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3 Steps To Make Roomba Go Home In Seconds (2023 How-To)

How To Make Roomba Go Home

So your Roomba’s just finished cleaning. 

You can see that it did well.

And you’d now like to give it a rest.

“How do I send it home right away?”

Well, dive in. And we’ll teach you how. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • 3 easy ways to send Roomba home.
  • 3 steps to tell Roomba to go home using the iRobot app.
  • Reasons your Roomba won’t go home and how to fix them.
  • Where to find the Home or Dock button on various Roomba models.
  • And this is just the beginning…

How to make Roomba go home?

To make Roomba go home, press the Dock button on the Roomba itself. Its location would depend on the Roomba model that you have. Also, make sure that the docking station is plugged in. Otherwise, Roomba wouldn’t be able to return home. You may also send Roomba home via the iRobot HOME app or Alexa.

3 easy steps to make Roomba go home

Just a little note before we begin the steps.

There are actually 3 ways to send Roomba home:

  • Using voice command.
  • Using the iRobot HOME app.
  • By pressing the Dock or Home button.

The following steps are with the use of the Dock or Home button. 

If you’d rather use an app or voice command…

Simply jump to our Bonus section. 

#1: Make sure the docking station is plugged in

Your Roomba won’t be able to dock if the Home Base isn’t plugged. Or if your wall outlet is defective. 

One way to know that the Home Base is receiving power…

The Home Base’s light indicator. 

It should be blinking around once every 4 seconds.

It might also fully light up for about 4 seconds. And then turn off. That’s also fine. 

It’s just a way for the Home Base to conserve energy. 

#2: Press the Dock or Home button on your Roomba

One easy way to make Roomba go home is to simply press the Dock button. 

Some users also refer to it as the Home button.  

The location of the Dock or Home button would vary. It would depend on the model of your Roomba. 

500 and 600 Series

Do you own a Roomba from either the 500 or 600 series? 

If so, look for the Dock button. 

You can find it directly below the Clean button at the center of your device. 

700 and 800 Series

The Roomba 700 and 800 series have similar designs. 

If you own one, you’ll notice there are 4 small buttons below the Clean button. 

The Dock button is the left-most one. 

900, e, and i Series

The Dock button is easy to find in these series. 

Look for the small button with the Home icon. It’s on the left of the Clean button.

s Series

The location of the buttons in both the s9 and s9+ are in the upper-right. 

The Dock button also uses a Home icon. And it’s also found on the left of the Clean button.

j Series

Roomba J7

This one is a bit more tricky.

If you own either a j7 or a j7+, you’ll notice it only has one button. 

So how do you actually send your Roomba home?

By pressing and holding the Clean button. For about 2-5 seconds. 

You should be able to see a blue light ring pattern on the button. This means that the robot vacuum is now looking for its docking station. 

#3: Wait for the Roomba to find its way home

After pressing the Dock button, all you have to do is wait.

Your Roomba should be able to find its way home. 

“How long is it going to take?”

That depends. On both the distance and obstructions.

It could be a few seconds. That’s if your Roomba is directly facing the docking station. And the distance is within 6 feet. 

However, some users have reported that it could take up to 40 to 60 minutes. Especially when it’s too far from the dock station. And there are many obstructions along its path. 

So make sure that nothing’s blocking your Roomba’s path. So it gets home much faster.

Bonus: Send Romba home via an app

Pressing Roomba’s Dock button is easy. 

But do you know what’s even easier?

Sending it home via the iRobot HOME app. 

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Tap the iRobot HOME app on your smartphone.
  2. Press the Clean button.
  3. When you see the Send Home option, tap it.  

That’s it. 

Don’t have the iRobot HOME yet?

You may check out this video on how to download and set up:

Another easy way to send your Roomba home?

By simply telling it to go home.

But of course, you’d need Alexa for that. 

Here’s how to sync your Roomba with Alexa:

  1. Tap the iRobot HOME app on your smartphone.
  2. Go to Menu.
  3. Click Smart Home.
  4. Select Connected Accounts and Device.
  5. Select Amazon Alexa.
  6. When the Alexa app opens, click Link.

You should then see a confirmation message if it’s successful.

Roomba won’t go home: 5 causes & fixes

#1: The Home Base isn’t plugged in

We did mention that you must ensure the Home Base is plugged in.

So this is the first thing you should check if your Roomba won’t go home. 

Check if you’re seeing some blinking lights. If you are, then you’re good. 

And if you’re not seeing any light indicator…

There may be something wrong with your outlet. Or the Home Base plug itself.

How to fix it:

First, make sure that the Home Base’s plug is firmly secured. It may simply be a case of a loose connection. 

Verify as well that your outlet’s working. Plug another device. Like a phone or laptop charger. 

If your outlet’s fine. And your Roomba’s Home Base is still not getting power? 

You might have to replace the Home Base’s power cord

You may simply purchase one online.  

#2: You picked up your Roomba while it was cleaning

Did you pick up your Roomba and move it while it’s cleaning?

If you did, that’s the reason why it’s not going home. 

Doing that messes with the Roomba’s memory. But don’t worry. It’s easily fixable.

How to fix it:

There are 2 simple steps:

  1. Pick up your Roomba.
  2. Place it in front of the Home Base. Make sure the distance is within 6 feet.

It should be able to go home.

#3: Infrared interference

Another possible reason why you Roomba just won’t go home.

You’re likely using a Dual Mode Virtual Barrier. It’s a great tool for setting boundaries for your Roomba. 

But if those barriers are within 8 feet of the Home Base…

They may cause infrared interference

Roombas and their Home Base typically use infrared lights to communicate. 

And the presence of the virtual barriers may interfere with that. 

How to fix it:

Move your Dual Mode Virtual Barrier away from the Home Base.

Make sure that they’re more than 8 feet away. 

#4: Objects are blocking your Roomba’s path

Your Roomba needs a clear path to be able to go home.

So if it won’t go home? 

There’s likely something getting in the way. 

Toys. Shoes. Clothes. Wires. Be sure to check.  

How to fix it:

Clear the path for your Roomba. 

You can do this by ensuring that there are no nearby objects around the Home Base.

It’s also best to set up your Home Base where there’s plenty of space.

Don’t place it in between furniture or appliances. Or under the stairs. There should be enough room for your Roomba to get there without problems. 

#5: The charging contacts are dirty

Both your Roomba and the Home Base have charging contacts. 

These contacts are what connect your Roomba to your Home Base. 

Sometimes, the reason a Roomba won’t dock is simply that the charging contacts are dirty.

How to fix it:

iRobot’s official website suggests using a slightly-damp melamine foam to clean. 

If you have that, gently wipe the charging contacts. On both the Roomba and the Home Base.

You may also use a clean cloth as an alternative. 

Bonus: Either the Home Base or the Roomba is defective

It’s also possible that your Roomba or the Home Base may no longer be working properly.

Roombas generally have a lifespan of 4 to 6 years. At some point, they’ll break down. From the usual wear and tear. 

You may contact iRobot for technical support. They should be able to help you with the possible repair. 

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