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9 Reasons Why Sennheiser Is The Best Headphone Brand (2023)

Is Sennheiser A Good Brand

Sennheiser holds the record of having the best-selling full-size headphones of all time.

And it’s all thanks to the HD 414 model the company released in 1968. 

Since then, Sennheiser has been leading the audio industry. 

And if you’re interested in what makes this brand much better than its competitors… 

Continue reading to find out: 

  • 9 real reasons why Sennheiser is the best headphone brand.
  • How Sennheiser headphones compare to other brands’ headphones. 
  • How much better Sennheiser headphones’ battery life is compared to others. 
  • And a lot more… 

Why Sennheiser is the best headphone brand – 9 reasons

#1: Flat frequency response

To understand what exactly this means… 

Let’s first talk about sound frequencies.

Simply put…

These are the different pitches that compose all sounds we hear.

Fun fact: Humans can only hear frequencies 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz (20 kHz). And the lower the value is, the deeper the pitch. 

“What about frequency response?”

That refers to how your device plays different frequencies. 

Or how loud your headphones project every pitch of your audio. 

So, a flat frequency response means:

Your device plays all audio frequencies at equal volumes. 

“Is it better for headphones to have a flat frequency response?”

Yes, it is. 

That’s because these types of audio devices reflect the true qualities of sound. Which means your headphones will play all the pitches at equal volumes. 

So, you’ll hear music and songs exactly how the singer or producer wanted.

Now, since Sennheiser prioritizes having a flat frequency response…

Its headphones’ sound quality is superior. 

As a result, this brand is very famous among professionals and audiophiles like me.

Want to know more about frequency response? Then, watch this video: 

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#2: A pioneer in the audio industry

Sennheiser is 1 of the longest-standing audio brand. 

See, it has been around since 1945. 

And back then, these companies didn’t even exist. 

  • Bose (1964).
  • Sony (1946).
  • Beats (2006).

Now, if you’re wondering:

“How did the brand influence headphones?”

Well, it was the first company to launch open-back models in 1968. And these devices are still the best-selling full-size headphones up to date. 

Plus, Sennheiser was also the brains behind the limited-edition Orpheus headphone in 1991. This was considered the best headphones worldwide for decades. 

On top of this…

Sennheiser also led dozens of innovations related to other audio instruments. And that includes mics that are:

  • Wireless.
  • Dynamic.
  • Head-worn.

See, Sennheiser is a reputable brand in the industry. And this guarantees that it has high-quality headphones.

Fun fact: The brand’s name was originally Laboratorium Wennebostel in 1945. But it was renamed Senheisser in 1958. 

#3: Wide variety of headphones

Are you willing to spend thousands on a new pair of headphones? 

Or do you only want to spare less than a hundred? 

Either way, Senheisser got your back. 

Because the brand offers a wide variety of headphone models under these categories:

  • In-ear.
  • Wireless.
  • Over-ear.
  • True wireless.
  • Noise-canceling.

And for each of them, you can select headphones that fit your budget. 

Sennheiser also has a separate set of models for audio professionals. Or people who work as:

  • Musicians.
  • Producers.
  • Filmmakers.

So, you’ll surely find the audio device that fits your needs. 

“But how do I know which headphones are the best for me?”

With Sennheiser, choosing the right audio device has never been easier. 

That’s because the brand has a page dedicated to helping you know which headphones suits you best. 

Fun fact: It only takes Sennheiser’s website less than 5 minutes to figure out the right headphones for you. 

#4: Longevity

Sennheiser got the most durable headphones you can find. 

See, I have a friend who owns Sennheiser’s HD580 headphones.

And he’s had it for over 15 years! 

He’s pretty clumsy, so most of his devices barely last for a year. But he’s used the same Sennheiser headphones for the past decade. 

And while they have visible scratches…

Their audio quality is still as decent as before. 

“How long do Sennheiser headphones usually last?”

They can usually stay with you for 5 to 10 years.

But if you want your headphones to last as long as my friend’s device, here are… 

5 tips for taking care of Sennheiser headphones:

  1. Clean your headphones regularly (at least twice a month).
  2. Avoid using your audio device in moist or humid environments. 
  3. Don’t use your headphones’ highest volumes to protect their speakers. 
  4. Store your device safely (ideally in a headphone case).
  5. Avoid dropping or accidentally hitting your headphones. 

#5: You’re paying for quality

Sennheiser headphones can be expensive.

But trust me, they’re all worth the buck because you’re paying for quality. 

See, other brands like Beats also charge hundreds per model. 

However, they do this not only because of their headphones’ quality and materials. But also due to their high expenses hiring celebrities to promote their products. 

Now, Sennheiser is different. 

The brand doesn’t pay millions for class A personalities to wear their headphones. And charge you for it on the final product. 

Instead, Sennheiser invests most of its capital in improving its devices’ quality. This way, you’ll get the product value you deserve. 

For example, instead of using aluminum or cheap plastic…

The brand uses these high-quality materials for their headphones:

  • Leather.
  • Solid metal.
  • High-grade plastic bend. 

So, their devices can easily handle several drops without being damaged. 

#6: Comfortable

See, unlike other companies… 

This brand ensures that its devices don’t have too-tight clamping pressure. 

This way, your ears won’t hurt even when you wear your headphones for hours straight.

Moreover, Sennheiser also uses breathable velour pads. Also known as the best material for headphone ear cushions. 

So, you don’t have to worry about your ears getting hot while jamming to music.

Now, Sennheiser headphones aren’t just comfortable to wear.

You don’t need to worry about annoying headphone wires. 

Because most of their headphones are fully wireless.

Plus, they also last for 30 hours on a single charge.

So, you’ll spend less time plugging your headphones. And have more albums to enjoy. 

Clearly, the overall user experience of Sennheiser audio devices is extremely comfortable. So truth be told, nothing can top this headphone brand. 

#7: 2-year warranty and excellent customer service

Excellent Customer Service

Most headphone brands only provide 6-12 months of quality assurance. 

But Sennheiser is a rare gem that guarantees your headphones will last for years.

On top of this…

The company also provides excellent customer service by providing dozens of:

  • Video tutorials.
  • How-to guides.
  • Repair tutorials.

And you’ll rarely find these from other headphone brands. 

#8: Long battery life

I’ve already briefly mentioned this earlier.

But Sennheiser headphones have incredible battery life compared to other brands.

That said, if you want more enjoyment and less boring charging times…

Sennheiser will easily prove that its headphones are your best shot. 

Now, to better explain how good the company is, use this table to… 

Compare Sennheiser headphones’ battery life to other brands:

BrandModelBattery life
Sennheiser PXC 550-II ($350)30 hours
Sony SONY WH1000-XM4 ($490)30 hours
Bose700 ($480)20 hours
Beats Studio3 ($250)22 hours

Sennheiser’s headphones have longer playback than the much-more-expensive Bose 700. 

And its PXC 550-II’s battery life is similar to Sony’s almost-$500 headphones.

So surely, Sennheiser is offering much more value than other brands in this category. 

#9: Spare parts available

When most headphones break, you’ll usually have 2 choices:

  1. Pay hundreds to fix your device.
  2. Buy a new pair to get more value from your money. 

But with Sennheiser, you won’t be stuck with these limited options. 

Because the brand offers spare parts for most of their headphone models. 

You can easily buy these replacements from their website:

  • Earpads.
  • Headband.
  • Mounting set. 
  • Dust protection.
  • Headband padding.

So, you can opt to fix your device yourself. Or hire a local technician to help you. 

See, most brands don’t offer their headphone parts to the public. 

Because they want to force customers to bring their broken devices to the company. So they can generate more revenue.

On the other hand, Sennheiser gives you the chance to fix your headphones while saving more money. 

How do Sennheiser compare to the other top headphone brands?

Sennheiser is better than most top headphone brands. That’s because its headphones provide the flattest frequency response. Plus, they last longer than models from other companies can.

But of course, Sennheiser also has its downsides. For example, its headphones usually have simple designs. And their noise-canceling feature is only fairly decent. 

Now, if you want more details about these, here’s a… 

Comparison of Sennheiser’s 5 headphone features to various brands

#1: Sound quality

Sennheiser has the best audio quality out of all top headphone brands. 

As mentioned earlier, its headphones have the flattest frequency response. 

Let’s compare Sennheiser to Beats to give you an example. 

The latter brand is known for having an imbalanced frequency response. Because its headphones always boost the bass and lower the mids. 

So, with Beats headphones…

You’ll sometimes hear muffled vocals. Or your audio’s bass will overpower the rest of the frequencies. 

Luckily, you won’t experience this inconvenience with Sennheiser headphones. Because they’ll always show you how each audio is supposed to sound. 

#2: Durability

Sennheiser headphones last way longer than audio devices from other brands.  

For example, Bose’s models usually stop working after 3 years. 

And Beats’ audio devices can last for 4 years if you’re lucky. 

These are all extremely short compared to Sennheiser’s 5-10 years of lifespan.

#3: Comfort

Based on experience, Sennheiser’s headphones are more comfortable than other brands.

See, unlike the ultra-tight Beats Solo Pro I got… 

Those from Sennheiser are tight enough not to fall off your head. So they won’t hurt your ears. 

Moreover, while other brands use cheap materials for their ear pads, like faux leather…

Sennheiser uses the most breathable fabric, velour, for its ear caps.

#4: Design

Sennheiser’s audio devices don’t have the best aesthetics.

Unlike brands like Beats or Bose that let you buy vibrant-colored over or on-ear models…

Sennheiser only offers most of its headphones in:

  • Gray.
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Brown.

So, if you want to showcase your personality through your headphones…

Sennheiser might not be able to provide you with too much value.

#5: Noise-canceling 

Sennheiser headphones have decent noise-canceling abilities.

But they can’t compete with Sony headphones’ ANC or Active Noise Cancelling.

To be specific, Sony audio devices can reduce surrounding sound volumes by 20 – 30 dB.

On the other hand, Sennheiser’s headphones only lower noise by 10 – 20 dB.

However, this doesn’t mean that Sennheiser’s the worst at noise-canceling. Because the brand still has better ANC than these companies do:

  • JBL.
  • Beats.
  • Bowers & Wilkins.

So overall, Sennheiser’s noise canceling is average compared to other brands.