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(7 Fixes) Beats Studio Buds Keep Falling Out [2023]

Beats Studio Buds Keep Falling Out

Beats advertises its Studio Buds as sports-friendly.

But you’re constantly annoyed by your earbuds falling out of your ears. 

Well, you’re not alone.

I almost threw mine away last year because of the same problem.

Luckily though, I fixed this issue before my patience ran out. 

Continue reading to discover :

  • 7 quick fixes for Beats Studio Buds that keep falling out.
  • 9 simple steps to determine the best ear tip size you should use. 
  • The most common reasons your Beats earbuds won’t stay in your ears. 
  • How you can safely clean your earbuds and ears to prevent this problem. 
  • And this is just the beginning…

Why do my Beats Studio Buds keep falling out of my ear?

Your Beats Studio Buds keep falling out of your ear because you may not be wearing your device properly. This problem also happens if your earbuds or ears are covered in wax or dirt. Moreover, using the wrong ear tip also causes your Beats earbuds to fall OFF. 

Beats Studio Buds keep falling out: 7 fixes

#1: Wear your earbuds properly 

Beats Studio Buds are excellent audio devices.

Not only are they very durable… 

You can even wear them in the shower.

So, no wonder they’re popular.

Unfortunately, though, despite their popularity… 

Many people wear these earbuds wrong on the first try.


Because this audio device is designed differently than most models. 

See, while other earbuds, like Apple’s AirPods, have the long part of the earpieces facing down… 

Beat’s Studio Buds require you to point the slightly extended part of the earbuds upward. 

This way, when you wear the earpieces…

Their logo will look like a “b,” not a “9.” 

Need a visual representation for this fix? 

Here’s a video that shows how you can wear your Beats Studio Buds properly: 

#2: Clean the earbuds 

If you’ve used your earbuds for quite a while now…

Ear wax, dirt, and grime may have collected on your audio device’s surface. 

Hence, your earbuds can’t properly grip the skin inside your ears. 

The solution for this problem?

A quick cleaning process for your audio device. 

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be too techy for this fix. 

Just prepare these items:

  • Cotton swab. 
  • Microfiber cloth.
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol. 

Then, follow these…

Simple steps to clean your Beats Studio Buds: 

Note: Do this entire process for each earbud. 

Step 1: Remove the ear tip 

Use your thumb and pointer finger to firmly pinch the base of the ear tip. 

Or the section where it’s attached to your earbud. 

Then, pull the ear tip until it’s totally detached from the earpiece’s speaker. 

Step 2: Clean the earbuds

Grab a clean cotton swab.

Then, use it to gently remove dirt from your earbud’s speakers. 

After doing so…

Take your microfiber cloth to wipe the rest of the earpiece’s body. 

Step 3: Remove dirt from your ear tip 

Get another clean cotton swab.

And dip it slightly into the isopropyl alcohol. 

Once your cotton swab is a little bit wet… 

Use it to wipe OFF any wax or dirt from your ear tip. 

Note: Make sure to clean every part so your earbud can get a better grip on your ears later. 

Step 4: Return the ear tip to your earbud 

Align the ear tip with your earbud’s speaker.

Then, with your fingers at the base of the ear tip…

Push it towards the earbud until it pops into place. 

After cleaning both of your earbuds… 

Try wearing your audio device again.

And if you still have difficulty keeping it in your ears… 

#3: Choose the right ear tip size

Everybody has a unique ear size and shape. 

That’s why Beats offers its buds’ ear tips in 3 different sizes:

  1. Small.
  2. Medium.
  3. Large. 

Now, the medium size works best for most people.

However, to tell which ear tip suits your ears the most… 

You should first try out each of the available sizes. 

And only then should you decide which ear tip fits your ears best. 

Alternatively, you can use Apple’s Ear Tip Fit Test.

As the name suggests… 

It’s a test that helps you determine if the ear tip you’re using is best for your ears. 

Sounds unfamiliar?

Don’t worry. I’ll guide you on how to… 

Use Apple’s Ear Tip Fit Test to check the best ear tip size for you (iOS): 

Step 1: Connect your earbuds to your mobile device 

If you haven’t done this process yet, here’s how to do so:

  1. Turn ON your iOS device and unlock it. 
  2. Open your Beats Studio Buds case’s lid.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions that pop up on your mobile device. 
Step 2: Go to your iOS device’s Bluetooth Settings 

Launch your iPhone/iPad’s Settings app. 

Then, tap the Bluetooth option. 

Once you see the list of your connected wireless devices on your screen… 

Step 3: Tap the More Info button next to your earbuds’ name 

This is the small blue circle icon with an “i” in the middle. 

Step 4: Wear your earbuds 

Make sure you push each earpiece towards your ears firmly. 

Step 5: Tap the Ear Tip Fit Test option 

You’ll find this at the very bottom of your screen. 

“I can’t see it.” 

In that case, you should update your iOS or iPadOS to version 13.2 or later.

Because this test isn’t available on Apple mobile devices that are too outdated. 

Step 6: Choose Continue 

Once again, this option is located at the bottom of your screen. 

Step 7: Click the Play button 

After tapping this blue icon… 

You’ll hear the test sound play on both of your earbuds. 

Once it stops… 

Step 8: Observe the results 

If you see a Good Seal text under both earbuds… 

That means you’re using the right-sized ear tips.

So, you should proceed to the next fix.

However, if you see a yellow message saying… 

“Adjust or Try a Different Ear Tip.” 

Go ahead and… 

Step 9: Change your ear tip(s)

Try a smaller or bigger size.

Then, repeat this Fit Test process until both earbuds show a “Good Seal” message. 

Interesting fact: It’s possible for each of your ears to need different ear tip sizes. 

Note: For Android users, you may use the Beats app to do this test. 

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#4: Clean your ears 

Most of the time, your ear wax stays solid.

So, it won’t interfere with your earbuds’ grip on your ears. 

However, if the weather’s too hot, or you wear your earbuds for too long… 

Some of your ear wax will melt, making your ear canal slippery. 

And this makes your earbuds continuously slip OFF your ears. 

So, to avoid this problem… 

Clean your ears once a week: 

Step 1: Prepare your materials 

Here’s everything you need for this process: 

  • Baby oil.
  • Washcloth. 

Once you have both of these items ready… 

Step 2: Clean your ears

Put a few drops of baby oil on a corner of your washcloth. 

Then, use it to gently clean the outside surface of your ears. 

Warning: Only clean until the entrance of your ear canal. Don’t attempt to push the cloth any further inside. Doing so may cause your ears serious harm. 

Step 3: Dry your ears 

Once you’ve cleaned both of your ears using the baby oil…

Use a dry portion of the washcloth to dry them. 

Then, before wearing your earbuds again…

Wait until the baby oil loses its slippery effect on your ears. Which usually takes less than an hour. 

#5: Change the way you insert your buds 

Most people have a uniform way of inserting their earbuds.

For me, it’s pushing each earpiece from an upward angle. 

While my partner twists her earbuds as she wears them. 

Now, there’s really no correct or wrong way to insert your buds.

But if your audio device still falls OFF despite trying the fixes above… 

It might be time to change how you insert your earbuds. 

So, try different ways of wearing your audio device.

For example, as my partner does… 

You can twist the earpiece as you push it towards your ear. 

Alternatively, you can try inserting each earbud from a different angle. 

If either of these methods doesn’t work…

Try this instead:

  1. Pull up your earlobe.
  2. Insert your earbud.
  3. Let go of your earlobe.

This process straightens your ear canal. And helps the earbud stays in place. 

Does your audio device still fall OFF? 

Then, you should… 

#6: Add ear hooks 

Many earbud models come with official ear hooks. 

Because some people’s ears simply can’t hold earpieces into place. 

Such a bummer that Beats’ Studio Buds don’t come with this attachment. 

But luckily, there are nongenuine ear hooks for your audio device. 

They’re not from Beats, but they’ll fulfill your need to stop your earbuds from falling OFF. 

I highly recommend getting these ear hooks from AhaStyle

They cost less than $15. But their build quality matches your Beats earbuds. 

So, most people can’t tell that they’re not officially part of your audio device.

Note: The ear hooks I linked above are only compatible with Beats Buds from 2021 or later. 

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#7: Get a memory foam ear tip 

The Beats Studio Buds come with silicone ear tips. 

And while they come with many benefits, namely being:

  • Cheaper. 
  • More durable.
  • Easier to clean. 

Their big flaw is that they easily slip out your ears more than other ear tip types.

So, if you still can’t stop your earbuds from falling…

Consider replacing their silicone ear tips with those made with memory foam. 

Because the latter is better at staying inside your ears. 

Based on experience…

These memory foam ear tips from IiEXCEL are the best at not slipping out. 

I highly recommend using them instead of your earbuds’ official ear tips. 

Bonus: Wear a sweatband or a warmer 

Still can’t keep your earbuds in place?

Try wearing a sweatband over your ears in the summer.

Or put on a warmer on top of your earbuds during winter. 

Both of these will physically prevent your earbuds from falling OFF.

As a bonus, they’ll also protect your audio device from dirt and debris. 

Just ensure you’re wearing a sweatband/warmer that isn’t too tight.

Otherwise, your ears will feel uncomfortable due to too much pressure.