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5 Easy Steps To Use Split Screen On Sony TV (2023 How-To)

Sony TV Split Screen

Watching only 1 form of media on your TV isn’t always enough. 

Some days, you might want to watch a movie while following a workout video.

Luckily, Sony got your back. 

Your TV’s Twin Picture mode lets you watch 2 media sources simultaneously. 

Let me help you set it up. 

Continue reading to find out: 

  • 5 easy steps to use split screen on your Sony TV.
  • 5 quick fixes you can try if this feature doesn’t work. 
  • 7 simple steps to check if your Sony TV supports Twin Picture or not. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

How to use split screen on Sony TV? 5 steps

Before you proceed to the steps below…

Know that the split screen feature isn’t available on all Sony TVs.

See, every model released from 2021 or later doesn’t have it.

And even for the TVs made in 2020 or earlier…

Only selected devices have this function as well. 

Pro tip: Visit fix #1 at the end of the article to check if your TV has this feature. 

Also, note that Sony has 2 “split screen” modes you can choose from, namely:

  • Twin Picture.
  • Picture-and-Picture (P&P).

“What’s the difference?” 

Well, the first option lets you watch 1 media from an HDMI source and another from your TV’s system. On the other hand, P&P lets you watch 2 built-in apps simultaneously.   

Now, for this tutorial… 

I’ll teach you how to implement the Twin Picture mode on your Sony TV.

That’s because most people use this feature when they want to split their screens. Plus, the majority of the apps on your TV are also available on external streaming gadgets. 

Note: I’ll use split screen and Twin Picture interchangeably for this process. 

That said, let’s start with the first step, which is to… 

#1: Connect an HDMI source to your TV

The Twin Picture mode of your Sony device only activates if you have 1 HDMI source.

So, connect any external device to your TV, such as:

  • PC/laptop.
  • Gaming consoles.
  • Streaming device (Roku/Firestick). 

Then, proceed to the next step. 

Note: Remember the HDMI slot you plug your external device into. You’ll need this later.  

#2: Open 1 built-in app you want to use

Decide which TV application you wish to include in this setup.

Then, turn ON your TV and launch it on your screen. 

After that, play any video you want to watch, and… 

#3: Go to your HDMI source

Press Home on your Sony remote.

And from the options that appear, select Input.

From the list, choose the HDMI source you took note of back in step 1. Then, play the media you want to watch on this platform. 

#4: Press the Action Menu on your controller

Note: You’ll find this above the UP arrow on your remote. 

Once you see the Action Menu on your screen… 

#5: Select Twin Picture 

Note: This is under the heading of the same name. 

At this point, you should already see 2 media sources on your TV, side-by-side. 

But remember that you’ll only hear audio from 1 of them. 

“Can I change which video I want to hear sounds from?

Yes, you can. Here are the steps to… 

Switch your audio source during the Twin Picture mode:

  1. Press the Action Menu on your remote once more.
  2. Select Switch Active Screen. 

Note: The video with a green border is your audio source. 

And if you want to switch the size of your windows, just…

  1. Tap the Action Menu on your remote.
  2. Select Change window size. 

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How to turn off split screen on Sony TV?

To turn off the split screen on your Sony TV, press the Action Menu on your remote. Then, select the Single Picture from the choices. After doing so, you’ll only see 1 media playing full-screen on your TV. 

Sony TV split screen not working: causes & fixes

#1: Your TV doesn’t have this feature

As mentioned earlier, not all models have the Twin Picture mode. 

So if you’re having trouble turning ON the split screen on your Sony TV… 

Your device may simply not have this function.

Now, all Sony TV models released in 2021 or later automatically don’t support split screens.  

But if you have a device from 2020 or earlier, here’s how you can… 

Check if your TV has Twin Picture:

Step 1: Take note of your TV’s model number

You’ll find this on the sticker at the back of your device. 

Or through your TV Settings by following these steps:

  1. Press Home on your remote.
  2. Head to Apps.
  3. Select Help & App.
  4. Your TV model number will be on the screen. 
Step 2: Head to Sony’s official website

Prepare a mobile device or a PC.

Then, launch a browser to visit Sony’s official website for its TVs. 

Step 3: Type your device’s model number

Tap the search bar on your screen.

Then, type your TV’s model number in. 

After doing so… 

Step 4: Select your TV from the list

Scroll down until you see your device’s model from the selections. 

Note: It’ll have a TV picture on the right side. 

Step 5: Click Specifications

You’ll see this under your device’s name near the top of your screen. 

Step 6: Scroll down to the Software heading

This is usually the 7th category from the top. 

Step 7: Locate Twin Picture

If you see a “Yes” under this term, your TV has the Twin Picture function.

Pro tip: If you’re on a PC and want a shortcut for steps 6-7, just press Control + F on your keyboard. Then, type “Twin Picture.” 

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#2: Your device is glitching

If you’re positive that your TV supports Twin Picture, yet you can’t use this feature… 

Your device may simply be glitching due to its active and background tasks. 

Now, don’t worry. This problem only takes minutes to fix.

Just follow the steps below to… 

Power Cycle Your Sony TV

Power cycle your Sony TV:

  1. Unplug your device from the outlet.
  2. Wait for 2 minutes. 
  3. Plug your TV into its power source again. 
  4. Turn ON your device.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you might be… 

#3: Trying to use 2 built-in apps

As stated earlier, Twin Picture only works if you play 1 HDMI source and a built-in app together. 

So, ensure that you have an external gadget connected to your TV. And launch it before you turn ON your device’s Twin Picture. 

Note: Revisit step 3 of How to use split screen on Sony TV above for detailed steps to do this process. 

#4: Outdated software

Updates are crucial for your TV to efficiently work. Because they provide programming changes to your device.

Moreover, they also improve your viewing experience by:

  • Making your TV run more efficiently.
  • Ensuring that all your TV’s features work. 
  • Preventing glitches from interrupting your streams. 

See, some of your TV’s features can stop working without updates. And that also includes the Twin Picture mode. 

That said, connect your device to the Wifi, then… 

Follow these steps to update your TV:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Scroll to the left side.
  3. Tap Apps (its icon is composed of a red circle with 9 little boxes inside). 
  4. Scroll down and select Help. 
  5. Highlight Status & Diagnostics on the left side of your screen. 
  6. Click the Right arrow on your remote. 
  7. Choose System software update.
  8. Select Software update. 
  9. Follow further instructions if there are updates available for your TV.

Here’s a video that you can use as a visual guide for this process:

Note: Don’t unplug your device from the outlet while it’s updating because you’ll stop the update process. 

If you still can’t use your TV’s Twin Picture mode after trying this solution…

#5: Your TV might be faulty

Sometimes, technological devices also fail or show some imperfections.

But fortunately, Sony can always give you a hand if there’s something wrong with your TV.

That said, try contacting the brand by calling or texting 239-245-6354.

Or you may also reach Sony’s representatives through its official support website

Note: The brand’s hours of operation are from 9 AM to 9 PM (ET) on weekdays. But during the weekend, its representatives are only active from 10 AM to 8 PM.