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3 Steps To Restart Apps On Apple TV (Force Quit –  2023)

How To Restart Apps On Apple TV

You launch an app on your Apple TV only to have it crash and be unresponsive.

As you’re desperately trying to force quit the app, it just gets more stuck.

And your frustration is building up too. 

But lucky you as I’m here to get you out of this sticky situation.

But first…

Continue reading to find out:

  • How to force quit an app on Apple TV.
  • How to restart your Apple TV with or without a remote. 
  • 3 snappy steps to restart unresponsive apps on Apple TV.
  • And this is just the beginning…   

How to restart apps on Apple TV?

You can restart apps on Apple TV by unplugging your device from the power supply. Other people restart apps that are crashing through Apple TV’s system settings. Meanwhile, some prefer to use the Apple TV Siri remote to restart applications.

3 steps to restart apps on Apple TV

#1: By using the remote

Your Apple TV usually comes with a handy Apple remote. But if you want to get something new…

You can buy a 2nd gen Siri Remote which is the latest from Apple.

On your Siri Remote (2nd gen), you can see:

  • The Menu button.
  • The Volume controls.
  • The pause/play button.
  • The Home/TV button (the one with a TV screen picture).
  • The dedicated Siri button (the one shaped like a microphone).
  • Dual microphones to better speak commands when using the Siri feature.

Otherwise known as the Apple TV Remote, it gives new meaning to the word “sleek.”

The minimalist design provides a pretty straightforward interface. Many users love the smooth TouchPad feature too.

It has a lovely aluminum body that is easy to hold. And the touch-sensitive jogwheel control gives an old-school iPod vibe.

“Uhm, jog- what?”

Jogwheel control refers to gliding your fingers over the remote’s navigation controls. It’s the Apple remote’s newest add-on feature.

This feature gives you great control over malfunctioning apps. Making it super easy to close them. 

Plus, you can get trendy remote cases for your Siri remote. It’s pretty cool actually. 

Now, as for restarting problematic apps on Apple TV using your Siri remote (2nd gen)…

Follow these steps:

Step 1

Look for the home button and press it twice. This action will show you all the current apps running on your Apple TV. 

Scroll through these apps and choose one that you want to close. Then, swipe it up on the remote’s track or click pad.

And now you’ve closed that app. 

Step 2

If you’re working on two alternate and running applications…

You can just swipe left or right. 

Step 3

Do you want to return to your Apple TV’s home screen? 

Then just click the middle section of the trackpad.

This will help you exit the App Switcher. And take you right back to the home page.

Note: If everything is still running well, use the double-tap trick with the Home button. This allows easy switching between apps. 

As you can see, using a Siri remote to restart apps is no sweat. 

Apart from its convenience, here are some other reasons why people like the new Apple Siri remote:

  • A power button that controls everything. 
  • You can use the dedicated button for Siri
  • The Siri remote has a more functional layout.
  • Looks and performs better than older Apple TV remotes.
  • Touch-sensitive click pad (that you can adjust or turn off easily). 

Additionally, there are a lot of useful tricks that allow more ease of access using your Apple remote.

Check out this video to learn more gestures on your Apple TV Siri Remote:

#2: By restarting your Apple TV

If you’ve tried force quitting, but the app switcher isn’t even coming forth…

Here’s another way you can restart apps that go loco on your Apple TV.

Restart your Apple TV. 

“How is that going to help me?”

Well, a restart will cool off your device for a bit. And give it a chance to repair internal commands or minor bugs.

What’s more, is that this is probably all you need to kill frozen and unresponding apps.

And although there are a few ways to restart your Apple TV, it’s all a matter of following prompts on the screen. 

On your Apple TV:

  1. First, go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to System.
  3. And finally, click Restart.

Warning: Be careful not to click the Reset button. This will clear all your data and bring back your Apple TV to default settings. 

You can also hold down the Apple TV remote’s power button. Wait for the LED to flash so your device can restart. 

“But my Siri remote isn’t working at all.”

Well, in that case, it’s time to apply the oldest trick in a book.

Which is to unplug the power source from your device. Let it be for 10 or so seconds.

And reconnect the power source to the outlet. 

Now hold your breath. Give your Apple TV time to complete the restart. 

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#3: By using the Apple TV remote application

Use Apple TV Remote Application

Note: Apple TV remote application is only for iOS 11 or later.

Did you know that you can find an Apple TV remote on your iPhone or iPad?

You can access it in your Apple device’s Control Center. 

Actually, it’s like an all-in-one app that can do every task mentioned above. It’s really convenient if you ask me.

Moreover, the software takes in the look of a physical remote. So you don’t need to review anything because the buttons function all the same. 

Bear in mind though, that you can control limited versions of Apple TV.  These versions are the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.

Unfortunately, older Apple TV models don’t have this function. 

People also ask:

How do you force an app to close on Apple TV?

You can force an app to close on Apple TV by pressing the Back button found on your Apple TV (2nd gen) remote. This action will bring you back to the Home screen of your TV without a problem.

Yet, this won’t close the application completely. Instead, it’ll leave it running in the background.

So, to truly exit an application or close an app that’s not working as intended…

You must open the App Switcher. This is a feature on all Apple devices that displays windows of all apps you’ve opened.

This is how you open the App Switcher using your Siri Remote:

  1. Double-tap the TV/Home button. 
  2. With the click pad, go over all recently opened apps.
  3. Choose an app you want to force close.
  4. Swipe up the click pad to close an app. 
  5. If you want to close all recently opened apps, swipe up every one of them.
  6. Press the Back or the Home button to go back to the Home screen. 

How do you restart the Apple TV App with remote?

You can restart the Apple TV App with a remote by following these steps:

For Apple TV Remote (1st gen) and Siri Remote (1st gen):

  1. Press the Menu and TV/Control Center tabs.
  2. When the LED light flashes, let go of the buttons.

For Apple TV Remote (2nd gen) and Siri Remote (2nd gen):

  1. Press the Back button as well as the TV/Control Center button.
  2. Wait for the LED light to flash, and let go of both buttons.

For the aluminum or white Apple Remote:

  1. Press the Menu and Down buttons together.
  2. When the LED light comes on, let go of both buttons. 

You can also check Apple Support for a more detailed guide on how to restart or turn off your Apple TV device. 
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