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How To Keep TV Volume Constant? #1 Fix For Loud Commercials

How To Keep TV Volume Constant

Who enjoys watching TV commercials? Not much people, I know.

They’re annoying. Uninteresting.

And most of all…

They’re always loud. 

Even louder than the TV shows we’re watching.

Good thing there are simple fixes for those ear-splitting ads. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • 3 ways to keep your TV’s volume constant.
  • How you can file a complaint to the FCC against loud TV ads.
  • Step-by-step volume-leveling guide for 7 different TV brands and streaming devices.
  • External devices that can help automatically reduce the volume of loud commercials.
  • And this is just the beginning…

How to keep TV volume constant?

To keep TV volume constant, turn onthe volume-leveling option. You can find this option on most modern TVs and streaming devices It’s called Auto Volume. In others, it’s Audio Leveling. You may also use external audio-leveling devices such as soundbars. 

3 ways to keep TV volume constant (commercials too loud fix)

TV commercials have always been loud. And it’s by design. 

Companies really intend for their ads to be loud to grab viewers’ attention. 

It’s a problem that’s become so serious…

The US Congress actually passed a law against it. The problem is that they’re not doing enough to fully implement it. 

Fortunately, TV and streaming device makers are doing their part to help. They’re well aware of how annoying loud commercials can be. 

And so they’ve included an option to level the volume. So that the loudness is consistent whether it’s a commercial or a TV show. 

We’ll be providing a step-by-step volume-leveling guide for the following smart TVs:

In addition, we’ll also have guides for the following streaming devices:

If your TV or streaming device isn’t on the list…

Still try to skim through the guide. You may find some settings that are similar to your TV’s.

Then try to look for a volume-leveling option on your device. 

Now, if you really can’t find a volume-leveling option, you may jump to fix number 2. 

Alright, let’s dive in.

#1: Turn on the volume-leveling option on your TV or streaming device

Turn On Volume Leveling Option On Your TV

The volume-leveling option is the number 1 fix for loud commercials. 

Most, if not all, modern TVs and streaming devices have this option. 

They only vary in labels but they accomplish the same thing.

So if your TV is relatively new… 

Even if it’s not included in this guide, you’ll likely find a similar option.

Here are the steps to level the volume on various TVs and streaming devices:


  1. Press the Home button on your LG remote and click Settings.
  2. Select the Advanced Settings option. It’s the one with 3 vertical dots.
  3. Click Sound.
  4. Navigate to Volume Mode and click it.
  5. Click the dropdown arrow on Auto Volume and select On.


  1. On your VIZIO remote, press the Menu button.
  2. Navigate to Audio and click OK on your remote.
  3. Look for the Surround Sound option. 
  4. Press the left arrow on your remote to turn it off.
  5. Still on the Audio menu, look for the Volum Leveling option.
  6. Press the right arrow on your remote to switch it on.


The steps will slightly vary depending on your TV model. So we’ll provide 3 different methods.

But first, press the Home button on your remote. Then select the Settings option.

Method #1:
  1. Click Display & Sound.
  2. Select Sound.
  3. Navigate to Advanced Auto Volume.
  4. Select Auto.
Method #2: 
  1. Select Sound.
  2. Go to Advanced Settings.
  3. Click Common.
  4. Navigate to Advanced Auto Volume.
  5. Click Auto.
Method #3:
  1. Click Sound.
  2. Select Sound Adjustments.
  3. Navigate to Advanced Settings.
  4. Select Common.
  5. Select Advanced Auto Volume.
  6. Click Auto.

Samsung Smart TV

  1. Press the Home button on your Samsung remote and select Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Sound menu.
  3. Click Expert Settings.
  4. Highlight the Auto Volume option and press Enter on your remote.

Roku TV

  1. Start streaming any content. 
  2. Press the Star button on your Roku remote.
  3. Click Sound Settings. 
  4. Navigate to Volume Mode.
  5. Use the arrow button on your remote to toggle to Leveling. 

Note: The Star button may not work on some streaming channels. It’s best to stream from The Roku Channel before following the volume-leveling steps. 

Apple TV

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Navigate to Video and Audio.
  3. Highlight “Reduce loudness for all videos” and turn it on.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

  1. From the Home screen, select Settings.
  2. Navigate to Display and Sounds.
  3. Select Audio.
  4. Select Advanced Audio.
  5. Click Volume Leveler and enable it.

#2: Use a soundbar

Now if you tried to find a volume-leveling option on your TV…

And there really is none…

Then you may simply use a soundbar. 

A soundbar is an external speaker system. It’s mainly used to enhance the audio quality of TVs. 

Most soundbars also have auto-volume features. So you’ll be able to keep your TV volume constant using this equipment. 

“Do soundbars work on older TVs?”

Yes, they do. As long as your TV has a port for any of these cables:

You may check out this video below. See how you can connect a soundbar using different cables:

“How much does a soundbar cost?”

Anywhere from under $100 to over $1000. This will depend on the brand and the features included. 

But you should easily find affordable soundbars with auto-volume features.

Here are some of the best soundbars under $250:

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#3: File a complaint to the FCC

This would help in the effort to improve the overall quality of TV commercials. 

You could file a complaint to the FCC.

“What is FCC?”

FCC means Federal Communications Commission. It’s a US government agency. 

Part of their responsibilities is to oversee communications in the following media:

  • Wire.
  • Cable.
  • Radio.
  • Satellite.
  • Television.

And yes, regulating TV commercials do fall under their duties. 

They’re certainly aware of the loud commercial problem. Unfortunately, they don’t actively regulate it. 

They instead rely on complaints from TV viewers. 

According to their website, they do evaluate every individual complaint. But they’ll only take action if they see “patterns or trends”. 

That means if enough people complain about a particular ad. 

And if they receive enough complaints…

Only then will they contact the advertiser. And have their commercial edited or risk being pulled out. 

They have a dedicated page for complaints. You may visit it to report loud commercials. And it should only take you a few minutes to do so. 

And hopefully, the FCC will take action.

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