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Can You Use JBL Speakers In The Shower? 3 Surprising Facts

Can You Use JBL Speakers In The Shower

Singing in the shower is way more fun if you’re jamming to your favorite music.

And of course, the easiest way to do that is to bring your JBL speakers in the bathroom. 

But wait…

Will doing this damage them, or will they be completely fine? 

Continue reading to find out: 

  • What your speakers’ IP rating is and why it matters.
  • 3 surprising facts about JBL speakers in the shower. 
  • My top-3 recommendations for waterproof JBL products. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Can you use JBL speakers in the shower?

You can use JBL speakers in the shower. However, only certain models are designed to withstand this much water exposure. Specifically, only JBL speakers with IP ratings of 6 or higher are safe to bring in the shower. So it’s crucial to check your device’s water-resistance level. 

Are JBL speakers water resistant?

JBL speakers are water resistant.

However, not all of them are.

That’s because JBL home audio bars aren’t resistant to water, including these models:

  • JBL Control X.
  • JBL Horizon 2.
  • JBL Bar Studio. 

Now, this most likely makes you wonder: 

“Then what type of JBL speakers are water resistant?”

And to answer that question…

JBL portable Bluetooth speakers are usually safe from water splashes. 

However, note that not all speakers are made equally.

So some models are naturally better at resisting water than others do.

Fortunately though…

It’s easy to know how much water your JBL model can withstand. 

And whether or not you can safely use your speaker in the shower.

That’s because all you need to do is…

Check the IP rating of your JBL speakers

Most Bluetooth speakers will state their IP waterproof rating on their packaging.

Note: IP stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection. 

And simply put…

This describes your device’s level of protection against dust, water, and other particles.

Now, this standard measurement has 9 different levels and… 

Here’s what each IP rating means for your speakers: 

IPX0: Zero protection

You can think of IPX0-rated speakers as thin sheets of paper.

That’s because even a few drops of water can render these gadgets useless.

With that, I highly recommend staying away from these types of devices. 

And you should get one that at least falls under… 

IPX1: Minimal protection

These speakers can only withstand a few drops of rain or water droplets.

So you won’t damage your IPX1 device if you hold it with wet hands.

However, placing it near the shower can destroy its components.

IPX2: Protection against dripping water 

A speaker with an IPX2 rating can withstand more water than IPX1 speakers.

However, they’re still highly prone to water damage.

So they’re not suitable to use in the shower. 

IPX3: Protection against light rain

Speakers with this rating can handle light rain or water sprays.

In other words…

Your device won’t be damaged even if it’s caught in light rain. 

But it won’t be able to survive being splashed by a water-filled bucket. 

IPX4: Protection against water splashes

Speakers at this rating are generally considered “water-resistant.”

However, you should only use them beside the pool or your shower. 

That’s because if you dip these speakers underwater, or they get too wet… 

You won’t have much luck turning them ON again.

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IPX5: Protection against direct spray

Say you’re doing a water gun fight.

And you accidentally hit your JBL speakers.

Well, if you have an IPX5-rated device…

You won’t have anything to worry about. 

That’s because speakers in this rating can handle direct sprays from any angle. 

IPX6: Protection against an ocean wave

If you want to use a speaker on a boat…

Your device should at least have an IPX6 rating. 

That’s because speakers in this protection level can handle a direct hit from an ocean wave. 

Fun fact: This is also the IPX rating that makes speakers safe to use during a shower. 

IPX7: Protection against water immersion

Want to swim with your JBL speakers?

Then you should get a model with an IPX7 rating.

That’s because you can dip these devices in water up to 1 meter deep.

IPX8: Protection against complete water immersion

If you want to dive down the pool while holding your JBL speakers…

Your best choice is to get a model with an IPX8 rating. 

That’s because a device under this category can withstand full water immersion. 

Or, in other words, you can use it in water that’s deeper than 1 meter. 

All that said…

Simply compare the IP rating of your JBL speakers to this list.

And see how resistant your device is to water.

Reminder: Only devices with IP ratings 6 or higher are safe to use in the shower. 

For more information about what IP rating means, watch this short video:

JBL speakers in the shower – 3 surprising facts

#1: Wet JBL speakers won’t electrocute you

My friend accidentally dropped her Bluetooth JBL Pulse4 into the pool once.

Naturally, I told her that she should take it out immediately. 

After all, IPX7 speakers can’t stay in water that’s deeper than 1 meter. 

But then, she replied:

“I don’t want to be electrocuted.”

I was initially confused, honestly. 

But later on, I realized why she said such a thing. 

See, since Bluetooth speakers are also electronic devices…

It’s not rare to worry that your wet JBL gadget may hurt you. 

After all, at a young age… 

We were all taught that water and electronics should never be mixed together. 

But I’m here to assure you that it’s safe to touch wet JBL speakers. 

That’s because these devices use an extremely low voltage.

To be specific…

Most portable speakers you can find only use a maximum of 5V.

And in comparison, the outlets in your house have around 120V.

See, JBL speakers have a tiny amount of electricity compared to other appliances.

So even if your Bluetooth speaker was to break in half, and you hold it underwater…

In the worst-case scenario, you’ll feel a slight tingling sensation. 

With all that said…

Feel free to hold your water-resistant speakers even when you’re in the bathtub or shower. 

That’s because there’s no chance you’ll be electrocuted. 

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#2: Some JBL speakers are waterproof

Some JBL Speakers Are Waterproof

First off, let me clarify that…

A waterproof speaker is different from those that are water-resistant. 

See, water-resistant devices can only repel water to a certain point. 

For example, an IPX4 speaker is only resistant to a few water splashes. 

Similarly, IPX5 devices can only withstand several direct sprays. 

In contrast, waterproof gadgets are made with materials that don’t absorb liquid.

So even if you completely immerse them underwater…

They won’t be damaged. 

Think of a plastic bag, for example. 

If you dip its outer part in the water…

The inside section will still be dry, right?

That’s similar to what happens when you dip a waterproof speaker. 

On that note… 

Some JBL devices are considered waterproof because they have an IPX7 rating.

And honestly, they’re your best choices if you want to shower with your speakers. 

That said, if you’re interested in knowing some of them, here are…

My top 3 recommendations for waterproof JBL speakers: 

JBL Clip 3 ($50)

If you want an affordable, pocket-sized waterproof speaker…

The JBL clip is the perfect choice for you. 

It might be small, but it can last for 10 hours on a single charge.

And it’s also loud enough to be heard across an entire bedroom. 

JBL Charge 4 ($150)

For only $150…

This speaker will let you enjoy loud, crystal clear music throughout your whole room.

And you’ll also have a 20-hour playback time when it’s fully charged. 

On top of that…

This model also comes in 10 different colors.

So you can show your personality not just through your playlists…

But also your speakers’ exterior design.

JBL Boombox 2 (500)

“Professional-sound and monstrous bass.”

That’s what JBL promises with this speaker model.

And sure enough, the brand stays true to its words. 

See, I often bring my JBL Boombox to outdoor activities and parties.

And despite this speaker being a portable device…

It can still play loud enough for more than 20 people to enjoy the music simultaneously. 

Fun fact: You can connect your JBL speakers together

#3: Some JBL speakers can float

Not only can you take your JBL speakers inside the shower…

But you can also swim with them.

That’s because some waterproof JBL products can also float on the water.

For example, I once brought my JBL Boombox 2 to a pool party.

And we enjoyed dancing in the water with my speaker floating beside us.

Honestly, it was very convenient to enjoy music regardless of where we were in the pool. 

So it was a pretty cool experience. 

That said, if you’re also interested in getting a speaker that can float on water…

You should try getting a speaker from the JBL Boombox series. 

That’s because these speakers can project crisp audio even while floating.

And they’re also loud enough to be your main speaker at an outdoor party. 

Warning: Wash your waterproof JBL speakers with tap water after dipping them in the pool. That’s because the chlorine mixed in the pool water can harm the materials in your speakers.