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Should a Google Home Mini Stay Plugged In? 3 Device Facts

Should A Google Home Mini Stay Plugged In

A Google Home Mini is a smaller and cheaper version of the Google Home smart speaker, but with the same capabilities.

The device needs to be powered up and connected to your WiFi so it could respond to your voice and execute your commands.

But should a Google Home Mini stay plugged in at all times?

A Google Home Mini should remain plugged into a power source for it to work. However, that power source doesn’t have to be a wall outlet. You can use a custom battery base or a portable powerbank to supply power to the Google Home Mini if you need to unplug it from your wall outlet. 

In this article, I’ll talk about how you can use your Google Home Mini without plugging it into your electrical outlet.

I’ll also share a few facts about the device.

So, if you’re still on the fence about getting one, read on to decide if it’s the right device for you.

1. You Can Power a Google Home Mini Without Plugging It In

A Google Home Mini has a cute and compact design that makes it perfect for little spaces. 

And its size and shape make it a great device to enjoy on the go, such as when you go camping or when you’re on a picnic. 

Although it doesn’t come with its own built-in battery to make it portable and wireless, there are 2 ways to make your Google Home Mini wireless and portable:

  • Use a rechargeable battery base.
  • Use a powerbank.

Use a Rechargeable Battery Base

You can use a rechargeable battery base, which is a small stand that you can place beneath your device that provides power to the device. A battery base comes with an inner magnetic base, which attaches to the device and keeps it stable.

This battery base, however, doesn’t come with the device out of the box.

Also, Google also doesn’t sell it. 

Instead, there are reputable companies that have custom-designed battery bases, especially for Google Home Minis.

One example is the Myriann BatteryBase, available on, which contains a 5200mAh battery that charges at 5 volts/2A. This battery can last 10 hours at full charge before you’ll need to recharge it.

Amazon also has the Ninety7 JOT Portable Battery Base, which has a 5000mAh lithium-ion battery that provides your Google Home Mini up to 8 hours of untethered power. 

Another example is the Kiwi design, which comes with a 7800mAh battery that lasts for about 12 hours. Check out this video on how to make your Google Home Mini portable with a Kiwi design battery base:

Use a Powerbank

The Google Home Mini has a detachable cable, making it possible to use a powerbank as alternative power as long as you can make an adjustment or two.

Your Google Home Mini’s two-pronged plug won’t work with a powerbank, but all you need is a separate cable.

This cable should connect to one of your powerbank’s USB slots on one end and to your Google Home Mini’s micro USB slot on the other end.

The disadvantage with using a powerbank is the fact that you’ll have a dangling cable. So, the shorter this cable is, the easier it’ll be to carry your Google Home Mini around.

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2. Your Google Home Mini Needs To Be Connected to WiFi

Another thing to remember is that your Google Home Mini relies on the Internet to respond to you and to execute your commands.

As such, you also need to make sure it stays connected to WiFi if you decide to take it outside of your house and outside your home network’s range.

Still, if you go out of your home network range, you can either find a public WiFi or connect to a hotspot.

3. There Are Many Things a Portable Google Home Mini Can Do 

A Google Home Mini allows you to use Google’s virtual assistant to communicate with the other smart devices in your home or office. This way, you can get your other smart gadgets to work by just issuing voice commands. 

There are many reasons to unplug your Google Home Mini such as when you travel for business or vacation.

Here are some of the things you can do with a portable Google Home Mini:

Play Sound or Music While You’re Outdoors

Since Google Home Mini is a smart speaker, there’s no reason why you can’t use it as a speaker while you’re camping or on a picnic. You can just connect it to your smartphone and play music for everyone’s enjoyment. 

If you have an outdoor party at the park, for example, you don’t need to lug one of those big and heavy sound systems. You can use your Google Home Mini to play your dance tunes.

If you have a video presentation, you can just bring a laptop, a mini projector, and a makeshift projector screen, then use your Google Home Mini to make sure everyone hears the audio.

You can also use a Google Home Mini to answer trivia questions and play other online-based games with friends while enjoying a backyard barbecue or a pool party.

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Make Announcements on a Loudspeaker

You no longer need a megaphone when you need to speak to large crowds.

If you have a Google Home Mini for each room or for each group in your crowd, you can make announcements and communicate reminders with ease.

Just tell Google what you need. “OK, Google, broadcast to everyone that we’re leaving in 5 minutes” or “OK, Google, broadcast to everyone that breakfast is ready.”

No more megaphones knocking on hotel doors, or yelling down the hall are needed for effective announcements.

Entertain the Kids

You know how it is when you and your friends enjoy some beer and share stories in the backyard, but the kids are running around and demanding attention? 

Let your Google Home Mini keep the kids entertained. Set it up on the lawn, have the children gather around it, and ask Google to read a story, tell knock-knock jokes, or play a trivia game with them. 

You can also just ask the kids to ask Google anything, from anything fart-related to serious science-related questions.

Set the Alarm or Timer

Since Google Home Mini doesn’t need to stay plugged in, it can be your outdoor timer. 

You don’t need to designate a timekeeper to set the stopwatch to yell out when the time is up because your smart speaker can do both. 

As Google Home Mini and consider it done.

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Translate Languages

How often will you have people who do not speak your language in your home?

Since you may need a translator at the mall or in the park, Google Home Mini shouldn’t stay plugged in. 

Take it with you because you never know who you’ll meet who doesn’t know English.

Sure, your phone can translate for you, but with Google Home Mini, you don’t need to pass your smartphone back and forth to be able to understand each other. 

You can just set up your Google Home Mini at the center of the table, ask it to translate whatever you want to say in English to a specific language and get your conversation going.


Your Google Home Mini needs to be connected to a power source, but you can make it portable by using a battery base or a powerbank.

Being able to unplug your smart speaker from the outlet will allow you to take it to another room, to other places, and even outdoors.

A Google Home Mini’s usefulness isn’t just limited to its capacity to connect with your other smart devices.

Even without these devices, your smart speaker will serve many purposes in various situations as long as it’s connected to WiFi.