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Are iRobot Vacuum Bags Reusable? 5 Device Facts

Are IRobot Vacuum Bags Reusable

The iRobot vacuums have made cleaning your home more accessible and more efficient than ever.

However, despite their advantages, users wonder if iRobot vacuum bags are reusable. 

Generally speaking, iRobot vacuum bags are not reusable; rather, the bags themselves are disposable. This means they must be thrown away after use instead of emptied and used again. Attempting to reuse a vacuum bag could potentially lead to damaging the iRobot vacuum. 

In this article, we’ll discuss five device facts you should know about iRobot vacuum bags.

5 Facts About iRobot Vacuums

Some users may find it tempting to simply flip the bag upside and reuse it, but the bags don’t allow this by design. 

Others may want to stick a vacuum hose inside the device to empty the bag, but doing so may cause it to tear and dirt to spill. 

The bag is sealable and doubles as a filter.

Tampering with it to reuse it breaks the seal and releases dust, dirt, and other particles back into the room you just had cleaned. 

Some third-party advertisers sell “reusable” iRobot vacuum bags, but these bags aren’t affiliated with the iRobot Corporation. 

Using vacuum bags from an unverified company may damage your device.

Below, we’ll share 5 facts you should know about iRobot vacuum cleaners and their bags. 

1. iRobot Vacuum Bags Need to be Changed Monthly

The frequency you should change your iRobot’s bag depends on the model and how often you run it.

According to a company representative at Best Buy, on average, you need to change an iRobot vacuum bag approximately once per month. 

Recently, iRobot has debuted new technology that allows its robot vacuum to dispose of its bags on its own. Sounds crazy, right?

Well, it’s true. With the iRobot Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal (available on, the vacuum does most of the work itself. 

The Clean Base automatically empties your device tray using sealed bags that trap dirt. 

iRobot boasts that the Clean Base will hold up to 60 vacuum bags, with each bag lasting up to 60 days. 

With this additional accessory, you won’t have to touch your vacuum for weeks at a time. 

You can purchase your iRobot vacuum bags directly from the iRobot website.

Or you can buy iRobot Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal Bags from if iRobot is out of stock. 

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2. The iRobot Vacuum Needs About 2 Hours to Charge

When you hear “robot vacuum,” you might wonder how to power such a device.

Changing batteries can be a hassle, and waiting for a device to charge when you need it’s a pain. 

So how does iRobot power their machines? 

All iRobot devices power themselves with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

iRobot states that under “normal charging conditions,” your vacuum should be fully charged within two hours. 

To extend the battery life and maximize your automated vacuum’s potential, iRobot recommends that you keep your vacuum constantly charging when it is not in use. 

Another recommendation is that you should use the battery completely until it dies before you recharge it. 

iRobot encourages users to recharge their vacuum’s battery as soon as it dies because waiting a long period between charges can harm the battery. 

The company also says, “If Roomba® will not be used for more than a few weeks, store the robot in a cool, dry place.

Fully charge the battery at least once every six (6) months for optimal performance.” 

This suggestion also applies to the other iRobot vacuums. 

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3. An iRobot Vacuum’s Cleaning Cycle Lasts for About 2 Hours

The length of the cleaning cycle for an iRobot vacuum varies by model and type.

The most popular model, the Roomba, has a process that lasts between 1-2 hours. 

If you’re vacuuming a room with lots of furniture, it may take your iRobot longer to clean as it has more navigation to endure. 

Your iRobot vacuum finishes its cleaning cycle when it returns to its home base.

Doing so allows the device to begin recharging as soon as possible, which extends its battery life

4. iRobot Vacuums Come Retrofitted with Wi-Fi capabilities  

iRobot Vacuums With Wi-Fi Capabilities

Of all the tricks an iRobot vacuum has up its sleeve, Wi-Fi connectivity is the most impressive.

The Roomba 690, 890, 960, and 980 are all retrofitted with Wi-Fi compatibility. 

The iRobot vacuum uses Wi-Fi to sync your smartphone with your robot vacuuming device.

With this capability, you can control your iRobot from your phone. 

Using Wi-Fi, you can receive notifications about your iRobot to monitor and schedule cleaning cycles and patterns.

You can even use your phone to locate your iRobot when you can’t find it. 

Additionally, you can use voice commands on Google Home and Amazon Alexa to start your iRobot vacuum cleaning cycle. 

The first step is downloading the iRobot Home app on the Apple or Android store to connect your iRobot to your home internet.

Then you’ll need to log in or sign up with your email and password for your personal iRobot account. 

From this point on, the app will walk you through the necessary steps for connectivity.

Choose the iRobot device you own from a drop-down menu, and follow the instructions provided. 

You’ll need to make sure to plug the Home Base charging station and receive electricity from your outlet. 

For the best results, you’ll want to place the charging station in an area of your house that receives an adequate Wi-Fi signal. 

You will then choose your network name and enter the password. 

The iRobot app will sync your smartphone and your vacuum by connecting to the same network as your smartphone. 

5. An iRobot Vacuum Provides Benefits a Standard Vacuum Cannot

The iRobot vacuums may be small, but they sure pack a powerful cleaning punch. 

These self-automated vacuum cleaners have several advantages over your standard upright push vacuum. 

For one, the iRobot vacuum can easily reach places your upright vacuum cannot. 

Underneath the couch, bed, or chairs may be places that you’re neglecting while using a standard vacuum. 

But iRobot guarantees these nooks and crannies are cleaner than ever before.

Another benefit the many iRobot models provide is a “hands-off” approach to cleaning. 

With the vacuum’s attached filter and sealed disposable bags, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of emptying and spreading dirt and dust everywhere. 

You can also schedule specific times for your iRobot to cleanse your floors. 

This feature can come in handy when you’re on vacation or want to run the vacuum while you’re at the grocery store. 

Thanks to iRobot, a whole world of multitasking opens with their automated technology. 

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Choosing the Right iRobot Model for You 

There are several different models and products available from iRobot.

To determine which one best suits your needs, you should start by comparing the models on the iRobot website

The iRobot products available include:

  • The H1: The Cordless Handheld Vacuum
  • The Roomba: The Robot Vacuum
    • s9 series: 40x suction power, custom cleaning control, cleans in methodical rows
    • i7 series: 10x suction power, custom cleaning control, sweeps in systematic rows
    • i3 series: 10x suction power, sweeps in systematic rows
    • e5 series: 5x suction power, cleans in a reactive pattern 
    • 694 series: standard suction, cleans in a reactive pattern 
  • The Braava: The Robot Mop
    • m6 series: 2 mopping modes, designed for large spaces
    • 240 series: 3 mopping modes, designed for kitchens and bathrooms 
    • 380t series: 2 mopping modes, designed for large spaces 


To conclude, the iRobot vacuum bags aren’t reusable. They need to be changed approximately once per month. 

Also, an iRobot vacuum takes about two hours to become fully charged, and the average cleaning cycle will last between 1-2 hours.

It has the ability to connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi to unlock a variety of handy features at the tip of your fingers. 

Although the iRobot vacuum is small, it can reach places your standard upright vacuum cannot.

Ultimately, it’s a powerful and handy cleaning tool that can transform your vacuuming routine and ease the effort of cleansing your home.