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13 Steps To Connect JBL Speakers To Laptop/Computer (2023)

How To Connect JBL Speaker To Laptop/Computer

Laptop and computer speakers can only do so much…

So if you have JBL speakers at home…

You might wanna connect them to your PC. 

Doing so lets you have a better listening experience.

And I’m here to show you how to do it in a few simple steps.


Keep reading to learn:

  • 13 steps to connect JBL speakers to a laptop/computer.
  • 2 reasons why your JBL speakers won’t connect to your laptop/computer.
  • 2 different ways to fix this certain problem and pair your speakers successfully.
  • Whether you can connect/pair all types of JBL speakers to a laptop/computer.
  • And many more…

How to connect JBL speakers to a laptop/computer?

To connect JBL speakers to a laptop/computer, you can use 2 different ways. Either pair them via Bluetooth or link them using an AUX cable. To do the former, turn on the power and Bluetooth of your devices. Then, go to the “Bluetooth” settings on your PC. Add a new device and select your speaker.

2 ways to connect JBL speakers to laptop/computer

#1: Connecting JBL speakers to laptop/computer via Bluetooth

JBL offers portable and wireless speakers.

Meaning, you can easily connect them to other devices via Bluetooth. Say, smartphones or tablets.

So, if you want to link your JBL speakers to your laptop or computer…

Then this is the quicker method I’ll suggest.

Simply pair your speakers and PC using Bluetooth. 

Then once it’s done, you can now play any songs in your JBL speakers from your device.

Also, this method is more convenient.


This is because you can place your JBL speakers anywhere you want. And you don’t have to worry about dangling cords or wires.

However, before doing this…

Note: Make sure that your computer has a Bluetooth module first. 

If it doesn’t have one, you can get a Bluetooth dongle. It’ll provide your PC with wireless communication. 

So once plugged in, you can now connect it to other devices. Say, wireless keyboards, mouses, or headphones.

“What about laptops?”

Usually, laptops have Bluetooth connectivity. 

So if you’re using one, there’s no need for you to get a dongle. (Well, unless it’s not functioning anymore. Which could also be the case in older models.)

Now, once everything’s set, proceed to the steps below:

How to connect JBL speakers to laptop/computer via Bluetooth

Step 1: Turn your JBL speaker on.

Press the “Power” button on your device once. And then wait for it to let out a tone and light up.

Step 2: Press the “Bluetooth” button to put your speaker in pairing mode.

Do this only once.

After pressing the button, you’ll see that the power icon will blink slowly. And it’ll also produce a certain sound.

“What does it mean?”

This means that your JBL speaker is now ready to be paired with other devices.

So, open your laptop or computer. 

And then…

Step 3: Go to the “Settings” menu of your PC or laptop.

For mac OS users
  1. Click the “Apple” logo in the top left part of your screen.
  2. Select “System Preferences.”

Note: You can also find the “System Preferences” icon on the bottom taskbar. This may not be true for all Mac devices. So feel free to use whichever option is more convenient for you.

For Windows users
  1. Click the “Start” icon in the bottom left.
  2. Find and select the “Settings” button.

Note: You may also right-click the “Start” button. Then select “Settings” from the menu. It’s usually under the “Task Manager” tab.


Step 4: Open the “Bluetooth” settings tab.

  • If you’re a macOS user: Click “Bluetooth.”
  • If you’re a Windows user: Select “Devices.” Then make sure you’re in the “Bluetooth & other devices” section.

After clicking the “Settings,” you’ll see a list of your paired devices.

So you may see your wireless headphones or keyboards.

Step 5: Add your JBL speaker as a device.

Again, you can do this in 2 different ways based on your laptop or computer’s operating system (OS).

For mac OS users
  1. Select your JBL speaker from the device list on your screen.
  2. Click the “Connect” button.

Note: Your computer may also ask you to do a certain instruction. If this happens, accept it or input the numbers that’ll be shown. Then, hit “Enter” to finish the process.

For Windows users
  1. Click “Add Bluetooth or other device.”
  2. Select “Bluetooth” in the window that’ll pop up.
  3. Wait until your JBL speaker is detected. (An icon with their names will appear.)
  4. Click your JBL speaker from the list. 
  5. Follow any instructions that’ll appear.
  6. Select “Done” once finished.

Now, your JBL speaker and laptop or computer are paired. 

So you can…

Step 6: Play any audio files from your PC or laptop.

After pairing your devices, test whether the process was successful or not.

To check this, simply play any song. Then see if your JBL speaker is working.

But if you have a Bluetooth problem…

Don’t worry.

There’s one more way to connect your speakers to a laptop or computer. And I’ll discuss this in the next method.

Reading tip: WiFi vs Bluetooth Speakers: 3 Sound Quality Comparisons

#2: Connecting JBL speakers to laptop/computer with an AUX cable

Connect JBL Speakers To Laptop/Computer With An AUX Cable

Does your computer don’t have a Bluetooth module?

If so, you can connect your JBL speakers using an AUX cable.

“AUX” stands for an auxiliary port.

It’s a slot responsible for transferring audio signals to a certain device. For example, headphones and mp3 players.

“What does it look like?”

I’m sure you’re already familiar with it.

It’s a cable that has a 3.5mm jack on both ends.

If you don’t have this at home, you can search and look for it online.

Here’s an example that I found on Amazon: Syncwire Long Aux Cable

This will not only support speakers. As you could connect phones and headsets as well.

Hot to connect JBL speakers to laptop/computer with an AUX cable 

Step 1: Open your speaker’s connector’s cap. 

It’s the thing that covers the USB and AUX slots of your JBL speaker.

Lift it up to expose the ports inside. And then…

Step 2: Connect the AUX cable to your speaker.

Plug one end of the AUX cable to the 3.5mm jack port (circular) of your JBL speaker. 

Step 3: Insert the other end to your computer.

It’s also a 3.5mm port where you usually plug your wired headphones in.

Step 4: Turn your JBL speaker on.

There should be a light that indicates it’s on.

Step 5: Go to the “Sound” settings on your computer.

This must be the tab associated with the “Control Panel.”

To get there, do the following steps:

For mac OS users
  1. Select the “Apple Menu” button in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Click “System Preferences.”
  3. Choose “Sound.”
  4. Select “Output” from the tabs above.
For Windows users
  1. Click the search icon on your taskbar or Start menu. 
  2. Type “Control Panel.”
  3. Select the “Sound” menu. (Another window will pop up once you click it.)

Step 6: Right-click the “Speakers” with JBL on its name.

For mac OS users, simply click your JBL speakers from the list that’ll show up on your screen.

Step 7: Select “Connect” from the menu.

If this is successful, you’ll see a green check on the “Speakers” option you selected.

So after this, you can now blast the songs that you want from your computer.

Can I connect/pair all types of JBL speakers to my laptop/computer?

You can connect/pair all types of JBL speakers to your laptop/computer. Nowadays, all speakers have Bluetooth. This is why you can pair them to any laptop or computer wirelessly. And they’re also equipped with an auxiliary port. So you can link them with an AUX cable if Bluetooth doesn’t work.

Aside from pairing your speakers to your PC…

Did you know that you could also connect your JBL speakers together?

If you want to know more, read this article next: 7 Steps To Connect JBL Speakers Together (How-To)

Why won’t my JBL speakers connect to my laptop/computer?

Your JBL speakers won’t connect to your laptop/computer because your PC might not have a Bluetooth module. Not all computers have this built-in in their system. To fix this, get a Bluetooth dongle. Then plug it into your PC. But, it could also be that your JBL speakers aren’t in pairing mode yet.

To put a JBL speaker in pairing mode, do these easy steps:

  1. Power on your JBL speaker. (You’ll know it’s on if the light on the power button is on.)
  2. Press its “Bluetooth” button once.
  3. Wait until your device produces a tone.

Once in pairing mode, the power light on your speaker will also blink slowly. 

This means that what you did was correct. So you can proceed to the next steps to pair your speaker to your PC.

If you want to know how, check out the tips I discussed above.

Good luck!