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Are Roomba Bags Reusable? The Truth + 17 Simple Steps

Are Roomba Bags Reusable

Roombas are some of the best, most technologically advanced vacuum cleaners in the world.

With the new Clean Base design, your Roomba will automatically empty itself into an allergen-locking bag.

These bags may seem like an unnecessary extra cost, but replacing yours every couple of months is crucial.

Roomba bags are not reusable. Reusing a Roomba bag can damage your Roomba or the Clean Base, so it’s best to replace your used bag with a new clean one every month or even every 60 days (ten cycles). When your bag feels firm, like a pillow, it’s time to swap in a new one.

So, let’s talk more about Roomba bags.

I’ll discuss why you can’t reuse your vacuum bag and give you tips on how often to change your bag for the best result.

I’ll also walk you through how to fix suction and bag errors for your Roomba. 

Why Can’t You Reuse a Roomba Bag?

If you have a Roomba, you know that the bags are excellent. 

They’re essentially large cubes made out of thick fabric and paper, trapping dust, dander, hair, allergens, and dirt.

They also hold a lot of debris, which is surprising since they look so small. 

Because this fabric is so good at filtering dirt and dust, emptying your bag won’t remove the smaller particles from the material.

If you just vacuum out all of the large debris from your bag, the dust, allergens, and dander will still clog the fabric. 

That can cause a suction issue or damage your Roomba. 

Just like dryer lint, filter clogs can cause electrical problems and potentially even start a fire in your home.

That’s because when flammable dust and hair clog the bag, your charging station can overheat and short-circuit.

Also, when you reuse a Roomba bag, it’ll catch less dirt and allergens over time. That can make your robot much less efficient. 

Can You Wash Roomba Bags?

You Can't Wash Roomba Bags

You can’t wash Roomba bags either. 

They aren’t waterproof, so if you get the bag wet, it’ll stop working altogether.

That’s because water will glue dust and allergens to the bag, clogging all of the air holes. 

Some aftermarket sellers make reusable Roomba bags with zipping closures or removable plastic cards.

These bags aren’t suitable for your Roomba since they’ll lose efficiency and become clogged with tiny particles the more you use them. 

On top of that, they can be dangerous. 

So, buying a new Roomba bag when yours gets full is the best way to go when it comes to your smart vacuum cleaner.

Using a new bag every time will make your Roomba work better, and it can keep your Roomba’s vacuum base from malfunctioning. 

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How Often Should I Replace My Roomba Bag?

You’ll need to replace your Roomba bag at least every 60 days or every ten cycles. Usually, a red light on a Roomba Clean Base will tell you when the bag is full. 

Still, the amount of time can vary depending on how much hair and debris your Roomba picks up.

If you don’t produce much dirt, you may not have to change the bag as often. 

For best results, check on your bag every week to see how full it is. 

When your bag feels firm, like a pillow, it’s time to change it.

If you don’t change the bag when it is full, the suction on the clean cycle base can break, get clogged, or lose efficiency.

Here’s why.

Roomba bags need airflow to work. 

When your Roomba unloads dirt, dust, and dander into the Clean Base, the base suctions air through the bag’s material.

This airflow sucks up and traps all of the allergens and hair in the bag’s fabric, keeping it from spilling out. 

When too much dust gets trapped in the crevices of the bag, air won’t flow through it.

Allowing the dirt to build up can break the Clean Base’s vacuum tube, short circuit the whole system, or catch the bag on fire. 

Of course, keeping plenty of extra bags around may be a challenge.

If you want to always have one on hand when you need one, you may want to order the iRobot Authentic Replacement Parts on Amazon with auto-ship. 

That way, you can’t forget to get a new pack of bags.

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How To Replace Your Roomba Bag

When you replace your Roomba bag, it’s essential to ensure that it’s installed properly.

If you put it in the canister incorrectly, you could damage your Clean Base and your Roomba

To replace a Clean Base Roomba bag:

  1. Lift the lid on the top of the Clean Base canister.
  2. Grab the top edge of the bag’s plastic mouth, sealing the hole in the front.
  3. Using the plastic mouth, lift the bag from the base.
  4. Throw away the used bag and get a new one. 
  5. Slide the new bag in, feeding the plastic mouth into the bracket. 
  6. Close the canister lid, ensuring that it’s completely closed. 

If the red light on your Clean Base is still lit up, you may not have pushed the bag down enough.

Adjust the plastic mouth, pushing it down into the brackets until the light goes off. 

Why Does My Roomba Say Bag Full When It Isn’t?

If you recently changed your Roomba bag, but the light on the Clean Base is red, your bag is clogged, or the vacuum tube is clogged.

Sometimes, dust and small dirt particles can clog your bag, even if it’s not full. 

Roomba bags have tiny pores that let air through.

When you get a false reading on your Roomba, these pores are so dirty that air can’t go through them.

To fix this error, take your bag out of the canister and tap the sides.

The shaking motion will loosen the dirt and shake it out of the pores in your vacuum bag.  

If tapping the bag doesn’t help, the vacuum path may be clogged.

Usually, the red light on your Roomba base will flash if this is the case. 

Don’t worry if you have a clog, though. 

Removing clogs from your Roomba charging station is an easy task. To remove an obstruction:

  1. Unplug your Roomba charging station from the wall. 
  2. Remove the robot from the charging base.
  3. Tilt the charging station onto its back.
  4. Find the clogged spot in the clear tube at the bottom of the charging base. 
  5. Use a screwdriver to loosen the five screws around the tubing at the bottom of the charging station. 
  6. Press on the flat end of the plastic tube to remove it. 
  7. Clear the clog, pulling out any debris from the base with your fingers. 
  8. Over a dustpan or trash can, tilt the base upright to get hair and debris out of the vacuum tube. 
  9. Once the base is clean, replace the tubing and screw it back in. 
  10. Set the charging station back up and put the robot back on it.
  11. Plug it in and let the robot unload its debris. 

If you ever suspect that hair or dirt has clogged your Roomba base, you should always check it to ensure that it doesn’t break or overheat. 

As long as your charging station is clear of hair and debris, your bag should be able to take in all of the dirt your Roomba picks up. 


Replacing your Roomba bags will keep your vacuum cleaner running and functioning at its best for as long as possible.

While Roomba bags aren’t reusable, they usually last around 60 days, so you shouldn’t have to change yours too often. 

If it seems like your Roomba is sunning through bags too quickly, you may have a clog, but you can quickly fix that with a couple of adjustments.

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