got you.

Here’s how you can update your Sky box:

  1. Ensure that your device is connected to a stable Wifi. 
  2. Using your remote, go to your Sky Q’s Settings. 
  3. Head to System Info > Software version.
  4. Tap Setup > Software download. 
  5. Wait for the process to finish. 

Now, these steps only apply to Sky Q devices. 

So if you want to update a Sky + HD device, watch this video:

Note: Updating the software of your Sky Q also updates its apps. So this process will also update your Discovery Plus. 

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#7: Contact Sky Q or Discovery Plus

Now, if you still can’t open or stream on the Discovery Plus app on your Sky Q device…

Then you should contact representatives from any of the 2 companies.

See, there might be an issue with your Discovery Plus account.

Or you may have a defective Sky Q unit. 

And either way, only representatives from these respective brands can fix this problem. 

So on that note… 

You can contact Sky Q by calling them at 03337591074. 

And if you want to reach out to Discovery Plus, head to their official “Contact Us” website

Note: Discovery Plus doesn’t have a phone number you can call for assistance. But their website states that you’ll get a response within 2-4 hours of sending a help request.