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JBL vs JVC Headphones: Which Are Better? (2023 Comparison)

JBL Vs JVC Headphones

It’s a battle between an American and a Japanese headphone maker.

California-based JBL on one corner.

Yokohama-native JVC on the other.

Now, I’m sure many are curious to know who comes out on top in this head-to-head.

And let me tell you…

There’s actually a clear winner.

Keep reading to find out:

  • The best JBL and JVC headphones for every budget.
  • Which one between JBL and JVC is the better headphone brand.
  • 3 of the most notable differences between JBL and JVC headphones.
  • And much much more…

Are JBL headphones good?

JBL headphones are good. They’re widely known for their bass-heavy sound. But they also come with a variety of EQs to suit your music taste. Moreover, you can easily find JBL headphones that’ll fit any budget. That’s because the company offers a wide range of models, from entry-level to high-end.

A brief history of JBL

JBL is a Los Angeles, California-based audio equipment company.

It was founded in 1946 by an American engineer named James B. Lansing. And the brand name was derived from his initials.

But while the company achieved success mainly as a manufacturer of speakers

The popularity of those overpriced Beats headphones inspired JBL to release their own.

And in a late 2021 study by Statista…

It was revealed that JBL headphones ranked 6th in the US in sales. The brand had an 11% market share, to be exact. And the only companies ahead of them were:

  • Bose.
  • Sony.
  • Beats.
  • Apple.
  • Samsung.

Now, the success of JBL headphones is a testament to their quality.

And if you’re interested in buying one…

I’d be more than happy to help you decide which variant to get. So just keep scrolling.

The best JBL headphones for every budget

One of the great things about JBL is its wide selection of headphones. And the prices range from under $100 to over $300.

Now, I know it can be overwhelming to shop for any gadget. That’s why I narrowed down the choices for you.

I’ll be selecting the best JBL headphones for the following price points:

  1. Under $100.
  2. Between $100 and $200.
  3. Over $200.

Furthermore, I’ll also briefly discuss what makes them worth buying.

And with that, let’s get started.

Best under-$100 JBL headphones: T460BT

Who says you have to spend hundreds of dollars for a headphone?

If you’re really tight on budget but still want a decent listening device…

I present to you the JBL T460BT.

It’s about 10 times less than the cost of premium headphones at only $32.

But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s low-quality.

With the T460BT, you’d still get to enjoy JBL’s trademark powerful bass sound.

It also has user-friendly buttons on the earcups. So you can control any playback easily and answer phone calls without hassle.

Moreover, its battery can last up to 11 hours on a single charge. That’s fantastic when you consider its price.

And it’s really lightweight. It only weighs 10.6 oz (300.5 g). So you’ll barely even notice that you’re wearing it.

All in all, it’s one of the best entry-level headphones you can find.

And if you’d like to know more about the T460BT…

Watch this video below:

Best $100 to $200 JBL headphones: Live 660NC

Now, if you have a few more dollars to spare…

Go for the JBL Live 660NC.

At $150, it comes with advanced noise-canceling technology. That means you’ll be able to listen to music with little to no distractions.

Moreover, it also has JBL’s signature Ambient Aware feature. 

This enhances the sound of your surroundings when you’re listening while walking. So it helps avoid accidents. It’s literally a lifesaver.

In addition, the 660NC is also compatible with voice AIs. 

And through the JBL app, you can connect it to Alexa or Google Assistants. This will allow you to check the battery or turn off the headphone using only voice commands.

But perhaps its best trait is its battery life. A single charge can last up to 50 hours. That’s better than even other premium headphones.

That’s why your money will also be well spent on a JBL 660NC.

Best over-$200 JBL headphones: Tour One Black

The Tour One Black is one of JBL’s high-end headphones. And it’s arguably the best of the bunch.

Priced at $300, it has all of the finest features of the 660NC and more.

This model carries what JBL calls True Adaptive Noise Cancelling. That means it’s capable of picking up the sounds of your surroundings. 

And based on that… 

It can adjust how much or how little noise to cancel for the best listening experience.

It’s also equipped with 4 microphones that eliminate echoes and noises.

So when you use this for phone calls…

It’ll sound like you’re speaking face to face with the person on the other end.

Moreover, the Tour Black One comes with a wide selection of Equalizers (EQ). It’s an audio technology that allows you to adjust every aspect of a song.

For instance, if you want the vocals to be much louder than the instruments…

There’s an EQ for that. All you have to do is select it in the JBL app.

So when you think about all of those features…

The Tour Black One’s price tag is certainly more than reasonable.

Are JVC headphones good?

JVC headphones are good. They’re among the most comfortable to wear for long periods of usage. Moreover, they’re also known for their cheap price. JVC focuses more on entry-level models. In fact, almost all of its headphones are under $50. But the overall sound quality is good enough for the price.

A brief history of JVC

JVC, short for Japan Victor Company, has been around since the late 1920s.

This Yokohama, Japan-based firm has made its mark in the home appliances market.

And it enjoyed much success in the 80s and 90s.

However, the company’s popularity has waned in recent years.

And in the headphones industry…

JVC is a minor player.

In fact, it’s not even in the top 10 in terms of US and worldwide market shares.

But even if few actually use JVC headphones…

They’re still worth considering if you’re shopping for a listening gadget.

And that’s especially true if you prefer entry-level headphones.

Most of JVC’s variants cost less than $50. 

In fact, you can even find decent models for under $15. 

An example of that is the wired headphone HAS160B.

And like JBL, I’ll also discuss 3 JVC headphones that’ll suit any budget.

The best JVC headphones for every budget

Best under-$100 JVC headphones: HA-S23W

You’ll probably have a hard time finding cheaper wireless headphones than the JVC HA-S23W.

At only $26, this device can last up to 17 hours with only 1 charge. That’s 6 hours more than the $32 JBL T460BT.

In addition, the HA-S23W is extremely light. It only weighs 7.4 oz (210 g). And it’s so comfortable to wear.

Moreover, it also comes in 4 different colors. These include:

  • Teal.
  • Blue.
  • Black.
  • Orange.

As for its overall sound quality…

It’s good enough for its price. There are no noise-canceling features or audio enhancements.

But that’s to be expected for a budget headphone.

Best $100 to $200 JVC headphones: HAS91N

The HAS91N is the best mid-range JVC headphone by default.

That’s because it’s the only one within the $100 to $200 price range. You can buy one for $101.

But to be fair to the HAS91N…

It’s a major upgrade from the sub-$100 JVC headphones.

It has an active noise-canceling feature. 

And although it’s not as advanced as premium headphones…

It’s good enough to minimize outside sounds while you listen to music.

The HAS91N also has very soft earbuds to maximize the user’s comfort level.

And it boasts a 42-hour battery life.

I also love the swivel design. It makes it easy to store.

Best over-$200 JVC headphones: HAS100N


Like the HAS91N, the HAS100N is also alone in its category.

It’s the only high-end type of JVC headphones. And it costs $250.

Now, the HAS100N’s best quality is its hybrid noise-cancellation feature. It can rival that of other big brands like JBL, Sony, and Bose as far as eliminating outside sounds.

In addition, it also automatically turns on and off just by swiveling it around.

And it has no buttons at all. Instead, it uses touch control technology. You’ll only need to swipe with your fingers to adjust its settings.

Finally, it’s also compatible with Google Assistant. So if you don’t want to use your fingers for control, you can simply use your voice.

Differences between JBL and JVC headphones

The differences between JBL and JVC headphones are in-app integration and variety. JBL has a dedicated app for its headphones while JVC doesn’t. There are also much more JBL headphone models compared to JVC.

This goes without saying. But the most crucial aspect of headphones is the sound quality.

And in that regard…

The JBL and JVC headphones are comparable. Their premium versions both have advanced noise-canceling technology.

And both can produce high-quality audio, although still not as good as Sony or Bose.

But to help you decide between the 2…

I’ll be breaking down 5 notable differences between JBL and JVC headphones.

#1: App integration

The biggest difference between JBL and JVC headphones is app integration.

And by that, I mean JBL has a dedicated app for its headphones. While JVC doesn’t.

Among the things you can do on the JBL app include:

  • Ear canal test.
  • Equalizer selection.
  • Noise-canceling adjustment.
  • Headphones personalization.
  • Control gesture customization.

Through those features…

The JBL app can really help enhance your overall listening experience.

That’s why it’s really disappointing that even the premium JVC headphones don’t have this.

There was actually an old headphone manager app for JVC. However, it hasn’t been updated since early 2020. So it won’t work with the latest models.

But hopefully, JVC eventually comes up with a new app for their headphones. Otherwise, it may turn off many potential buyers.

#2: Variety of headphone models

As I’ve mentioned, there are only 2 JVC headphones over $100. All other variants are those considered as budget or entry-level.

Meanwhile, JBL has a lot more selections to offer.

To be a bit more specific, you can find over 30 JBL headphone models available. 

And their prices range from about $30 to almost $400. 

#3: Ease of use

Now, this aspect is mainly when comparing the high-end JBL and JVC headphones.

The entry-level models from both brands are actually similar. They all have built-in buttons that make it easy to control playbacks.

However, when it comes to premium headphones…

The JVC HAS91N has a much steeper learning curve than the JBL Tour One Black.

This is because the HAS91N has no buttons at all. And its reliance on touch control requires users to memorize several swipe gestures.

Now, the Tour One Black also has that same feature. However, you’ll still find buttons on the headphones if that’s what you prefer.

And you can easily customize or switch off its touch control if you don’t want it.

Which headphone brand is better?

JBL is the better headphone brand. It offers more choices for potential buyers. It has a great app that can make your listening experience even better. And it’s more user-friendly. JVC can compete with JBL in sound quality. But JBL’s edges in other aspects make it the clear-cut better of the 2.