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3 Common Feit Electric LED Bulb Problems + Fixes (2023)

Feit Electric LED Bulb Problems

Feit offers energy-efficient LED bulbs at affordable prices.

This is why many people choose it over other brands.


It also has some drawbacks.

So what are those?

And are there any troubleshooting tips you can do at home before calling an electrician?

Keep reading to find out:

  • How to reset, reconnect, and disconnect your Feit lamps.
  • 3 commonly reported problems with Feit electric LED bulbs.
  • Simple and easy troubleshooting tips for each issue and situation.
  • The difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks and which of them is ideal for light bulbs.
  • And so much more…

3 common Feit electric LED bulb problems + fixes

#1: Why do Feit smart bulbs flicker?

It isn’t the holidays yet, but your bulbs blink rapidly as if they’re Christmas lights.

What may have caused this?

Reason 1: Loose connection

Let’s start with the simplest possible reason.

First, the flickering could be due to a loose bulb.

The base and socket (the bottom part) might be inserted loosely in the lighting outlet. And this causes the bulb to blink a lot

But, the culprit may also be loose wiring. And you need the help of an electrician to fix this.

Reason 2: Dimmer switch

Where are your light bulbs connected?

If you use an old dimmer switch to turn them on, they’ll likely flicker.

“Why’s that?”

It’s because Feit smart bulbs have built-in dimmers already.

So you can only control their brightness through the Feit app. As well as voice control – like Alexa or Google Assistant.

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Also, smart bulbs need a constant power supply.

They still consume a bit of electricity even if they’re turned off through the app. This is so that they can be activated later on.

And dimmer switches (whether old or new) won’t supply any power when turned off. 

Plus, they could also cause noise to your bulbs which results in flickering.

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Reason 3: High-wattage devices

Next, it could also be that your Feit smart bulbs blink due to a ‘high power draw’ of another device.

“What do you mean by that?”

Okay. Let’s say that your heater and bulbs are in one circuit. 

(This could be a rare case since there should be separate circuits for lighting and power. But this is still possible to happen.)

They share the same path of electric current. This is because they’re both connected to one circuit breaker. 

Now, heaters are high voltage devices. Whereas LED bulbs are low voltage.

So if you power up your heater, it’ll draw a lot of wattage from the circuit. 

And since it shares the same circuit with your bulbs, it’ll cause your lights to flicker.

Reason 4: Power surge

Lastly, this is the probable reason if it only happens once or twice randomly.

“What does it mean?”

A power surge refers to when voltage suddenly increases in a brief moment.

More electric current flows in the wires which causes the smart bulb to flicker.

This could be due to lightning. As well as damaged power lines caused by accidents or fallen trees.

But faulty home wiring can be the culprit for this as well.

How to fix it:

Tip 1: Screw your bulbs more tightly

Before doing this, switch their power off first. Wear gloves as they could be hot to the touch. Then tighten the flickering bulbs.

Tip 2: Ditch the dimmer switch

Feit smart bulbs already have dimmers in them.

So if this is the cause of your problem, the easiest fix is to change your switch to a standard one.

Tip 3: Contact an electrician

Do your bulbs flicker every time you use a high voltage device?

If so, it could be a circuit problem.

To determine if your bulbs share the same circuit or not, try turning the breaker off with the said device. 

Then see if your bulbs are still working or not.

But to further check the problem, it’s best to call an electrician.

#2: Why won’t my Feit bulbs connect?

Connecting to the Wi-Fi is another common problem reported by Feit bulb users.

So, what are the reasons for it?

Reason 1: Wrong network frequency

Most routers nowadays use 2 Wi-Fi networks.

One has a frequency of 2.4GHz or gigahertz. While the other one has 5GHz.

“What are their differences?”

  • 5GHz – transmits data fast but covers less space. 
  • 2.4GHz – transfers data slowly but has more coverage.

Now, light bulbs should be linked to a 2.4GHz network. 

But if yours are closer to the 5GHz band, they may use them instead. And this could be the reason for your connection issues.

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Reason 2: Signal interference

We use many wireless devices at home.

And you may or may not be aware of this, but they could interrupt each others’ connection.


For example, a cordless phone or a microwave nearby might inhibit the Wi-Fi signal. And this is the reason why your Feit bulbs won’t connect to the network.

Aside from these, the culprit can also be physical barriers. Say, thick concrete walls or floors.

Yup. Wi-Fi signals could be blocked by heavy-duty objects too.

This is why networks with high frequency (5 GHz) have less coverage. As they can’t easily pass through solid materials

Reason 3: Long distance

As I said earlier, a Wi-Fi connection can be restricted by barriers.

But besides this, just like any other wireless device…

If your router is too far, your Feit bulbs may also find it hard to connect.

Reason 4: Account issues

Are you experiencing connection issues with Alexa or Google?

If so, double-check the info that you input. Say, your password, contact number, or email.

How to fix it:

Tip 1: Switch up the mixed frequencies

How to know if your bulbs are connected to 2.4GHz or 5Ghz?

  • In iOS – Navigate to “Settings” and check the networks available.
  • In Android – Go to “Settings” then open “Wi-Fi & Wireless and Networks.”

Note: Usually, a 5GHz network will have a number ‘5’ on its name. If you see none, go to the next step below.

Now, if you see that your bulbs are connected to 5GHz, disconnect and reconnect to the 2.4GHz.


  1. Open the Feit Electric app on your phone.
  2. Find and select the device you want to disconnect.
  3. Click “Remove Device.”

Then, connect it to a 2.4GHz network. On the Feit app:

  1. Click the “Add” (+) icon on the upper right of the screen.
  2. Select “Lighting” on the left tab.
  3. Choose “Lighting Device.” (Your phone will now scan the area for available devices.)
  4. Turn your bulb on and off in this sequence (ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON) with a 1 to 2 second interval.
  5. Wait for it to blink rapidly.
  6. If it does, click “Yes” to proceed to the next step.
  7. Select the 2.4GHz network and enter your password.
  8. Click “Next” and wait for the countdown on the screen to finish.

If it’s successful, you’ll see a text saying “Added” and a “Done” button will appear.

Click it and that’s it.

Tip 2: Use AP (Access Point) Mode

This is for Feit bulb users who don’t have a 2.4GHz network on their phones.

  1. Install the “Smart Life/Tuya” app on your phone.
  2. Launch it when it’s finished.
  3. Click the “Add” button on the upper right.
  4. On the left tab, choose “Lighting.”
  5. Select “Light Source (Wi-Fi).”
  6. Enter your Wi-Fi password  and hit “Next.”
  7. Click “EZ Mode” on the upper right of the screen.
  8. Switch to “AP Mode” by selecting it.
  9. Turn your Feit light bulb on and off (same manner as before). Wait until it flashes rapidly.
  10. Mark the “Confirm indicator slowly blink” and click “Next.”
  11. Select “Go to Connect.”
  12. Choose the network with ‘SmartLife’ in the name.
  13. After connecting, press the “Back” button. (Your phone will find the light source and pair with it.)

And you’re done.

Your Feit bulb is now connected to a 2.4GHz network.

Tip 3: Set up a separate mobile hotspot

If the AP mode doesn’t work, here’s another fix.

This might take longer, but it’s proven to be effective in most cases.

So, what you’re going to do is to make another hotspot that has the same SSID as your home network. 

(Quick info: SSID means Service Set Identifier, a.k.a. Network ID.)

How to do it?

  1. Unplug your Wi-Fi router.
  2. On your phone, go to “Settings” and then “Wi-Fi/Networks.”
  3. Find and click “Wi-Fi Hotspot” to create one.
  4. Make it similar to your home network’s SSID. Meaning, input the same name, security, and password.
  5. Get another phone and open the Feit Electric app in it.
  6. Do the steps mentioned above about connecting a lighting device (Tip 1).
  7. Then this time, connect it to the hotspot you made.

Note: If this doesn’t work or you don’t have another mobile at home, try this method instead. It’ll let you create a new hotspot using your computer (Windows 10).

Tip 4: Reduce nearby devices

If the problem seems to be another wireless device, try moving it away from where your bulbs are.

Then see if there’s an improvement with the connection or not.

But if it’s a distance issue, relocate your router if possible. And again, check if your bulbs are connecting.

#3: Why do my Feit light bulbs keep disconnecting?

Your smart bulbs often lose connectivity after a while.

So you always have to restart the whole thing over and over again.

“Why does this happen?”

Here are a few possible causes for it.

Reason 1: Overloaded Wi-Fi

You’re certain that your bulbs are connected to a 2.4GHz network.

But they still keep on disconnecting.

If this is your problem, you may have too many devices connected to your network.

Remember, smart lights are not the only ones that use 2.4GHz.

Other devices like garage door openers and baby monitors use it as well.

So if your Wi-Fi is overloaded, this can cause delays in signals. And eventually, kick your Feit bulbs out of the connection.

This is why they keep unlinking no matter how many times you reconnect them.

Reason 2: Poor signal

Feit Light Bulbs Keep Disconnecting Because Of Poor Signal

In some cases, it could also be that you have poor reception at home. And this causes 

your Feit bulbs to disconnect every time.

Reason 3: IP problem

“What does IP stand for?”

IP means Internet Protocol or a unique address of a local network.

Among the other reasons, this is the most uncommon one. But it can happen so I still added it to the list.

Now, let me explain this simply.

A router assigns a certain IP address for every device connected to the Internet.

This should be unique. So if your Feit bulbs were given a non-existing or repeated one, it may cause connection issues.

Reason 4: Changes to network

Last but not least, do you remember if you made any changes with your Wi-Fi?

Say, its password or name?

Because if so, it could also be the reason why your Feit bulbs disconnect all of a sudden.

How to fix it:

Again, I’ll begin with the quick simple fixes first.

Tip 1: Verify your bulbs’ network

It’s known that smart bulbs only work on 2.4GHz. So check yours if they’re connected to it or not.

If they’re linked to a 5GHz network, read tips 1 to 3 of the previously common problem.

Tip 2: Forget and restart

If the bulbs are linked to 2.4GHz, try restarting your connection.

First, forget the Wi-Fi network on your mobile phone.

In iOS:

  1. Navigate to “Settings.”
  2. Click “Wi-Fi.” 
  3. Click the “i” icon on the network that you want to remove. 
  4. Select “Forget This Network.”

In Android: 

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Select “Wi-Fi & Wireless and Networks.” 
  3. Press and hold the name of the network. 
  4. From the pop-up window, choose “Forget Network.”

After doing this, restart your phone. Connect again to the 2.4GHz network and pair your bulbs again.

Note: Check if your Feit lamps are still disconnecting or not.

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Tip 3: Reset and reconnect

If restarting doesn’t work, opt for a reset instead.

This includes hard resetting your bulbs. As well as reconnecting them to your smartphone.

How to reset a Feit bulb:

It’s similar to the turning-on-and-off thing that I discussed earlier.

  1. Press the switch of the bulb you want to reset in this sequence: ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON. (Do it with a 2 second gap.)
  2. Then wait until the light blinks fast. (If it flashes rapidly, it means that it’s now resetting.)
  3. Reconnect the bulb to your smartphone and Feit app by using the steps I discussed above.
Tip 4: Force close your Feit Electric app

Here’s another quick fix you may try.

In iOS:

  1. Open the Feit Electric app  on your phone. 
  2. Double press the “Home” button.
  3. Once the App Switcher shows, quit the app by swiping up.

Note: If you can’t use the“Home” button, place your finger on the bottom of your screen. Then swipe up. The running apps will appear, so find and swipe up the Feit Electric app. 

In Android: 

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Select “Apps/Apps & Notifications.”
  3. Search for the Feit Electric app on the list.
  4. Click it then select “Force close.”
Tip 5: Enhance your Wi-Fi signal

If the signal strength is your problem, consider installing a signal booster like this one.

“What does it do?”

It boosts the coverage of your Wi-Fi.

For example, the product linked above says that it provides up to 1,500 sq ft (139 sq m) of area coverage.

Plus, it also allows users to link up to 25 devices.

Plug this to an outlet, preferably in the area where you want to boost your Wi-Fi. Then it’ll do its job and let your bulbs connect.

Tip 6: Make a new IP address

Now, this is going to be complicated.

So only do this if nothing else seems to work. And you’re a bit certain that your bulbs’ IP address is the problem.

If you want to know how to do this, watch this video tutorial:

Tip 7:  Upgrade your router

Lastly, if the tips above didn’t do the trick…

It could be that you have a bigger connection problem.

Try contacting your network service provider about it.

Note: Make sure to only do this if signal boosters don’t work.

#BONUS: Why do my Feit light bulbs make a buzzing sound?

It’s not normal for light bulbs to buzz.

So if you keep hearing this sound, it could be due to 2 reasons:

  • Incompatible dimmer switch – Feit smart bulbs aren’t supposed to be connected to a dimmer switch. As well as older models.
  • Too many devices in the circuit – This may also occur if there’s a sudden surge in power. This change can cause your light fixture to vibrate. Resulting in a buzzing sound.

How to fix it:

  • Replace your dimmer switch with a standard one.
  • See if your LED and lighting outlet have compatible voltage.

Note: It’s also common for Feit light bulbs to be faulty. So if they’re recently bought, you can ask for a replacement and return the items to the store.