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7 Steps To Connect Headphones To Vizio TV (2023 How-To)

How To Use Headphones On A Vizio TV

Sometimes it’s nice to watch TV alone. 

And the perfect way to do so is by using headphones. 

This way, you won’t disturb other people…

But you’ll still hear everything from your movie or show. 

Well, lucky you. It’s easy to connect headphones to your Vizio TV.

Continue reading to find out:

  • How to add the Bluetooth function to Vizio TVs without it. 
  • 7 hassle-free steps to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Vizio TV.
  • 3 simple fixes you can try if your headphones aren’t connecting to your TV.
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Can you use headphones on a Vizio TV?

You can use headphones on a Vizio TV. Just connect a Bluetooth adapter to your Vizio device. Then, pair your headphones with the transmitter. After that, change your TV’s audio settings to PCM. And your TV’s sounds will automatically transmit to your headphones. 

How to connect headphones to Vizio TV – 7 steps

#1: Get a Bluetooth adapter

Unlike most TV models from other brands… 

Vizio TVs don’t have a built-in Bluetooth feature. 

See, the models from the company only support the Bluetooth LE (low energy) connection.

And simply speaking, it’s a weaker version of the original Bluetooth. 

That’s because it lets your TV connect to your mobile devices. But it’s not strong enough to relay audio signals to headphones or speakers. 

Here’s a video that shows more information about how BLE is different from Bluetooth:

That said, to connect wireless audio devices to your Vizio TV…

You’ll need a high-quality Bluetooth adapter. 

Now, the exact brand of this product doesn’t matter. 

But I highly recommend getting this Twelve South’s AirFly for your Vizio TV.

Because I personally find it extremely easy to use.

Plus, it also works efficiently with my Vizio TV. 

Fun fact: Bluetooth adapters are also called Bluetooth transmitters/receivers. 

#2: Charge your Bluetooth adapter

Doing this before you connect the transmitter to your Vizio TV ensures that:

There won’t be any interruptions during the rest of the process. 

Pro tip: Check your adapter’s user manual. And see what indications you’ll find if your device has a full battery. 

#3: Connect the Bluetooth adapter to your TV

You’ll need to observe your TV’s ports for this step closely.

So I highly recommend having at least 1 meter of space behind your Vizio device.

That said, if your TV is currently near the wall, you should pull it back temporarily.

After doing so, find the AUX port behind your Vizio device. Or the small hole with the headphones icon under the Audio Out section. 

Once you find it, plug your Bluetooth adapter’s jack into the port. 

Then, turn the transmitter ON. 

“Is it okay if my adapter hangs from my TV’s port?”

Yes. Companies design Bluetooth adapters to withstand their weight. 

So don’t worry. You won’t ruin your device even if it’s hanging 24/7. 

#4: Put your transmitter in pairing mode

The exact steps will depend on your adapter’s brand or model.

But if you got the AirFly transmitter that I recommended, here’s how you can…

Put your Bluetooth adapter into pairing mode: 

  1. Press and hold the button on your adapter.
  2. Let go when its LED light flashes white and amber alternatively. 

Note: Check your transmitter’s user manual if these steps don’t apply to your device. 

#5: Put your wireless headphones in pairing mode 

Different headphones have varying pairing instructions. 

But to give you a general idea of how you can do this step, here’s how you can:

Put the 5 most popular headphones brands in pairing mode:

  1. Find the power button of your headphones.
  2. Press and hold this key.
  3. Let go after the 5 LED lights on your device turns ON. 
  1. Locate the power switch of your headphones.
  2. Swipe it towards the Bluetooth icon and hold it there.
  3. Let go when the LED light starts to blink. 
  1. Turn OFF your headphones if they aren’t yet. 
  2. Press and hold your device’s power button for about 7 seconds.
  3. Let go after your headphones’ LED lights flash.
  1. Ensure that your headphones are OFF.
  2. Press and hold its power button.
  3. Bring your headphones closer to your ears.
  4. Let go of the button when you hear “power ON” and a beep sound. 
  1. Ensure that your JBL headphones are OFF.
  2. Press and hold their power button for 5 seconds.
  3. Wait for the flashing blue lights to appear. 

Note: If these steps don’t apply to your headphones, check your device’s user manual. 

Now, wait a few seconds or minutes for your adapter and headphones to pair.

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#6: Change your TV’s audio settings

Step 1: Turn ON your Vizio TV

Do so if it isn’t already. Then proceed to…. 

Step 2: Go to your TV’s Menu

Click the Menu button on your Vizio remote.

You can usually find this at the top of the controller. Or below the shortcuts for streaming apps like:

  • Vudu.
  • Netflix.
  • Amazon Prime Video. 

Step 3: Select Audio

A new window will appear on the left side of your screen.

So from the choices, simply select Audio.

Note: This is the second option from the top for most Vizio TVs.

Step 4: Choose Digital Audio Output

You’ll find this in the lower-middle part of the window. 

Step 5: Select PCM

This is the 2nd option from the top. 

After selecting PCM, go back to your TV’s home screen, then… 

#7: Test your Bluetooth headphones

Play any audio or movie on your Vizio TV.

And check if you’re now hearing the TV’s sounds from your headphones. 

“I don’t hear anything.”

In that case, you should try these… 

3 fixes for headphones that aren’t connecting to Vizio TVs

Pair your audio devices again

Your headphones most likely didn’t pair with your Bluetooth adapter earlier. 

So you should do steps 4 and 5 once more. 

Pro tip: This time, quickly put both devices in pairing mode. Because some adapters and headphones only stay in this function for less than a minute. 

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Bring your devices closer

Bluetooth connections only work within 30 feet. 

So, if your headphones still aren’t connecting to your Vizio TV…

You should bring your headphones closer to the Bluetooth adapter. 

Now, as a rule of thumb, during pairing mode…

The closer your devices are, the better.

So bring your headphones within 3 feet of your TV.

And follow steps 4 to 5 above once more. 

Charge your devices

Some headphones have pairing problems when they have low batteries.

And likewise…

Adapters also lose their connection efficiency when they’re running low on power.

Fortunately, though, simply charging your devices will fix this problem.

So, if you still can’t pair your headphones to your Vizio TV…

You should connect your headphones and Bluetooth adapter to power. 

Then, try pairing them again once they’re both fully charged. 

Can you connect wired headphones to Vizio TV?

You can connect wired headphones to your Vizio TV. However, you’ll need a long AUX cable to try this setup. Otherwise, you’ll be sitting a foot away from your TV screen when wearing your headphones. 

Now, if you’re interested in trying this setup, just follow these steps to…

Connect wired headphones to your Vizio TV: 

#1: Ensure that your headphones’ cable is long enough

Ensure That Your Headphones' Cable Is Long Enough

Most headphones only come with 1-3 feet long AUX cables.

Now, if you connect them to your TV right away…

Your wired headphones will barely reach the front side of your Vizio device. Because their cables are too short. 

If that’s the case, you should replace your headphones’ original AUX cable with a cord that’s at least 10 feet long.

By doing so, you can watch your TV from a comfortable distance. 

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#2: Connect your headphones’ jack to your TV

Observe the back of your TV.

Then, look for the small circle port that says AUX or has a headphone icon.

Once you find the slot…

Plug your headphones’ jack into it. And ensure that you insert the connector all the way through. 

#3: Set your TV’s audio output to PCM

  1. Turn your TV ON.
  2. Click Menu on your remote.
  3. Select Audio on the window that appears.
  4. From the list, tap Digital Audio Output.
  5. Click PCM.