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Can You Shower With IPX4 Rated Headphones? 3 Facts (2023)

Can You Shower With IPX4 Rated Headphones

Soaked headphones are a horror story.

But wet doesn’t mean damaged.

Or, at least, depending on the IPX rating of your device…

So if you have IPX4 headphones…

How worried should you be when it comes to showering with headphones ON?

Continue reading to learn:

  • What IPX4 waterproof means.
  • What happens when you shower with your IPX4 headphones.
  • 3 useful things you need to do when your IPX4 headphones get wet.
  • A lot more…

Can you shower with IPX4-rated headphones?

You can’t shower with IPX4-rated headphones. That’s because they can only withstand splashes of water. They can’t handle submersion to water for long periods. So using them in the shower could lead to permanent damage.

What happens if you shower with IPX4-rated headphones?

Showering with IPX4-rated headphones will damage them.

This is because they’re not made for prolonged water exposure.

Sure, they can be protected from water splashes…

But they can’t stand the shower flow.

And another question pops up as well:

#1: “Will I also get electrocuted if I use them in the shower?”

No, you won’t. 

But looking at your headphones…

There’s a high chance that they’ll be beyond repair once you shower with them on.

But if you really wanted to take your IPX4 headphones with you, here’s…

#2: How you can protect your IPX4 Headphones in the shower

To shield your headphones from water…

I highly suggest wearing a shower cap over your head.

That’ll be enough to give minimal protection.

Yes, emphasis on minimal because you have to consider preventive measures as well…

So despite the shower cap, avoid exposing your head directly to running water.

And when you wash your hair…

Remove both the shower cap and headphones. 

Then, place them in a safe place. Your headphones should be clear from water splashes.

Moreover, you could risk dropping your headphones and damaging them. So, put them in a leveled place, too.

But if you’re currently using IPX4 headphones and poured liquid on them, here’s…

#3: What to do if your headphones get wet

What To Do If Your Headphones Get Wet

You need to act immediately.

If your headphones are exposed to water for a long time…

Moisture could go into the circuitry.

When that happens, it’ll damage your headphones’ audio. And it’ll be beyond repair.

That said, as soon as you wet the headphones, you must dry them. And here’s how to do so:

  1. Shake your headphones to take out any liquid.
  2. Remove the rubber or silicone cover of the speaker.
  3. Wipe them dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  4. Blow air on the holes and creases.
  5. Set them aside to dry.

Warning: Leave them on a table at room temperature. Don’t try to dry them under direct sunlight.

Moreover, never use a hair dryer to rush the drying process. 

Doing so can damage your headphones more because of high heat.

Not only it’ll destroy the plastic…

It’ll also reshape the cords.

And here’s more for you:

If the headphones are submerged in other liquids:

  1. Put them in a glass of distilled water.
  2. Shake the headphones while underwater.
  3. Take them out and pat dry.
  4. Blow air into the speaker mesh.
  5. Place them on a soft cloth or paper towel.
  6. Use an electric fan to help circulate dry air around the earphones.

Fun fact: You should use distilled water because it’s non-conducting and non-corrosive. It means this won’t do any further damage to electronics.

But if these are all too many things to consider…

I highly suggest that you:

Upgrade to IPX8 headphones

These are a few that I recommend you get: 

These headphones are IPX8 rated with features of:

  • Secure fit.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • Excellent battery life (10 hrs)

They’re perfect for:

  • Working out.
  • Using in the shower.
  • Swimming but should not be immersed in water over 3 ft.

Now that I mentioned IPX8, you might also ask:

What does IPX4 waterproof mean?

IPX4 is a rating used for headphones that can survive splashes of water on all sides.

So, that means they’re waterproof, but with limitations, such as:

  • No submerging in water.
  • Do not use high-intensity water on them.

That said, the device will still work after splashing with water.

But you can’t use them again if they’re submerged in water. 

Moreover, there are different levels to IPX ratings.

And I know that makes you ask:

What’s IPX rating?”

IP is known as Ingress Protocol.

Ingress means “to enter.” And it indicates the level at which a device is protected against liquid.

Then, X is the mark number. It’s the basis of how water-resistant or not your device is.

So, the higher the number that comes after the X…

The greater the level of water it can endure.

And here’s everything you need to know about IPX ratings:

IPX rating Device water-resistance
IPX0No water resistance.
IPX1Can handle dripping water; anything more would lead to damage.
IPX2Device can handle small amounts of water for 10 minutes. These aren’t ideal for working out.
IPX3Protects from sprays up to 60°. It can endure a water volume of 0.7l per 5 min.
IPX4It’s sweatproof and protects from splashing water in any direction. But they shouldn’t be submerged in water.
IPX5Can handle light water sprays. These will work even when you wear them under heavy rain.
IPX6This can endure strong water jets without its audio being damaged. Ideal for use in the shower.
IPX7Headphones are protected against 1m of water for up to 30 mins.
IPX8Best IPX rating. These can handle 1m of water and can be submerged up to 3m. You can use this for swimming but for a limited time only.

Aside from water, IPX  also measures the dust resistance of devices. Which is your device’s protection against dust.

The IPX rating is similar to how water resistance is rated, except X means dust.

To know more about IPX rating and its importance, check this out:

Is IPX4 better than other IPX-rated headphones?

IPX4 is better than IPX3 and below. And devices with that rating are ideal if you frequent the gym. That’s because they’re sweatproof.

But if you only need headphones for music…

You can go for the IPX3 headphones and lower.

And if you need headphones that support your workout, consider IPX6 and higher.

As per showering with headphones on, you can also use IPX6. But going for IPX8 will be the best way to proceed.