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(5 Fixes) ADT Doorbell Keeps Ringing [Updated 2023]

ADT Doorbell Keeps Ringing

You thought you became famous with the multiple notifications you’ve been receiving.

Turns out, it’s just your ADT Doorbell…

Constantly informing you that there’s someone at the door.

But you looked, and there’s no one.

Regardless, it keeps ringing.

Good thing you came here. I know how to make that stop.

Keep reading to learn:

  • The #1 main reason why your doorbell is ringing.
  • 5 easy fixes to solve ADT doorbell ringing problems.
  • 1 easy way to make your doorbell setup work wirelessly.
  • And plenty more…

Why does my ADT doorbell keep ringing?

Your ADT doorbell keeps ringing because of power issues. A damaged or insufficient battery can’t supply enough power to the device so it malfunctions. It can be a power input issue and you’ll need to upgrade to a compatible transformer. Ask for help from an electrician.

ADT doorbell keeps ringing: 5 fixes

Warning: All these tips will require you to turn the power to the doorbell off through your circuit breaker.

Moreover, these fixes apply to the following ADT Doorbells:

#1: Charge your doorbell batteries

A power issue is the main reason why your ADT doorbell is ringing.

Your device’s built-in batteries can drain when power is out for 1.5 hours or longer.

So, recharge the doorbell batteries before reconnecting them.

And here are the steps to charge your batteries:

  1. Press the tab on the bottom of the mounting bracket.
  2. Slide the doorbell upward to remove it from the mounting bracket.
  3. Connect the micro-USB charger to the charging port in the battery.

Note: Your battery is full when the light is green. ADT estimates that their doorbells take between 6 to 8 hours for a complete charge.

  1. Slide the fully charged doorbell and battery pack downward.
  2. Listen to it click into place on the mounting bracket.

Now, one good thing about ADT Doorbells is that…

Any common micro-USB cable can charge them.

So if you lose the cable packed together with your device…

Here are some brands with highly-reviewed USB cables:

The type of chime you use with your doorbell will also influence its charging time.

If using the doorbell with digital chimes:

You can reconnect the doorbell after charging for 10 hours.

The battery will be full after about 21 hours.

For analog chimes:

Charging after 3.5 hours is enough to reconnect the device.

But a full charge takes 7 hours.

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#2: Ensure your doorbell receives a stable Wi-Fi signal

Users with large homes may experience an unstable Wi-Fi connection with their doorbell.

And the farther the doorbell from the router is…

It’s more likely to have a weak Wi-Fi signal.

Moreover, the walls, furniture, and appliances in your house can obstruct the signals…

Therefore weakening the Wi-Fi signal strength even more.

One simple way to ensure a stable signal covers your doorbell is to buy Wi-Fi Extenders.

These devices catch Wi-Fi signals and spread them in an area around them.

Some brands offering affordable extenders (below $50) include:

I personally use TP-Link as a solution. 

It did wonders after I got it. Especially considering that the apartment I lived in when I got it was 125 square feet. And the router was far away from the doorbell.

#3: Connect a transformer to your chimes

Most users report issues when power to the doorbell is lacking.

Oftentimes, your device may not be able to regulate the current running through it. 

If so, connecting a transformer will help your device run on recommended power inputs.

ADT themselves state that the doorbell requires between 8 to 24 volts of AC power to run.

The transformers that come with most doorbells don’t usually output at these power levels.

For this, you should attach another transformer by doing the following:

  1. Look for your chime box.
  2. Unscrew the panel to remove the chimes.
  3. Look for the transformer (it usually has a metallic sheen).

Note: Oftentimes, the doorbell transformer is just behind the chimes. But it can also be installed near the circuit breaker or in the wall.

  1. Remove wires to the doorbell.
  2. Loosen the terminal screws on your transformer.

Note: This will disconnect the transformer from the circuit breaker.

  1. Replace the transformer.
  2. Reconnect the wires back to their corresponding parts.

Here’s a video you can watch to guide you through the process:

“Not sure what transformer is compatible with your doorbell?”

Packard sells one that outputs to 24 volts.

#4: Check for loose doorbell screws

If you didn’t secure your ADT doorbell with a screw…

You can slide the doorbell upward to remove it from the mounting bracket.

Check if the wires connected to your doorbell are secure.

A loose terminal screw can cause some electrical wires to detach.

Moreover, loose wires can also short circuit your device. This will lead to more problems.

For example, the doorbell camera won’t record videos.

This compromises your home’s security.

So, secure the doorbell wires on the mounting bracket before placing the doorbell back up.

You can do this with the following steps:

  1. Unmount the ADT doorbell from the bracket.
  2. Remove the power bracket from the wall and check the wires. 
  3. Look where the wires connect at the back of the power bracket.
  4. Open the slot and tighten the screws before returning the bracket and doorbell back.

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#5: Buy extra battery packs

Some users prefer not to hardwire their ADT doorbells to their existing doorbells.

Now, hardwiring means connecting the device to your power grid.

This method makes your doorbell setup wireless.

But because the doorbell doesn’t receive a stable electrical input…

A drawback to this setup is that it drains your device’s built-in battery.

Battery packs can help supply power to your doorbell without extra wires.

And you can buy official battery packs through myADT.

But battery packs are also available from major retailers.

Some brands with well-reviewed battery packs include:

Get In Touch With ADT's Team

BONUS: Get in touch with ADT’s Team

Still experiencing the ringing?

If so, then it’s more likely an issue with the hardware.

And getting in touch with ADT’s team can help:

Dial their customer support at (800) 716-3640.

They’re open 24/7.