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(5 Fixes) Hulu Not Working On Chrome [Updated 2023]

Hulu Not Working On Chrome

With 45 million subscribers…

Hulu’s affordable streaming packages sure give competitors a run for their money.

What’s also great is that they support various devices and browsers.

But when Hulu doesn’t work on Chrome…

Jeez, it’s annoying!

Good thing there are ways to fix this easily. 

Read on to learn:

  • Why Hulu isn’t working on Chrome.
  • How to effectively perform a Hulu reset on your browser. 
  • 5 easy-to-do tricks to get Hulu up and running on Chrome.
  • And so much more…

Why is Hulu not working on Chrome?

Hulu isn’t working on Chrome due to an unsupported Chrome version. Your operating system may also be out of date and need updating. Incorrect browser configuration and Chrome extensions cause this error to occur as well. 

Hulu not working on Chrome: 5 fixes

#1: Update Chrome to the latest version

Updating your browser should be on top of your troubleshooting checklist.

After all, older versions of Chrome (and other browsers) aren’t supported by Hulu anymore. 

Google Chrome also releases regular updates to add new features to the browser. And of course, to fix some bugs.

Hulu needs the latest features to operate efficiently, too. 

So, in this context, updating to Chrome’s latest build could solve any issues associated with it. 

Follow these steps to update Chrome: 

  1. Open Google Chrome on your device. 
  2. Look for 3 vertical dots (Action Menu) on the top right corner of the screen. 
  3. Once there, select Settings.
  4. Then go to About Chrome.
  5. Choose Check for Updates
  6. Wait for Chrome to finish installing them.
  7. Finally, restart Google Chrome and check Hulu.

Note: It takes a long time to complete a Chrome update. If your Google Chrome build is very old, it’s ideal to update it overnight. 

#2: Update your OS

If updating the browser didn’t solve your problem, you should update your OS next.

“Okay. But first, what’s an OS?”

The OS or operating system is the system that runs and manages your device. It’s the most important software on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Your operating system receives regular updates for the same reason Chrome gets one. It’s to fix bugs and add new features to your device.

Assuming you have the operating system Windows 10 on your PC…

Here’s how to update your Window’s OS:

  1. On your keyboard, tap on Window’s dedicated key. 
  2. Access Settings.
  3. Open Windows Update.
  4. Then click Check for Updates
  5. If updates are available, download all (including Optional Updates).
  6. Restart your PC to finish installing the updates.

Now, check if Hulu is working as it should. If not, proceed to the next step.

Note: For macOS users, refer to Apple’s official guide to update your system software.

Watch this video to learn how to update Windows OS on your HP laptop:

#3: Clear Hulu’s data on Chrome

As with any other browser, Chrome uses cookies (storage for user data and preferences).

And cache (stores website data to improve user experience). These 2 are very important for applications and websites to perform well. 

But, corrupted cache and cookies do the opposite. Instead, they interfere with a website’s operation.

With that said, it’s necessary to reset Hulu on Chrome. Do this by deleting the cookies so it operates without a glitch.  

Note: You’d have to log in again to Hulu after clearing its data.

This is how you clear and reset Hulu on Chrome:

  1. Open Hulu’s website on Chrome.
  2. Click the tiny lock icon on the top left part of the address bar.
  3. Find and open Cookies.
  4. Highlight a cookie, then Remove, and click Done.

Repeat step 4 until you remove all cookies. Then, try to access Hulu once again to check if everything’s good.

“I reset Hulu already but I still have the same problem.”

In that case, you’d have to go all the way by clearing Chrome’s history. This is where you can also clear the cache and cookies available on your device. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to clearing Chrome’s cookies and cache:

  1. On Chrome, click the 3 dots or Action Menu.
  2. Click on History or simply tap Ctrl + H on your keyboard.
  3. On the left pane, select Clear browsing data.
  4. Another tab will open. Select the Time range and tick all 3 boxes that appear.
  5. Click Clear data.

It may take a while to clear everything (especially if you don’t do it regularly). Upon completing, try to access Hulu again. 

Tip: Use incognito mode on Chrome. This way, your device doesn’t store cookies and site data.

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#4: Disable Chrome extensions

Extensions are convenient to use. They provide extra functionality to Chrome. 

But did you know that poorly designed extensions cause several problems? Ad-block extensions, as well as dark mode, are just some of them.

They could be leading to Hulu problems on your Chrome browser. That’s why you need to disable them. 

To disable extensions on Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click the icon that looks like a puzzle piece on the right part of the display. 
  3. A small window will appear. Go to Manage Extensions.
  4. From there, disable all extensions by using their individual toggles. 

After this, you need to open Hulu on your browser to check if it’s working. 

If Hulu’s fine, access your extensions again. This time turn on each one of them until you find the one that’s causing problems on Hulu. 

By process of elimination, you’ll know which extension to keep turned off. This ensures smooth streaming of your favorite programs on Hulu. 

#5: Uninstall Google Chrome

Uninstall Google Chrome

You’re down here which means nothing has worked yet. 

But don’t panic. We’ll work out your problem soon. 

You see, your Hulu dilemma could stem from a corrupted file while installing Chrome. 

“Is that even possible?”

Yup. And that’s why you should uninstall Chrome and reinstall it back. 

This could solve all your Chrome-related issues while streaming Hulu. 

Note: Before uninstalling Chrome, back up information such as passwords, log-in information, etc. 

Uninstall Chrome by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Windows button on your keyboard.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Scroll down and find Apps.
  4. Locate Google Chrome among your apps.
  5. Next, click Google Chrome and click Uninstall. 
  6. Select Confirm when prompted.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to completely uninstall Chrome.
  8. Finally, restart your system.

After restarting your pc, reinstall Google Chrome. Then try to play Hulu.

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