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Can I Shower With My iPhone 12? 5 Interesting Facts (2023)

Can I Shower With My Iphone 12

And if you’re just like me…

I can’t go anywhere without my mobile device around.

You’re most likely wondering if you can shower with your iPhone 12.

I also had that same question before.

Continue reading to find out:

  • What happens if you shower with an iPhone 12.
  • How you can check if your device has water damage. 
  • 5 interesting facts about showering with an iPhone 12. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Can I shower with my iPhone 12?

You can shower with your iPhone 12. The device has a water-resistance rating of IP68, which is high. However, it’s not recommended to do so. This is because the pressure of your shower may reach the internal components of your iPhone 12. And destroy your device.  

What happens if you shower with an iPhone 12?

If you shower with an iPhone 12, you’ll risk ruining your device. Because other factors like pressure, temperature, and chemicals from shampoos and soaps negatively affect your phone.

Now, it’s true that your mobile device has an IP68 rating. Which means it can survive being submerged 6 m underwater for 30 minutes. 

But really, you should still protect your iPhone by keeping it away from any liquid.

That’s because although the IP rating states your device can survive underwater for half an hour…

This information is based on tests done on static water, not that from the pool or shower. 

“What’s the difference?”

Well, water from the pool or your shower often has chlorine. And your iPhone isn’t resistant to this chemical. 

Moreover, unlike static water, your shower also has higher humidity and temperature. 

And both of these also affect your phone. 

Is the iPhone 12 waterproof?

The iPhone 12 isn’t waterproof. It’s only water-resistant. Now, a lot of people get confused about the 2 terms. But don’t worry. 

Read the information below to know the difference. 

Let’s start by talking about…

What waterproof means

When it starts pouring outside, your umbrella saves the day.

But it can only do this because it’s waterproof. 

This means it’s made with materials that can’t absorb water. 

As a result, liquid can’t penetrate your umbrella even if it makes contact with the material for hours. 

Here are other examples of waterproof objects:

  • Goggles.
  • Raincoats.
  • Rubber boots. 

See, even if water touches one side of these items, the other will be completely dry. 

Interesting fact: Waterproof phones don’t exist. All mobile devices are prone to water damage. And they only have limited protection against liquid. 

What water-resistant means

This refers to an object or device that has a certain degree of protection against water. 

Now, unlike waterproof items…

With too much liquid exposure, water-resistant objects or gadgets will ultimately absorb water. 

Let me go back to the IP rating I mentioned earlier to explain further. 

See, this is a scoring method that lets you know water-resistant your device is on a scale of 0-8. 

Note: The higher the IP rating, the better your gadget’s protection against water is. 

However, even with the highest water resistance…

Devices are still prone to water damage. 

Because they have holes where liquid can pass through.

And their sealant can only protect these gaps for a limited time. 

Showering with an iPhone 12 – 5 interesting facts

#1: Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage

Apple's Warranty Doesn't Cover Water Damage

This is the number 1 reason I don’t recommend using your iPhone 12 in the shower.

See, even if you just got your device last week… 

If you damage its components in the shower today, Apple won’t fix your phone for free. 

That’s because the brand doesn’t cover liquid damage under its One-Year Limited Warranty. 

However, if you have AppleCare+ or the brand’s paid device protection plan… 

The company may offer to fix your liquid-damaged phone for about $100.

Or replace it with a refurbished similar model for a couple of hundred bucks. 

“Are there cheaper options?”

Yes, there are. You may visit local trusted technicians to fix your iPhone for you.

Because they tend to charge less for fixing mobile devices. 

However, you should do so at your own risk. 

Warning: Unlike Apple, local technicians aren’t always legitimate. So, you may risk exposing your phone’s data or destroying your device further. 

#2: Your iPhone has a Liquid Contact Indicator inside

Have you ever wondered…

“How would Apple know that my device was damaged by water?”

To answer that…

Your iPhone 12 has a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) inside.

And it’s a small component that changes color when your device contacts water or any other liquid. 

Note: LCIs start as white or gray. But after liquid contact, they turn red. 

Fun fact: You can check your iPhone’s LCI color yourself. 

And if you want to know how… 

Watch this video to check if your iPhone 12 has been damaged by water:

“Does this component only exist inside iOS devices?”

No. Most modern phones have an LCI built inside.

To give you some examples…

These brands also include this indicator inside their mobile devices:

  • VIVO.
  • Xiaomi. 
  • Samsung.

Pro tip: When buying a new phone, always check the LCI of the device. This way, you ensure that you’re not getting a product that’s been damaged by water. 

#3: Steam can void your iPhone’s warranty

Nothing beats having a warm shower after a tiring workday.

But I highly recommend keeping your mobile device out of your shower room in these scenarios.

That’s because warm water causes steam. Which is your phone’s LCI’s enemy. 

Now, moisture in itself isn’t harmful to your mobile device. 

However, it can cause the LCI inside your phone to change color.

So, when another problem arises on your device, and you bring it to an Apple Store…

You won’t be able to make use of your phone’s warranty. 

Because Apple’s representatives will assume that your device was damaged by liquid. 

See, at the start of iPhones’ popularity…

Apple even paid a total of $53M to settle lawsuits. 

That’s because the manufacturer of its LCIs stated that the tape could change color due to humidity. But Apple failed to disclose this information.

From that point forward… 

Apple started offering replacements for “water-damaged” iPhones for an affordable price. 

This way, it can prevent similar legal problems in the future. 

#4: iPhones only operate in temperatures 32ºF (0ºC) to 95º F (35ºC)

Vogue says the ideal warm shower temperature is between 98ºF (37ºC) and 105º F (41ºC).

In contrast…

Your iPhone only works efficiently if the ambient temperature is between 32ºF (0ºC) to 95º F (35ºC).

This means if you bring your mobile device while you have a warm shower…

Your iPhone won’t function as usual.

Or worse, it may automatically turn OFF due to excessive temperatures. 

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#5: Your phone’s resistant seal degrades

Your iPhone 12 has an IP68 rating when it’s brand new.

But don’t expect your device to still be this resistant to water after 2 years.


Well, the seal that protects your phone from liquid degrades over time.

Moreover, after opening your device to change its internal components or battery… 

You should assume that your phone has zero resistance to water afterward.

See, lifting your device’s screen tears the seal of your gadget’s biggest gap.

And unless you get your iPhone 12 fixed by Apple… 

Once you open your mobile device, it won’t have the same resistance to water again. Because it’ll have gaps for water to seep through. 

Bonus: You have alternatives

At this point, it’s clear that it’s not advisable to bring your iPhone 12 to the shower.

But this doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on the thought of enjoyment. 

See, you have alternatives to using your device in the bathroom.

Let me tell you what they are. 

First, if you initially wanted to listen to music using your mobile device…

You should bring a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker inside your shower instead. 

Now, the brand of your audio device doesn’t really matter. 

But I highly recommend getting a model from JBL

That’s because you can easily connect the brand’s speakers to your iPhone.

Plus, JBL has tons of budget-friendly models. 

However, if you’re thinking… 

But I want to shower while scrolling through my iPhone.”

In that case, buy a waterproof phone pouch for your mobile device. 

Then, ensure that your shower’s temperature isn’t higher than 95º F (35ºC).

This way, your phone won’t overheat.

And you’ll also protect your device from steam and water.